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  1. yeah, give this a hard miss. if the ascended community isn’t willing to change for the better, no amount of rewrites will cut it.
  2. Boruto

    [AMA] Doing one of these again

    What are your thoughts on me and in what I play? Favourite album?
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    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Name: Adalbert. Race: Human. Age: Mid-twenties. Discord: Callisto#6280
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    So long, fellow Reiter brother. Ride on.
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    Boruto's Lore Master Application

    not planning to
  6. Boruto

    A Red Sun Rises

    A masked enigma, Emreis, blade of the barbarous order stood stern an ample distance away from where he’d silently watch, a false smile gruelly carved upon his mantled face and a tetchy gaze, brewingly weighed upon the crowd like a predator would its prey, disrelished and athirst for the butcheries to come. The figure of wretched garms, apparelled in eldritch robes which were soon to be befouled in the dreadful blood of voidal abominations, flourished. The grievous sable mare, soon prodded by the hunter’s heels, carefully stepped over a pile of bricks and passed through Gladewynn’s ravaged hills, prickling its ears in an act not so far removed from the tedium of conventional elven irregularities. “An age of blood, death and yet prosperity shall soon dawn. Cursed is the day wizards and magickers entered our realm, cursed.”
  7. An aged resident of Vrakai cursed and spat a spiteful as he came upon the poster, tearing it off the wall with twisted violence. ”Tf, tf... men of Vrakai my arse...”
  8. Boruto

    They Strung Up A Man.. They Say He Murdered Three

    Strange things did happen here no stranger would it be...
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    Decent write :)
  10. Minecraft Account Name(s) Boruto Discord Callisto#6280 How long have you played on LoTC? Early Axios. Timezone and Availability GMT+2 What lore are you versed in most? Specially, I’d say druid and blood magic due to my practical experience. Accumulatively, a fair share of world and playable creature lore such as the now-shelved necrobeasts, Hou-Zi, Fae, Strigae, odds and ends in dark, deific and voidal arts, a few cultural pieces here and there as well as a broad knowledge in the Aengudaemonica. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC AT for ~5 months Have you ever written lore for LoTC? I’ve recently written several legends and minor lore pieces that have yet to be reviewed. Besides that, I’ve composed and submitted an entire, complete piece of lore that I’m admittedly ashamed of regarding Cervitaurs a long time ago. Solid writing, but pointless and overly ambitious. and gay. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban? Banned for an hour once for downing, reviving and then pugsying a player during a raid in which they refused to RP Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team? none
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    The Order of the Scarlet Fist

    Beneath the brace of morose jaundiced eyes, arose a ****-eating grin that split the elder Vrakian’s visage with barbarous ferocity. He clapped to himself in disruption to the bleak, eerie silence, then frantically tore the poster off. "Told you this elf was different.” whispered the ace of Halsten to himself, before spurring his gelding along an esoteric trail. Name: Olgierd aep Halsten Race: The regal race of Mankind. Age: Sixty and then some. Past Combat Experience: Served as a diligent merc within the distinguished Black Reiter company. Noteworthy Skills: Marksmanship, swords-handling and an inclusive expertise in close-quarters combat. Magic Status/ History: N/A
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  14. Boruto

    Culling the unnatural.

    The Huntsmen [!] Posters could be seen hung along various parts of the continent, strewn with specks of blood. Who are the huntsmen, you ask? Men like you and yours, I return. The proper kind, foes to lies, agents of mankind. The sort to live by God's words and rules. Those plagued by the machinations of vixens, witches, magickers and nonhumans. All that insulates us from simple folk is that we've the guts to raise our blades, to secure our lands from the pollution of the unnatural, to rip out the gangrene that drains us from within. We haven't keeps or properties. And though god-fearing lords bolster us with gold at times, we've not sworn them nor any other ruler any oath. We serve none but God, and we listen to nought but our conscience. Any who is pure of soul and right of body may take up arms and join us. You can find us in different cities. We will give you fare, shelter and a weapon, show you the know-hows of spotting the tell-tale marks of corruption – birthmarks in odd and mystic forms, silken flesh on matrons mellowed past forty winters, and shady felines kept in courts, to cite but a few. We will teach you how to guard yourself against witchcraft, how to contain and wave out paranormal elements with aurum and instruments alike. We will guide you on ways to squeeze the miscreants' ominous mysteries out of them with molten iron, and how to yield them atoning death with the help of saintly fire. ((This is just an idea for now, nothing yet’s official irp. Hmu if you’re interested in founding such a group, integrating it into a culture, or otherwise just joining.))
  15. Boruto

    [Pending]Mordu's Lore Master Application

    he’s got a good lore sense.