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  1. Arthur smiles, Knowing he helped to put scum away
  2. Arthur of Lorraine, Would smile his olden face lightning up with warmth
  3. Very CONFUSED face grimaces “Uhhh, They killed their own people, Ughhh?”
  4. Arthur would be working, Sweat lingering down his forehead as he took out support beam after support beam. Panel and stone as the magnificent structure went down
  5. Arthur of Lorraine would be in the barracks sobbing the great loses of beloved comrades and brothers in arms “That it had to come to this, That bandits and lies would bring this upon us. But I will die beside my brothers atleast and be united in heaven. For I have kept a clear mind done my prayers and will fight for what I believe” He left the room grabbing a sword and bow ”This last battle, Shall be were I lay down my sword, were I die for my belief”
  6. SwaK


    Arthur De la Rue was born on a farm alongside his sister Ines De la Rue, just like Ines Arthur heard of Adria and Helena from his parents, he is two years younger than his sister making him eighteen (18), he is however much taller than the girl and stands at 5’6 and weighs around 160lbs. He is lean but muscular with light blonde hair and pale blue eyes, his skin is sun-kissed but he still remains a light skinned complexion. Arthur was very close to Lewis who was their oldest brother, he was always gone however- and Arthur wanted to be just like him when he got older, he idolized his brother and begged him to take him when he left, but Lewis didn’t it broke Arthur and he then looked to Ines but she also said no, she was to be married and mother and father would need him here to help, and that he could leave when he was of age should he still wish to. The removal of Lewis and Ines had made Arthur depressed, his two best friends, his oldest brother and sister gone the farm was.. Lonely without them and he missed them more as each day passed, he counted the days, weeks, months, and years until he could leave the farm and find his siblings.Arthur would help his parents around the farm as his siblings had, and of course when the day came he was gone. Arthur traveled the countryside for awhile, helping and doing odd-jobs for those who needed it, he had not forgotten to look for his siblings though, it never left his mind and when he found them they would not leave one another. For familial bonds are strong and hard to break, he didn’t hate them both for leaving he was glad they were able to find their own ways in the world; but now they would all be together and find a place for themselves in the world.
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