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  1. is that statement on the lotc terms of service claiming every piece posted here belongs to tythus and cannot be posted elsewhere still up?

    1. Heero


      nah, thankfully they removed it


    2. Boruto
  2. A man of great faith keels over in the most strange of manners, screaming, “The fogs disapparate, the winds agone — an age of Gods and miracles has once again been forsworn! LEAVE! BUT WEEP! FOR AS OLDEN PROPHECIES HAVE SPOKEN, THE DEAD MEN WILL MOURN!” falling shortly thereafter into a madness of the highest order.
  3. bike racks 3pm c*nt. fuckin oath
  4. must’ve taken a toll on you.. it all adds up furthermore, i extend you an apology ahead of time.
  5. “In the ancient belief of towns torn away from cities and its common-folk, grown in solitude, there was a myth that the sun and moon were no unconscious stars or objects of stone. The sun was the mother, and the moon, the father.” [!] The rough depictions of a vague, blurred entity are sketched upon parch, scrawled of charred coal, and ridden by moisture. ”I have found myself upon a most unfortunate predicament of the highest order – and I pen this final encounter in the hopes that one day, mayperhaps in the near future, an absolved scholar alike myself may retrieve these words and make of my solemn life-work what they will, preferably an articulate and rational conclusion of the incognitus – and one, moreover, that is true-to-fact. In addition, I hereby hold in my dying believes that my studies and excursions to the far-by realms shan’t fade in vain as would a dying star, but instead, find themselves in the fine hands of a worthwhile provost. For death seems to well-nigh throttle me where I presently lay, and my breath falls gravely short. Indeed, friend, my eyes have borne witness to a thing most horrid. It flails feebly amidst these strange woods of shaven bark and eye-lined leaves, for this place I boldly speak of is so hideous, I sincerely doubt it could be even thought a forest among forests. The monstrosity’s outer flesh bellows great obesity and resembles, to a fault, a mighty pouched ball, as if within its guts thrived some viscid batch of fluid. Furthermore, it seems to bolster gargantuan tentacles. I cannot see its head, as it wouldn’t turn, but I--- must find a way to detail the specifics and further this miraculous find. Death, after all, stalks me like a shadow of my own, and this might truly be the last sketch I ever enclose. An obscure critter, if I may add, one that wore the face of a humanoid, gnawed upon my leg and rendered me crippled, powerless. I can barely move, but I can certainly bide my time. .” [!] The note ends here. In the near vicinity, a follow-up fragment could be found. Not residue nor a single trace of the ill-crossed author could be discerned, and it would be hence easy to presume the stench hanging in the air to be of a shredded cadaver, buried to the far reaches of the soil, mayhaps that of his own. No clue could be made certain. But at that dead night, the scales of a distant moon shook - and the seed of a God ran its course. Bleak one; lay me unto my grave. The blood, How it flows so softly. Like the waves that palpitate amid an unending sea. It churns my lowly mind. Oh, father. I can almost see.
  6. “Cursed be they who trod the earth in death, may unrest forever be their torment.” some bleak remnant of a man murmurs within an endless copse of murk and mire, trudging upon the barren depths of an ancient bog; of his mind was a rotten legacy, for he, too, was rotten and marred, drenched verily in the stench of olden warriors lost to the sands of time. Groans of the forgotten echoed ten feet beneath, stirring at his mind like some festering curse. “Lachlan. . Albrecht. . Aldrich. . Lachlan . . ͔͖̦̗̗͙J̵̼̫̞̖̫̜̄ͬ͌ͩͨe͍̩̪͖͍͌̓͒̅̄̓̚ͅ-̛̜̋̔́̆̾̀́͜"͔̤̝̣͍̻ͅ The toll of judgement tore him apart, it was time the man-child laid to peace a broken legacy of hunters.
  7. but les monsieur, is it not redundant to lay the credits of a copy-paste in size 6? indeed, your gluttony and wants for rep defy all common manners!
  8. can somebody roleplay with me please??

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    2. Banner


      no you literal eromenos

    3. Boruto


      wow that was uncalled for

      however, I’ll have you greaser know it was completely consensual

    4. Jentos
  9. Is now a good time to deliver my soul anew, unto this starving chasm?

    1. Skylez1


      But for why, Boruto of the Greco? Your soul is just starting to rekindle and construe the slithers that this place had unceremoniously removed. For what reason would you do such a questionable thing, but to only render yourself at the whim of the depraved and demented? Flee I daresay, do not look back unto this place until the great reckoning is at hand for all to witness.

      Lest thou wishes for self-torment and pain, then yes, submit yourself onto the forlorn bastion of nonsensicality. 

    2. Boruto


      But look, Goldman of the Skies. . . how the olden embers beckon so sweetly! 

      My weeping soul was rent asunder, mine very fragments cast unto broken realms; only blood of the accursed forever taints my flesh, and silt taut upon my wretched bone... Look, Goldman, behold. . . the howls of the forlorn do echo within the Craft Lord's valley, where fornicators endlessly toil and flail! Alas, is it not our sorry fate to lay thenceforth, lowly and piteous as we are, to lap the anguished froth of our own grievance?


      How it truly is worthy of lament. . a fine spectacle, goldman, even to the blind eye. . . 

      Heh. . heh. . . 

    3. Christ


      can I say the n word?

  10. Some old, weakly man scrapes terribly, with unshaven nails upon his rotting flesh, murmuring black hymns begone — those of a time immemorial. His ears bled, his mouth was torn agape, and within the stench were festered teeth, clattering grievously. ”Heh.. heh... raving crones have hailed upon us — why, those elven meddlers of the void have surely incurred forth the great wrath of God!”
  11. Some spiritless young man trained under the steel fiddles the perished mark of his old caste, awaiting the arrival of a day that would never come. By now, the poor orphan's mind must've certainly fallen unto madness, disapparated beyond recall.
  12. ”It is the old and ancient men who deplored the fear of God, and it is upon old and ancient men that the great wrath of God solemnly fell.” -Excerpted of an introductory to the ‘Opus of Extermination’, c. 1598 ”Ever heard the tale of the farmer, his wolf and his sheep?” ”. . .” ”It is alright. Not many, after all, know of such complications. Simple-folk tend often to avoid these sort of matters, prefering, no doubt, to free their minds of tedious thought.” ”. . .” ”Mmph... it goes like so: a farmer, consorted by his wolf, sheep and cabbage, wishes to transport his flock to the other side. An uneasy complication arises, however, when he discovers the boat cannot carry all three, nor two, but merely himself and either of the ternion. If he seized the cabbage, attempting thereon to traverse the lake, the wolf will ravage the sheep. If he seized the wolf, attempting likewise, the sheep will ravage the cabbage. How then does the poor sod proceed?” ”. . .” “Indeed, the farmer will take the sheep, where it is on all counts separated from the cabbage, and the wolf, alone, shan’t exhibit interest in the vegetation. He then rows back to gather the wolf, laying him on the other side,-- what?” ”. . .” ”No, no, the wolf isn’t to be left alone with the sheep. For our man shall once again procure, and row the sheep back to the other-side. Our sower then leaves her, garners the cabbage, and sets it besides the wolf. Then, well, the farmer returns the sheep, and so it went that he emerged succesfuly from the predicament, bearing but joy and well-pride. Hm?” ”. . .” “Oh, but he doesn’t. As you guessed, the wolf cannot be truly tamed, even if he should adeptly feign the impression of such. For he quietly awaits the man be done with his supper, having dined on the cabbage and left the sheep bare and in ill-defence, when he strikes unexpectedly, tearing with his teeth and claw both man and sheep, the cabbage and the well-prepared meal, feasting thenceforth on all three. The reason such torment befalls our farmer is for he has not prayed to God before his trouble, nor has he expressed grace, and neither, indeed, has he prayed afore his nightly meal. For God, albeit merciful, is not negligent entire, nor is he fond of ingratitude. And the wolf is said to be the accomplice of the devil.” ”. . .” ”But is time you went to sleep, is it not? Come, let us garb you appropriately.” The wolf, with his great, black tail, the slobbering red tongue of his gaping mouth, his deformed snout and his broken teeth, no longer held yet an ounce of strength. He grievously wailed as the priest yanked him apart, but the barren land was home to none of its kin, its cries shallow and fallen upon deaf, or no ears, thus unheard and disapparated. The vicar in black, reciting preposterously of a strange book, slew the wolf and devoured him whole, plucking thereafter the fur from his teeth.
  13. Why is it written entirely in spoilers? Otherwise, I like it
  14. A young, clean-shaven man fiercely cracks his whip, adamant to school discipline and mandate upon ensigns. ”Did I tell you to stop, you weak-kneed bastards?!”
  15. when are lore mag submissions closing in?

    1. TheAlphaMoist
    2. ScreamingDingo


      dont remind me that i have to look at this fuckin mag

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