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  1. A young, clean-shaven man fiercely cracks his whip, adamant to school discipline and mandate upon ensigns. ”Did I tell you to stop, you weak-kneed bastards?!”
  2. when are lore mag submissions closing in?

    1. TheAlphaMoist
    2. ScreamingDingo


      dont remind me that i have to look at this fuckin mag

  3. The nerves on these womenfolk of nowadays, merits great contempt! Back in my day, these horrid gargoyles clung to the kitchen and hymned their nine children to sleep. A tragic turn of events indeed!

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    2. NotEvilAtAll


      Back in my day, we had to walk uphill to school both ways!


      You youn’uns have it easy.

    3. Ford


      I say, woman! WOMAN! Why are you not barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen?!?!

    4. Apostate


      5 hours ago, Ford said:

      I say, woman! WOMAN! Why are you not barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen?!?!


      Our world of glorious men is in shambles. 


      Burn the rainbow flags, men - for they cast a shadow on mankind in wake of the downfall of all men in rise of a demonic matriarchy. 


      We raise a new king today. 

  4. “I hold nothing but hate. Hate, and utmost contempt for your race of bloated gargantuans whose only theologies lie in the worship of trees, mud and prancing devils! Begone! May the gods anathematize you a thousand fourty times!” retorted shortly thereafter the old frantic man, held together by some strange godly rite, a case of divine intervention within his age of a hundred-and-some. Truly, death itself well-nigh throttled this raving elder.
  5. [!] Various letters of various handicraft and manuscript were pinned upon different temples and different sectarian institutes; members of the clergy were specifically beckoned, and so too were the common men of the Empire. Beneath every copy lay marked and engraved a row of initials possibly familiar to some, having appeared in several treatises many times prior. “It has been a while, fellow pastors, fellow pâtissiers and most fellow men. So long have we been quiet for the indubitably ill-disciplined maids, brides and housewives, so long has the devil been fervent in his craft. For those of you who know not, I have been wed recently to a young wench of ripe flesh and bright silken hair, and only lately have I pondered as to her nightly whereabouts; where else, after all, if not the kitchen, garden or the holy canon church? I had been blind, fallen victim truly to her seducement and flaxen charms, for she dressed like a bleeding *****, a virgin harlot to cast my eyes off her foul nocturnal deeds! Why, of course I have gandered after her at night to see for myself the nature of her nightfall ventures, where she, beyond a shadow of doubt and afore my very watchful eyes appeared to frequent crowded taverns, alleys and even the house of God to consort with yearning, secular and carnal men! Oh, how I wept at the misery that befell me... for I knew, deep within my tender heart her evident lack of all manner of scruple and virtue; indeed, it was as if God Himself let me know! I knew well then to simply bide my time, feign ignorance as to not arouse suspicion, and wait out her inevitable return home by the bed; where I had anticipated her arrival with a tempered lash and a vile whip forsworn to naught but the righteous discipline taught by our Lord! To my fate, most cursed and broken, sleep haunted the well-being of my mind, and it was eventually that she returned and seized ahold of my whip, barking and snarling akin to some rabid dog, and pounding me well-nigh senseless and unconscious with its wicked end! I was thus violated to no end. Of rights, of my manliness, my virility and of my god-given jurisdiction over our blest household. She forced me apart, and bid me ill-well, and I even highly confide in that she turned our god-fearing house into a wretched whorehouse, a den for the devil and the mother of sins, bartering coin for things forbidden and committing in my name the worst manner of iniquity and adultery! And so may it be that I hereby urge you god-fearing folk to take care that your women are disciplined, solemnly and to a fault, for I wish not even upon my worse enemies that a fate as such occur to them and their sacred households! Likewise, I ask that the church school teach and enforce such manners of discipline upon their men, so that they may not be ridiculed and deflated by the lesser gender of which the name I shall not even dare let brush my tongue. For what is life but death pending, and what are women but children enlarged? May God save you All.” - E.L, renowned astrologist and a scholar held in marked esteem Past works; An Astrologer's Discourse on the Universum On the Illegitimacy of Elves - A Call for the Stand of Humanity
  6. this made me laugh so hard thank you for making my day lorelesspuddlemancer 😩
  7. A young man of an apparent twenty or such years, by mere happenstance, came upon the parchment promptly in the midst of his tedious pilgrimage; electing hence, only after sighting a depiction of the prince, to rest awhile and read it out. With great blitheness thus, a smile eased unto the ravager’s face, denoting a great pride and vanity to his own kin; those bound by the flesh and blood of great conquerers.
  8. can i be invited to the next gay parade please thanks

  9. but do you really wanna know?
  10. [!] Within inns, across sign-posts and over all manner of cathedrals and religious institutes were pinned by hard-nails disputable parchments and collectible missives, detailing a subject of proposed utmost urgency. Within its finality, the initials of a self-proclaimed esteemed scholar were inscribed. The ink used was similar to that of a past work, published no more than a month ago. “Upon our minds have been planted the foul seeds of indolence and ineptitude, a mark of utmost degeneracy no child of this age or culture has ever dared bring to question – not of its cause, nor of its possible consequence on our commune as a race. Indeed, I have looked and done my studies on this grave matter, and have consequently exposed the grounds by which such taints exist upon our regal race of Humanity! Many centuries ago, during the elder, youthful years of our world, a load of foolish men and scholars amongst humanity concocted contraptions with which to practise and dabble in matters of the unknown, for no other reason than to assuage and quench the nature of their curiosities, or perhaps communicate with the God in a time where prophets had not yet been set upon our world. Surely, these men cannot be condemned guilty for such a deed, for curiosity often tramped on the minds of intelligent men – but what’s more impertinent and degrading to our king-born blood, is the tragedy which unleashed upon us shortly afterwards. Phenomenons were birthed out of our very own earth, magick began to leech into the air and soils, powers and faculties righteously appropriated and meant only for the grasp of God slipt into the hands of degenerate, spineless lesser races – yet in that torturous incident, these so-called descendants of ill-make among elves of the high and dark variants too were born. Anyone who has met a high-elf, the better representatives of their race in entire, could concede of their indolence and unparalleled self-esteem! With great imprudence thus, they dared seize these sorceries from upon the hands of God to then proclaim a bitter and false heirage to our Earth; an inheritance, which by divine decree belongs to none but Man and the supreme children of Horen! And it is with great ignorance and pride, that they still persevere in their egregious lies, boasting their false claims, and breaching the spiritual law of all that is human and divine! Which brings us to the true cause and scourge of this evil, the root from which all manner of sin and mischief was born, lain for decades right beneath our noses. The Elven Menace. Unbeknownst to the naive men of today, it begs the question; why is it that the men and children of mankind nowadays regard some of these deceitful, god-forsaken elves who with great impunity and vile perfidy dare object our rightful claim to the World, with any semblance of sympathy? And to spill their impiety, they even allege that vile catastrophe which brought them to existence alongside monstrous beasts and witch-crafts, to be the very same accursed hour that brought even humanity to Earth! Blasphemies, the lot of it, and so I hereby urge a stand for the seeds of Horen to raise their blades and once again demand our superiority be fortified through blood and steel, for sacrilege against the God is not to be tolerated, and the golden age when we ruled peerless in wealth and in liberty as the greater-ilk of descendant-kind is to once again be returned! Do not fall to this plot by the so-called ancient ones who mock the very truth of our reign and dare falsify our rulership, fight, and fight true – kill those characterized by their vicious elven ears, and restore our continent from these tyrannous usurpers, who by the prescience of the one true God deserve to be driven off!” - E.L, a star-gazer and a scholar held in the most marked of esteem Past works; An Astrologer's Discourse on the Universum
  11. [!] Across walls within various hamlets and city inn-keeps were nailed crossways possibly controversial segments excerpted of a propagandist book, distributed by an anonymous author whose vague initials were inscribed on the back. “For far too long, with ample evidence and sufficient means at our disposal, have we clung to the obstinate fallacies which threatened our collective progression as a common mankind, remaining instead stagnated and temporized in place due to the obstructionist minds of our endeared clergymen. For, although one must have faith, a man enlightened must be open to the contingency of the existence of other worlds, alongside ours, even identical in the manner through which it had been born. Many might denominate me a heretic, accuse me of dementedness or flagrant delusion, but I have been over the skies with God as my aide, and I have seen what lies beyond the veil of the great welkin. Theories postulating that the stars we gaze upon perpetually within the skies hosted other worlds, a philosophy often held with scepticism and distrust, are beyond a shadow of doubt proven true – and not only through observations of my own, but of others provost and scholarly through whom the theory had gained proponents, that such indeed appears to be the case. It is most shameful and degrading, however, to see how our dear members of the clergy hold in utmost contempt such headways under slander of concocted lies and means of deceit against the Creed of God. Is it wrong to be taught and illuminated of His light, all the whilst holding all laws human and divine in the highest regard? Should He be among us, surely, the creator would encourage such motion and production, and never would He frown upon such promise of prosperity and fruitful progress, rather he would urge us unto unearthing the obscure conundrum laid out beyond the stars. Verily, I do understand how the priesthood may not take to this kindly, and I firmly apologize for what offence this may induce, but it is us, the sensible cooperative of scholars, that have ascertained the presence of such greater anomalies, possibly which will lead us to further evolutions and the dawn of a new golden age. And so may it be that I hereby urge all profound scholars of humanity to rise on – despite pressure from the religious chapter – for growth will not be discovered in blind devotion and reverence alone, but in its unification with diligent Scholarships and a higher faith in what lurks above. Let us find and unveil the mysteries of the universus, for it is nigh-time we’ve awoken from our inexcusable slumber and ineptitude.” - E.L., an accomplished stargazer
  12. A young man tore one of the drenched posters, beckoning the caste of Jackals to undertake the hunt.
  13. I’m done spamming that post but if you really want to continue it, you can always message me on the forums or discord. 

    1. Boruto


      nah sorry I’m not feeling it

      but good luck finding a resolve. 

  14. You’re jumping too many guns here. But if that’s the case, then it’s admittedly more of a jab at necromancy as a concept than at the humble piece itself. If he hasn’t read it, then he can’t possibly be shitting on it, nor neglecting the effort that’s been evidently spent writing it. In so, you’re picking out nonsensical reasons to get aggrified over, and that’s detrimental to your mental state, so take a chill pill, calm, and mull over this whole non-existant issue for a while. Or you do you. But as a heads-up, you won’t get far if a gif’s got you overthinking to such a painful degree. Learn how to take a joke, or an apparently really offensive shitpost.
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