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  1. -=-The Dawn of the Red-Cloak Inquisition-=- The Red-Cloak forces giving justice to the realm by burning a vile elf-lover, who brought an elf into her chambers and interbred with it. -=- The Red-Cloak forces found their-selves rallied for a cause greater than this world, the men of Renatus, the men of Haense, the men of Belvitz, and the men of Atlas, all united under one banner to relinquish the elven scum from the lands of Humans, and bring back the justice of GOD. They found themselves marching towards Haense, the known capital of harboring elves, and what they found was more sickening than an elf itself. They found a woman by the name of Alayne av Grimrich, or Alayne Tosali, who slept with an elf prior to her marriage to whatever Grimrich she is married to, being declared by her brother, Arstan of the House Tosali. The men began to tie her up, and bring her to the Flame of GOD for justice of the realm. They placed her on the cross, and said prayers to calm the souls watching, the scene was glorious and holy. The vile elf-lover screeched as the men did their duty, only departing after she was gone. They all screeched the call of "Bog Vedet Nas!" or in other words, "God Guides Us!" The men found themselves marching back home, ready to secure the fate of another heretic who wishes for their trial. Alayne av Grimrich looking to the crowd as she awaited her trial by Flame. -=- The men lighting the cross and giving justice to GOD for allowing this filth on his land for so long. -=-
  2. Tosali

    Markev Maer Election, 1669

    "I speak not of being a holy-man myself, but allowing the church to casts its light upon the Markevians. I come to allow the church to bring peace and order to the city, and to cleanse it of the heresy that lurks its streets." -He'd reply
  3. Tosali


    "Lord Enthelor, do not humor us with your peasants" -Andrik would state
  4. Tosali

    Markev Maer Election, 1669

    "I feel your elven loving mind is blinding your viewing of this Great Lord Enthelor" He'd jest
  5. Tosali

    Markev Maer Election, 1669

    "May God guide you ludd, but I fear GOD has been forgotten in this grand-city and nation for the elves lurk declaring themselves our equals. I offer the restoration of the days of old, where GOD was placed first, before any elven or magical scum. Thus, a vote for me is a vote on behalf of GOD"
  6. Tosali

    Markev Maer Election, 1669

    I, Andrik of the House Tosali will run for Maer. -=- "Fellow Haenseti, I come not with the false promises of candidates before me, but I bring something that is viable, yet undiscussed in this election. Our hertiage of Haenseti men and women has been utterly forgotten and erased from the testament of our existence! I come to restore Haense back to it's former glory, for we are not the slaves of the magical folk, nor the servants to the ascended, but a strong and independent people, who are striving to bring a future for generations to come! The first action I would take is to implement a anti-nonhuman race policy that only allows the Highlander culture to take back it's place upon the streets of Haense. For too long, elven people and the magical folk have ruined the land, and have only taken away from the greatness that Haense shall be! -=- My second action would be to establish a standing force for the nation of Haense, and one that is competent at their job. Some of you might of heard of the Hearth Guard, but it is a sad excuse at a proper standing army, not just peasants with swords shoved in their hands! -=- My final action will be to establish a HOLY prescence in the city, and restore the hands of GOD onto the people of Haense. For too long, the people have lost the faith in our lord, and it is time we bring back HIS GREATNESS into the Kingdom. -=- I do not come here with the favoring of the elven scum, or the affairs with the disgusting imperial folk, but with the pledge to put the Haenseti, Highlander, and Southern men first above all the other scum that lurks within our glorious streets. Let your vote not be for just GOD but for the restoration of our homeland!" -=- "Bog vedet nas!" (God Guides Us!)
  7. Tosali

    Declaration of Severance, 1669

    Andrik would smile as he saw the news, stating to himself "an alliance with Renatus shall be next".
  8. Tosali

    [Complete][Slave Auction] Young Female Human

    Arstan would rage, stating "KRUG AND CO SHALL HAVE NO COMPETITION, 2000 minas!"
  9. Tosali

    Letters of Ascension, 1668

    Arstan would shake his head stating "Arbor *****"
  10. Tosali

    [Denied][I] Americuck's Game Moderator Application

    My plan is to simply not have a favored side, time after time, I have seen Dominion favored over the orcs and vise versa by biased GM's. I plan to go and put the hammer down, I am not your average person who goes and simply tries to bide their time. I expect to have resistance, but I am a hard-headed person who will not put up with the current climate of the GM team. This reasoning is why the current climate is at it's point. I got banned for doing something stupid, I cannot agree more, but the fact is that I moved on from my past and I want to improve the quality of the server. You saying "this won't work and I tried" is literally doing nothing but only contributing to the climate and making it seem hopeless, when it is a easy solution!
  11. Tosali

    [Denied][I] Americuck's Game Moderator Application

    Highly disagree, the treatment towards certain communities is terrible. I thank you for your opinion and input, but the current establishment is harshly punishing certain groups for interest of others.
  12. Tosali

    [Denied][I] Americuck's Game Moderator Application

    Why did you call off last tuesday?
  13. IGN(s): Americuck Age 16 Timezone EST Discord: Tosalian #5425 What map did you join during?: Axios Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? Varies from 3-5 hours a day Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: N/A Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? I've been a mod on many other servers that probably nobody has ever heard of. I was a moderator on MCGOT, Imperial Civilizations, and Tarrin. I just did what LOTC mods do, and maintain the community. I did very good at my job, becoming Admin on MCGOT and Tarrin. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I really want to restore the players' faith in the GM team. The GM team now is just viewed as a horrific bias group by many players. Player-Staff relations is at a all time low from my perspective and I believe it's time to change. Nowadays, people fear a GM because they fear of the biases decisions that he/she/they will make. These relations are what is needed in order to make sure the server is at a great state. I wish to become a member of the team to change the current tide of the staff that only harms the life of the server. A new name like Americuck and a human only player might not just help the GM team have some variety in their approach and perspective, but a outreach to players who are uncomfortable with the current staff. Although I might not be one of the big names on the server, I feel a minor player such as me, can make a vast stride in restoring the trust between staff and the player base. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: N/A Anything else you want to tell us?: N/A
  14. Tosali


  15. Tosali

    [Denied]MinionManXD's Game Moderator Application

    +1, ban all the elves.