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    Little Branch, Johnny Wilson, and Baba'Ox.
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    Dark elf, highlander, goblin-uruk.

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  1. The Alrasian Privateer Company

    MC Name? Jacobcraft04Discord (Can PM me.): I'll send a Pm,Character Name: TohliRace: Kha'CeetrahAge: 35Reasoning for joining?: I don't got anything better to do, eh?Are you free for an interview, if so when?: yes, send a bird anytime i'm on TohliDo you swear to follow and uphold all of the tentes to the best of your ability?: yes i do swear.If seeking officer position,What position do you seek?: Sailing master or quartermaster masterWhat is your favorite sea shanty?: William taylor, or the bonnie ship the diamond.
  2. Adelburg, The Capital of Humanity

    "Nae another citeh!" A drunk Frostbeard by the name of Gromin would cry out.
  3. I am attempting a hou-zi skin, how does it look so far?



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Gusano Arentonio

      Gusano Arentonio

      yeah it looks fitting for a fei-zhu

    3. Gob


      Looks nice man.

    4. NurpleDurp


      Id oonly make one change, hou-zis eyes don't have whites. they are a solid color.

  4. title says nearly all of it, i need a skin that would work for a high or snow elf. I am willing to pay, mostly depending on quality. message me for details!
  5. Daelish Culture

    wait.. why is Raibert not mentioned.. +1
  6. Practice Art Shop

    Race: Human, daelish Gender: male Skintone/hair/eye colour: pale, red, green Clothes: simple trousers, no shirt, and a kilt, sometimes wheres a cross of Lorraine necklace. Pose: Surprise me. Bust/Full Body?: full body. Misc stuff about them: he is attempting to become a cannonist priest, he is a blacksmith. Minecraft skin:
  7. Practice Art Shop

    fourth reserve!
  8. looking for quality skinner willing to pay up to 700 minas.

  9. [Completed] Meating eat is morally wrong

    think of how many farmers will lose their jobs if the world would not eat meat.
  10. can i use the template for your character card, and wear did you get those symbols for the personality traits?

  11. [Completed] Meating eat is morally wrong

    you need red meat for iron, to stay strong.
  12. [Completed] Meating eat is morally wrong

    But most animals are born to be eaten, and it taste good.
  13. Your View: Antagonist v3 (last one)

    I'm still looking for the outcome of that orb i summoned by mistake.
  14. [Denied] Fm app from Jacob

    Minecraft Username(s): Jacobcraft04 Age: 13 Time Zone: MT Skype: jacob_craft4 Discord: Jacobcraft04#1965 Have you been previously banned (be it a forum or server ban) and under what circumstances did you receive this ban?: I was banned a few years ago for Rping badly, and i don’t think using a wealthy-looking steve skin helped me. I deeply regret my immatureness those years ago. Have you ever received warning points and what actions were committed to receive such points?: I received a warning awhile ago for posting a OOC reply to a Rp post without use of brackets, asides from that, i probably received some warning points those years ago i was immature. Moderating the forums is a very time dependant staff position. How much time, on average, would you be able to dedicate to moderating?: I would think i could dedicate about 2-3 hours throughout summer, then 1-2 on school week days, and about 2-2 and a half on weekends. What experience do you have using the LotC forums or any forum in general?: I have wrote quite a few post, and fell well-versed in the forums. I have also wrote on other countless forums including Plant Minecraft. What does it mean to be a Forum Moderator, in your own words? What responsibilities does the Forum Moderator have to carry out in order to successfully do their job?: To be a forum moderator is to uphold the rules of the forums, to oversee that posts don’t get out of control, and to generally be a role model to new, and old players alike when it comes to the forums. It means you may get some enemies, and you will have to deal with that, but it also means you will help the forums and the community as much as you can. Have you ever held a staff position here on LotC? Do you currently hold any other staff positions? If so, list them and highlight something about the team that you enjoyed/enjoy.: I have not had the responsibility of a saff here on LotC. Why should you be a Forum Moderator? What can you bring forward to the team that allows you to moderate and enforce the conduct of the forums?: I believe me joining the Fm team means another hand on deck when stuff gets stormy, but i will also bring my love of this forum and the community, it may sound cheesy, but i think loving something you protect and guard will make you work better. What characteristics do you posses that makes you stand out from any other applicant?: I do have ADHd and Aspergers, these disorders may be seen as bad on this forum and even joked about. ADHD makes people hyperfocused, which i can see as being good to a forum moderator, it gives people a strong sense of fairness, which i can also see helping. Asperger's gives people the ability to focus better than a neurotypical, it also gives people the ability to “cut through the smoke screen”, and see what others may not be able to see. Are there members of the current Forum Moderation Team that you do not get along with or see a problem with working with in the future? If so, what is it that could hinder your ability to work together. Remember, this is a team and working together is the main foundation of a team.: No, i believe i am on neutral terms with all the Fms. How long do you plan to stay on the team: As long as possible, i don't plan to resign unless something major happens.
  15. -+- The Order Of Sirame -+-

    Name: Lura Kearie Race: Mali'Ame Age: 60 Occupation: N/A Experience: Have fought with daggers and bows before. Proficiencies (Archery, etc.): archery, daggers, duel wield Place of Current Residence: Linandria OOC: Username: Jacobcraft04 Nexus Profession+Proficiency: Have not picked one yet, new char Timezone: GMT Do you have Teamspeak?: yes