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  1. "Nae another citeh!" A drunk Frostbeard by the name of Gromin would cry out.
  2. who?
  3. I am attempting a hou-zi skin, how does it look so far?



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Sansa Fangirl~

      Sansa Fangirl~

      yeah it looks fitting for a fei-zhu

    3. Gob


      Looks nice man.

    4. NurpleDurp


      Id oonly make one change, hou-zis eyes don't have whites. they are a solid color.

  4. title says nearly all of it, i need a skin that would work for a high or snow elf. I am willing to pay, mostly depending on quality. message me for details!
  5. "If dis is tae end in fire, we'll all burn taegether, nae screw it... i'm buildin' ah fockin' boat." Gromin Frostbeard mutters to himself after one too many vodkas.
  6. human

    wait.. why is Raibert not mentioned.. +1
  7. Race: Human, daelish Gender: male Skintone/hair/eye colour: pale, red, green Clothes: simple trousers, no shirt, and a kilt, sometimes wheres a cross of Lorraine necklace. Pose: Surprise me. Bust/Full Body?: full body. Misc stuff about them: he is attempting to become a cannonist priest, he is a blacksmith. Minecraft skin:
  8. fourth reserve!
  9. looking for quality skinner willing to pay up to 700 minas.

  10. I think the deep and rich lore make me love this server, and the people too.
  11. think of how many farmers will lose their jobs if the world would not eat meat.
  12. can i use the template for your character card, and wear did you get those symbols for the personality traits?

  13. you need red meat for iron, to stay strong.
  14. But most animals are born to be eaten, and it taste good.
  15. I'm still looking for the outcome of that orb i summoned by mistake.