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  1. take off your gear before you lose it

  2. and people call my fear of white people irrational?
  3. 12v40 L 

  4. would scramble around frantically looking for chests to store loot from the battle, incapacitated by crippling anxiety as he has no more space
  5. {{mad respect for PKing lord knows Pyro is too scared
  6. no this post is silly and u are silly mineman pvp takes NO skill and it's purely about whoever spam clicks faster that being said I'm more than certain swing timers are easily removable and for any devs reading this I urge you to look at Badlion's free plugin made by MrArchy that removes cooldowns server wide. I'm sure with something advanced as Nexus simply changing all the weapons to no attack speed after being crafted would have similar effects. The KB would still be fucked up 1.11, but I think it wouldn't matter too much.
  7. what a legend

  8. ppl hating on tahmas is mad funny man 

  9. vouch! i have seen harrison kill wraithful on a horse before and that was an exceptional showcase of what is necessary for a forum moderator.
  10. @Imam Faiz Kharadeen
  11. mashallah habibi
  12. i say we ban this hacking hooligan for 2 weeks o wait
  13. idk if u know dpm and are joking or whatever but not uploading to PMC -- PMC requires original content and at least 50% of this pack is compiled of other packs, and even though whats taken is editted heavily it wouldn't feel right and it would subtract from my other 100% original works.