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  1. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ON THE SPIRIT OF MERCY _______________________________________________________________________________________ A Tract On Mercy In Canonism And Why It Is So Core to Canonist Beliefs Authored by His Eminence, Manfried Cardinal St. Julia First Published, 1803 ON THE SPIRIT OF MERCY By Manfried Cardinal St. Julia Dedicated to the late Vicar, His Holin
  2. Manfried Cardinal St. Julia looks upon the document, remembering that day at the Basilica, "What a day of chaos. And Amadeus.. mmph. Well, at least we move onward and perhaps these Palatine Guard reforms will allow us to function normally." The Vice Chancellor nodded before he walked off into the depths of the Papal Apartments to check on the suffering Cardinal Sutica. @Caranthir_
  3. Manfried Cardinal St. Julia would let out a long, exasperated sigh at seeing the document, "I did not have to break in. It was a mix up with the keys and then I proceeded to the side entrance. By the Lord, Johan."
  4. The Vice Chancellor nodded in approval at seeing the response, "An error handled through humility. A good thing. May we work in unity now that this is rectified to ensure a most peaceful transition as we ready the Church to once more guide it's flock through the Prophetic Authority of the Laurel." he said to a nearby Acolyte before placing the notice down and returning to work in his small office at the Basilica.
  5. In the next few days after his death, Cardinal St. Julia found himself gazing down the hall to the room near his, that of the Pontiff in the Papal Apartments. He had been a Pontiff, a father, and a friend and in this, Manfried's mourning swelled thricefold. Nevertheless, the aging Cardinal continued with his work, specifically a Thesis, the longest of his he would have written which he had been scribing for weeks. In one of the nights after the Pontiff's death, his ink stained fingers paused in their movement across the page. Instead the quill was placed down and betwixt those fingers, he took
  6. Cardinal St. Julia crosses himself before the ballot box, saying a short prayer before placing said ballot in.
  7. Cardinal St. Julia would smile proudly as he looked upon the announcement of the Bishopric, soon sending a letter of congratulations, along with a few gifts, to the newly made Bishop of Hyspia, a man he had ordained and worked alongside for many years in his own Metropolitanate of Helena, now Archdiocese of Godvinus.
  8. Archbishop Manfried Cardinal St. Julia received the missive at the Pontifical Residence, reading it over before nodding with a smile, "He did indeed serve for the people. May he enjoy a peaceful retirement."
  9. At the Holy Father's words, Cardinal St. Julia would bow his head in prayer for his sick brother, the good Tractarian, Father Pius.
  10. Manfried Cardinal St. Julia offers his compliments to Father Dima on his great success with this wonderfully written tale, saving it a special place on his bookshelf for future reading.
  11. Manfried Cardinal St. Julia would be informed a few days after Minerva's death. He would pray for a friend that night, that she would ascend to the Seven Skies and proceeded to prepare things for a funeral the next day. "May she find peace, absolved of sin and cleansed of error in the Seven Skies."
  12. The Archbishop of Godvinus would descend from his office in the upper levels of the Basilica, finding himself on the ground floor among his brothers. His finger tips stained with ink and eyes marked with dark circles after many sleepless nights, he would genuflect before the High Pontiff, refraining from kissing his ring and therefore marking the Holy Father's hand too with the ink. Nevertheless, he soon found a seat where one was left before his tired gaze drew over the papers before him, marked with the Pontifical seal. After an hour or two passed of reading and analyzing the document along
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