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  1. Boruto

    Minecraft VR roleplay? (Vivecraft server plugin)

    You sweet summer child ..
  2. Boruto

    LotC 16 Personalities Test

    It seems I am the only Entrepreneur in this place
  3. Boruto

    The Mercenarial Free Company of the Black Reiters

    A pale, sickly Reiter recites a hushed prayer — striking his chest hard in faith.
  4. Boruto

    How’d you get your Username?

    Feb. 16, 2015, rumours were surfacing about this anime sequel called “Boruto”, of which the name I found kinda ridiculous. So, my 13 y.o. self trying to be funny, decided to rename my mineman to that before anything “Boruto” was announced or official at all. Several months later, an animated movie called Boruto comes out, and it was no longer a meme. I’d like to change my mcname, but it’s too costly for me to just throw away. I get offered hundreds
  5. Boruto

    [Bounty] Raide of Ashford

    Adalbert, the fat, pot-bellied rotund, ran a clean silken cloth over his arbalest, flicking through the poster with a loathly glower gauzing upon his scurvy, dour facials. For a moment, the man, a neurotic hellion and a wretch, a brigand, still wilting off the exhaustion of their past endeavour against the thing, grew tetchy and distraught, quick to rip off what abject, monstrous illustration of the accursed devil had stained his sights. “A gross, atrocious clod, worth of being numbered among the beasts – yet, whoever alleges the strength to overpower this thing, shall have as much success as a dog biting through steel. Abhorred. Vile. The devil must speak through him.” and at that, he spat a mouthful of mucus, leaving to seek out his evenly worn comrades.
  6. if you confuse me for phil, lol ok you’re not epic

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      @Pond i see phil is embarassing himself online again smh

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      I hate you you Greek mookazoid

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      i hate you too you... android

  7. Judging from my OOC interactions with you, you’re a well-meant guy for the most part Jondead. But alas, I feel like you’re too blithesome and sympathetic for a Game Moderator. A position which demands an indelicate and hard-hitting character.
  8. yeah, give this a hard miss. if the ascended community isn’t willing to change for the better, no amount of rewrites will cut it.
  9. Boruto

    [AMA] Doing one of these again

    What are your thoughts on me and in what I play? Favourite album?
  10. Boruto

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Name: Adalbert. Race: Human. Age: Mid-twenties. Discord: Callisto#6280
  11. Boruto


    So long, fellow Reiter brother. Ride on.
  12. Boruto

    Boruto's Lore Master Application

    not planning to
  13. Boruto

    A Red Sun Rises

    A masked enigma, Emreis, blade of the barbarous order stood stern an ample distance away from where he’d silently watch, a false smile gruelly carved upon his mantled face and a tetchy gaze, brewingly weighed upon the crowd like a predator would its prey, disrelished and athirst for the butcheries to come. The figure of wretched garms, apparelled in eldritch robes which were soon to be befouled in the dreadful blood of voidal abominations, flourished. The grievous sable mare, soon prodded by the hunter’s heels, carefully stepped over a pile of bricks and passed through Gladewynn’s ravaged hills, prickling its ears in an act not so far removed from the tedium of conventional elven irregularities. “An age of blood, death and yet prosperity shall soon dawn. Cursed is the day wizards and magickers entered our realm, cursed.”
  14. An aged resident of Vrakai cursed and spat a spiteful as he came upon the poster, tearing it off the wall with twisted violence. ”Tf, tf... men of Vrakai my arse...”
  15. Boruto


    Decent write :)