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  1. Nero_Roman

    The Settlement of Albion

    *Reynald Richmond would stand patriotically for his state* “Glory to Albion!” +1
  2. Nero_Roman

    VIP Forum Ranks

    MC Name: Nero_Roman VIP Rank: Diamond In-game screenshot of your tag and username: https://gyazo.com/6ad4e7946bab6244ede316c0e2abab2e
  3. Nero_Roman

    Senate and People of Velia - Recruiting!

    Are you peeps on the new map?
  4. Nero_Roman

    Requesting a few skins to be made.

    So I'm needing a few skins to be done, willing to discuss and or negotiate payment in discord PMs, let me know. Dallren#3257
  5. Nero_Roman

    The Ursurian Retinue

    Rp: Name: Augustin Dufuor Race: Human Age: 24 Reason for entry: To become a full fledged citizen of Curon, wanting to serve the Duchy. Ooc: Username: Accrayer Discord: Dallren#3257
  6. Nero_Roman

    The Belvitz Brigade

    Minecraft Name: Accrayer Roleplaying Name: Augustin Dufuor Discord: Dallren#3257 Character Age: 24 Character Race: Human IRP/PVP Combat Experience: Rosenyr Knight
  7. Nero_Roman

    The Withdrawal of the Rosnian People

    *The newest knight to Rosenyr would look up from shining his armor, reading the message and slightly shaking his head, sadden by the split of the people*
  8. “Three thousand, Two hundred..” *he squire would reply*
  9. *the squire would raise his hand with a yell* “2.5k minas!”
  10. Nero_Roman


    MCName: Accrayer Name: Robert Savill Age: 20 Race: Human
  11. Nero_Roman

    Needing a new skin / Remade (3K mina)

    Send me a message on discord so we can discuss the details further. Dallren#3257
  12. Nero_Roman

    The Order of The Red Rose

    A poor young boy would stand reading the message, Imagining himself with a sword fighting off enemy's, he would give a half hearted smile before stating to himself softly ”Peut-etre un jour..”
  13. Nero_Roman

    Ulbyutr uv Jrdolkrydr - (Recruitment)

    Ulbyutr uv Jrdolrydr ”Ulvr Jorukr Uv Aesyr!” [!] Cold and wet. That was how the Ulvir could describe his environment currently. He opened his eyes, no longer recognizing his nice warm shack it was a minute ago. Now, he was surrounded in water, unable to see anything. The darkness of the water was too great for his eyes. He glanced around, strangely, he was able to breath. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a movement, quickly turning towards it. Nothing but darkness of the sea. He squinted, before turning. Only to be met with a shark’s head. The size of which, was tremendous. He recognized the type, a Great White Shark. It looked at him with hungry eyes, before he heard it in his head. “Every shark needs a family, Ulvir. I suggest you find yours.” Without another word, the Shark opened it’s maw and swallowed him whole. He awoke in a cold sweat, glancing around hurriedly. The man was back in his home, in his comfortable bed. He let out a relieved sigh, but he knew this was a sign. Immediately, he got up to get to writing. The banner and seal of the Northspawn on it. [!] “Brothers, Sisters, Northspawn, answer my call. I am your Ulvir, Belynr Torunrsson. I have received a vision, from Sigvaldr, our creator. He calls us back to form together again. We must answer him, and obey him. As your Ulvir, I ask all of you to come to us. We are forming to become a single, united Clan. Join us once more, fight for the restoration of your people. -Your Ulvir, Belynr Torunrsson-Yngouf” (^^^A banner that would be raised^^^) ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Intro: Hello, thanks for deciding to click on my post!, perhaps you are interested in what this is all about or you just want to judge if this would be something you would like to join, or your just bored and want to read!, Anyway the following is some info that you may be interested in. If you have any feedback for me or questions feel free to reply to this post and or direct them to my discord. Who are we..? We are called Northspawn, a group of like minded people that enjoy Norse culture and wish to bring it to LOTC in a fun and joyful way. The group is a pact of Northspawn that would rally to the Ulvir’s (Leader of Peoples) call to bring glory to the gods once more since the last of the Northspawn has been scattered back when the Norlanders where still around. As the empire grows stronger, new “Ways” must be born in the ashes. Roles must be filled and warriors born. As new lands are discovered so must new ideals be brought. How or why should I join? We are currently needing more members to fill the roles of our pact, Farmers, Craftsmen, Priests / Priestesses (Not canonist priests.. ^.^), Any walks of life ICly! Now I know what you may be thinking... “Well I kinda want to join, but maybe not.., I’m not even Northspawn.” Well I got news for you, you don’t have to be born into the culture, we will induct you into it!, Although you must seek us out ICly if you wish to join but are not wanting to be born into our lore. If you are wanting more details and or got questions, add me through discord: Dallren#3257 Questions if you wish to apply to join: Minecraft Username: Character Name: Discord Tag: Character Age: Character Race: Profession IC: Any questions once I add you?:
  14. Nero_Roman

    Senate and People of Velia - Recruiting!

    QUESTIONNAIRE Minecraft Username: Accrayer Discord Tag: Dallren#3257 Character Name: Gallus Herenus Character Age: 21 Character Social Class: Poor Character Profession: Hunter
  15. Nero_Roman

    The Academy of Holm [Second Semester] [Applications Open]

    -Application- ((OOC)) Username: Accrayer Discord: Accrayer#8851 RP Full Name: Kazimir Bazhenov Age: 22 Race: Human Major subject: Magic Theory Additional classes this semester (Write N/A if none): Alchemy, Defense Against Dark Forces