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  1. Edward Devereux reads the invitation seeing Curon is invited. “I must go to this.” He smiles and prepares for the Ball.
  2. Name: Lucien Race: Heartlander Gender: Male Former Affiliations: none Former Titles: none Sect wishing to join: militant ((OOC)) MC Name: MisterFishy Discord: (you have it) Timezone: EST
  3. Ewan also thinks about joining this company. . .
  4. Name of your Charter: Norwich Owner's Username: MisterFishy Owner's Roleplay Name: Ewan Rhenus Location (XYZ): x : -886 y : 41 z : -1135 Tier applying for: Tier 1 - 50x50
  5. Sigeric smiles happily to see the tavern open for business!
  6. MisterFishy

    The Ashborn

    RP Information RP Name: Sigeric Ruric Race: Highlander Age: Youngin OOC Information MCName: L0rdF1sh Discord(Include #’s): L0rdF1sh#5628
  7. House Ragnarsson The Family of House Ragnarsson is seeking people to play family members! The Ragnarsson’s are a family residing within the Kingdom of Curonia. Due to inactivity the family has slowly deteriorated. So as the founder and current patriarch, I am trying to rebrand and rebuild the house, but I can’t do it alone! Our current family members are as follow: Patriarch and Baron of Alsace: Raksa Ragnarsson - [L0rdF1sh] Daughter to Raksa: Astrid Ragnarsson -[lukejoker] Sister to Raksa: Lunetta Ragnarsson-Maarsen - [Shy_French_Fry] Cousin to Raksa: Alexander Ragnarsson - [moofmoof8] We are currently accepting new family members! Our tree is flexible, so please either PM me on discord (L0rdF1sh#5628), via forums PM, or fill out the application below! IGN: Discord: Character Name: Character Age:
  8. (IC) Name: Rythvyn Reg’Wir Age: 126 Gender: Male Do you intend to learn, or do you perform, any sort of Voidal or Deific art? Which? Currently figuring it out. Do you accept that in joining this order you may at times be tasked with taking the life of another mali’ker? Yes Do you accept that under particular circumstances you may be removed from the order? And under serious enough terms, executed? Yes (OOC) MC Name: gamingfishtv Discord: gamingfishtv#5628
  9. I, Lord Raksa of House Ragnarson, Baron of Alsace, swear fealty to Curonia, House Devereux, and the Ducal Throne of Curon. I shall serve as a loyal vassal to the patriarch of House Devereux and Duke of Curon, from this moment until death. My house shall be bound to House Devereux as its vassal for all of posterity. My sword is his to command. My house is his to protect, and my banners are his to summon. I shall uphold the Virtues of Curonia, and live beneath the eternal guidance of our Paragons and the light of our God. The Green Tide Rises, for we stand as one. Ave Curonia.
  10. We aren’t Irish, we are more themed towards Tribes of Gaul. We aren’t 100% nomadic. I have read their forum post and I like the Gallics, hence why I got inspiration from them. But we are not ripping them off. Yes we have similarities, but there is always similar aspects in a lot of cultures. You may see it that way, but I do not.
  11. You could say they are similar, but they are different. I did get inspiration from them, but I ensure you they are different.
  12. Introduction A group of humble, free-spirited people consisting of travelers, vagabonds and farmers. They are ones to adjust to their surroundings, but have tendency to move around from place to place. History They do not have a true identity to one of the human subraces (i.e Highlander or Heartlander) due to them moving around so much they have accumulated many kinds of people, however throughout the years of being on Atlas, they have stayed close together with their fellow clansfolk. Hierarchy -=Chief=- The Chief is without a doubt the highest respected position in the clan. They are responsible for inducting new clansfolk, keeping the Clansgarde’s morale high and to maintain the peace within the clan and outside of the clan. -=Clansgarde=- The Clansgarde are the loose militia formed by the chief to help protect the Clansfolk. It is a highly respected to position to serve in the Clansgarde. -=Clansfolk=- Those without a special position (farmer, merchant, hunter) or do not serve in the Clansgarde are simply known as Clansfolk. Culture Hartgarde’s live by a simple code of values. Those who cannot follow this simple code will be cast out of the clan with judgement made by their peers and Chief. Family: Respect your fellow Clansfolk as if they were your family. Fidelity: Remain true to the faith and respect those of different faiths. Humility: Stay true to living a humble lifestyle. Pride: Take pride in being a Hartgarde, do not let anyone make you question your own being. Art Sadly Hartgarde’s are not excellent artists, but they do however write their history down with excellent stories of their travels, people they have interacted with and with. They may not be good illustrative artists but with their words can fill many paintings. Festivities Hartgarde’s love to celebrate good hunts, harvests, new Clansfolk and marriages. Hunt Festivals: Usually when a great beast is slain or many animals are brought back from a hunt it is common to present them to the Chief/Chieftess and then feast on the largest animal killed. Harvest Festivals: When GOD blesses Hartgarde farmers with a great harvest, they are to be turned into great foods and desserts! Once they are prepared and brought out all Clansfolk from youngest to eldest pick out their desserts to feast on. New Clansfolk Ceremonies: Whenever there is a new Clansfolk entering the clan or one is born into it, it is always a time for celebration! All the Clansfolk including the Chief are present to welcome a new member to the clan with open arms. Marriages: When a Clansman is married it is customary to invite the Chief, his/her family and all the Clansfolk nearby. All invitees are to bring presents to the wedding and hand them to the betrothed after they have completed their ceremony. Language Common but with varying accents. Faith Hartgarde’s are typically Canonists, but they accept Clansfolk of other human religions and beliefs. The Chief of the clan cannot enforce his/her beliefs on Clansfolk of other religious beliefs. All Clansfolk are to live in harmony with one another. OOC: . . .If you are interested in joining Clan Hartgarde. . . Feel free to ask me on discord! gamingfishtv#5628 This is a group for both new and old players alike! Hopefully this will be a semi-successful group.
  13. Minecraft Username: gamingfishtv Discord Tag: gamingfishtv#5628 Character Name: Maximus Anatolius Character Age: 25 Character Social Class: (Rich | Middle | Poor | Slave) - Middle, Plebeian 2nd Class Character Profession: (A non-combatant profession, like carpentry) - Mason
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