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  1. "Lord Enthelor, do not humor us with your peasants" -Andrik would state
  2. Arstan would rage, stating "KRUG AND CO SHALL HAVE NO COMPETITION, 2000 minas!"
  3. Arstan would shake his head stating "Arbor *****"
  4. Krug & Co International -=- MALE ELF, AGE 42 https://imgur.com/a/9StKmi7 -=- BIDDING STARTING AT 1000 BIDDING ENDS AT 11 EST! -=-
  5. "AVE NOTTINGHAM" Arstan would place the severed head of a recently killed halfling by the name of Larry Hill on his chest with pride!
  6. Arstan av Tosali would look to the people gathering, examining them closely. He'd look to the candidates trying to convince the populace to join their cause. He'd smile at the de Cantwell boy, a distant cousin, but still family in the eyes of the Tosali man. He'd then look to the people gathering and believed he should make a speech to convince them to a candidate. He'd step onto a platform, looking to the people as he stated "Friends, brothers, and sisters, some may know me, some may not, but I've seen Curon since the founding, I've set foot in these lands with Duke Karl, I've fought against the Santegian and Norlander foes, and most importantly, I've watched this city grow into the shithole that is has became." He'd chuckle, continuing "Some people wish for economic reforms, some wish for nobility, but it is the people being represented." He'd pace the platform, looking to other people "The thing that disgusts me is that only Lord de Cantwell mentioned fighting for the common peasant, while the other men, forgot them completely." He'd look to the other side of the square, continuing "This is what will happen if you vote in anyone else. You will be forgotten as you have been many times before, and your families will lose loved ones, lose property, and lose your liberty if you vote for anyone other than the de Cantwell." He'd smile a bit "A bit of a fool he might be at times, and a boy too, but I helped build this nation at his age, I grew a military force to 2,000 fighting men by myself, but what matters the most is that this man is willing to put his neck on the chopping block for all of you, and the other men in these elections, will simply run in fear with their tail between their legs." He'd move to the center, glancing at everyone, pausing for a moment as he finally stated "When you cast your ballot, do not forget that these men are not for you and will never be because they are not of you, and will never be of you. Now Lord de Cantwell has a very childish phrase as his slogan, but take it literally because this man is the only one who is putting you first and everyone else second." He'd nod to them, leaving the platform, casting his vote and walking off.
  7. OOC: Minecraft Username: Americuck Timezone: EST How active you can be (semi/always/neither): always Why are you interested in joining: I wanted to try something new. IC: Name: Landrey Age: 16 Race: Heartlander Gender: Male Noble or Common Lineage: Common Experience and Knowledge of Canonist dogma (None/Semi/Fluent): Semi Religious Affiliation (Atheist/Canonist/Xionist): Canonist Willingness to serve for life upon taking oaths of entry into the Order (None/Complete/Semi):Complete
  8. Horen-Gotshardion is the only house I mean to bend my knee to.

    1. UnusualBrit


      Tosali needs to die 

    2. Tosali


      Naw G, we been flexin' on these boys fo' years, ya dig?

    3. UnusualBrit
  9. Tbh, I'd be gay for Icarnus

  11. Slave with Great Potential for Sale! BIDS STARTING AT 1000 MINA! -Signed, Damian
  12. Wait, will the Tosali lands be involved in the warclaim? I just saw the lands on the map and was just wondering if it was going to be involved.
  13. If you are okay with crying.

    If you are okay with crying.

    If you are okay with crying.

    If you are okay with crying.


    This is what happens when I don't get my mineman roleplay, I forum post spam

    1. Malgonious
    2. Tosali


       I still think the Red Wedding is more depressing..

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