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  1. MC Name: Archiuz [Nazdus] IC Name: Naz-Duz Original Race [n/a if not applicable]: N/A Transformed Form: Golem Creator [mc name and ic name, n/a if not applicable]: mc: KBR_jr rp: Lhindir Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Golems are constructs that have been made by Golemancers, beings that are fueled off of a core that is made of thanium, which gives energy to parts of the constructs body, namely, the runes located on the sensory locations of the Golem, such as sound / feeling / sight. In turn, a Golem's main weakness is its fragile core, warhammers, and electrical evocation. Golems are also very strong, heavy and slow. They always obey the commands of their Impera (they can't be free willed), who is the first person they see upon their creation, who they will serve until their destruction. Also -- Red Golems are basically damaged Golems, who want to destroy things. If a Golem is damaged it will malfunction and have damaged runes, it must be repaired by its creator and if the core is destroyed the constructs body would turn into dust.
  2. I disagree. I think LadyRebecca is an excellent GM, she's been super helpful in all of my encounters / modreqs. What are you talking about?
  3. if you read the entire post i made it abundantly clear i speak for myself and not buff, nor is buff aware i've posted, nor do i really care. if the staff wants to hold buff responsible for someone elses opinion on them that is yet another example of what i previously said
  4. hahaha, unlike the original post, this response will be written by myself. despite whatever you heard, this post wasn't written by me or ryan. i don't think i have ever been anyones underling, and the more i try to counter argue that the more that idea is entertained, not sure if that is supposed to be some shot toward me for posting this, but really come on now you must know ryan and myself better than that from all the time you've spent in our teamspeak. talking badly about you? is that what kawaii told you after eavesdropping on a conversation she really shouldn't have been let in on, or is that what you heard over out of context skype quotes? i'll let ryan say what he hasn't said about you himself, but i can tell you what he has said -- and that is defending you in every manner possible for the brief time it seems you've pained yourself to associate with him. when you were getting torn apart on the forums, whose teamspeak were you in while we were all arguing for you, who was it telling his guys to post their positive interactions with you, who defended you to a few groups of players (which you know) that had issues with you, who still tells us, in light of what you did that he is an okay guy. that has nothing to do with this ban, that is about relationship between you two, and i'd say myself but when you are no longer in this teamspeak unless you need something (coups??) and refuse to answer my skype messages, i wouldn't say we very much have one back to the ban, **** off with this targeting a player base OOCly, you have got me fucked up. we knew who posted the report 5 minutes after, and then one of the GMs who spoke with us immediately after the ban let it slip, almost exactly who it was to which we said, we know. targeting people OOCly??? did that not occur to you when you know who posted the appeal? lmfao this "investigation" is as much of a joke as silent idiotically duping **** while an ET. how the absolute **** does buff get in trouble for that, and not the TWO SEPARATE OTHER PLAYERS who directly took part in killing the mobs??? ryan refuted every one of your claims, and i refuse to believe the staff is as stupid as the outlook they give, but when you do **** like this truly it makes me wonder.. -nazdus
  5. The fact that a player can go pm a staff member and have another player banned and then refuse to show that player the evidence so they can't argue against them is bullshit. This is by far the most backwards despicable staff ive ever seen. edit: perfect just the reaction i wanted i didn't even write this post while you are here please subscribe to my YT channel here
  6. +1 really good at PvP excellent at mining, knows how to brew pots 7/10 team fighting skills, never betrayed before vouch let him in your faction!
  7. What’s the name of the Minecraft account you're applying for?: Archiuz What's your MAIN Minecraft Account name?: Nazdus Do you agree to follow the rules on your new account?: Yes. Do you understand you cannot be on both of these accounts at once? This will result in a ban if you are caught!: Yup. Do you understand that if one account is banned, so will be the other(s)?: Yeah. How long have you been on LotC?: 5 months? How many accounts do you currently have whitelisted (including main)?: 1.
  8. nah i lost nothing, i traded a 35% non enchanted for a 40% sharpness 1 and higher dura prot
  9. it's a sad day in Norland enjoy keaton's gear back :(
  10. listen austin wasn't the first dude to make an IRL factions thing but it certainly was inspired by it all props to him
  11. **** it just gonna have to genocide u guys for the 15th time L
  12. things buff does while lotc is down
  13. deeeep