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Found 19 results

  1. [!] Fliers are found strewn all over the halfling village of Honeyhill T'a Shire, REBORN! ~A state for the weefolks~ It has been a long time since us weefolks, halflings and gnomes alike, had any sort of realm of our own. Although our villages typically govern themselves, we've always lived under the shadow of folks larger than ourselves. Nay longer shall this be the case! Cyris and I found a new land for us to settle, secluded and secure. At first we intended only to stay there on occasion as a sort of vacation site. The word has gotten out and now it shall be our home. The Gnomes have moved into the hills and mountains already and so too shall us halflings settle the lakeside and grow grains in the fields! All the necessities of life have already been set up there, and so there we all ought to move. We can once again be an independent people as our ancestors once were in the times of fables. All weefolks, be ye Gnomish, Halfling, or some other mixture, ye all are welcome in our new homeland, where we shall build a Utopia for all. A state for the halflings. A state for the wee! ~Mayor Mimosa Applefoot p.s: to find the super secret location of our new village, just send me a bird!
  2. Settlement PRO MC Name: mika1278 Settlement Name: The Most Serene State of Lurin Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): 121 preferably as we have built our build here on a build server. 125 126 Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): Past Events from Lubba’s Keep, which will be the predecessor of Lurin as the people of it move to the settlement. The posts below are directly involving Lubba Keep or The Silver Lubba Band. open with caution Settlement Government Structure Explanation: (Keeping it simple for the sake of your time) -The Silver Lubba, Leader of the Silver Lubba Band is the primary leader of Lurin. -surrounded by the Lubba Council which mostly consists of advisors and the highest ranking band members who lead their own divisions of the band or those who have been granted an office to hold up for more recent issues that need attention. -Below the council would be the shareholders of the silver lubba band who have invested a great deal of time and effort into the band such as the more notable families of the keep and their leading figures or notable figures who have left their mark upon the band and the lands they reside upon. -Underneath that you have your average high ranking band members who take the orders from the lubba’s council and relay them to the greater forces or enact the given mandate. -Further down the government you’ll find mercenaries, guards, smiths, siege equipment constructors and plenty more who are the bulk of the band and make it function as it should within their division. TL;DR A mercenary band wants to become a government of a state. Settlement Builds and Infrastructure (photos required): Open with caution How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server?: ah trust me, it’ll be funny. While all races will be accepted within this settlement, it is most notable that constructs freely roam the streets. The local government will struggle to convert a mercenary band layout into that of a functional one for a good time after settling down on the lands. Rampant with much alike minds who seek to improve efficiency and answer some moral questions most don’t dare to ask or think about with an undercity where people may reside and an academy which shows a clear divide in who is enabled to learn. Due to this mercenary root remaining strong and clashing with an older Sutican root, it can appear to some that the general population is a lot more ready to fight a battle that is thrown at them through the various tactics that they will apply in any situation, however, this also has a flipside where they are more accepting of strangers within the city as long they provide some entertainment from conversation to act. How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: We have some plans to make this more apparent, but I’ll give some examples of what we already do. -We might or might not be responsible for atronachs roaming everywhere and causing a bit of trouble -People seek out our services, not only as a mercenary company, but also as advisors to clans and families or seek our help to deal with something unknown to them, but known to us. -as exiles from Sutica we are constantly roaming around and making sure our presence is still evident as many from this settlement will still feel Sutican, though forced to adapt in new conditions which shifts the culture further around into something more unique. -we aren’t exactly shy to conflict and have had some of our folks sent out to join, accelerate or decelerate certain conflicts with decent success. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players?: I ran the nation of Sutica for a couple of months, then Lubba’s Keep as a vassal for a bit over a year and the groups within it. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? Aye Aye Cap’n.
  3. Through bitter cold and perilous night. The migration of Nor'asath Everwinter cradled Nor’asath in its usual frigid fingers, coils of icy wind snaking down to the spiraling stone. The occasional flurry of snow blew its way into homes and halls alike; there was rarely warmth here unless one sat close to the burning hearths and braziers to force the chill from their bodies. Though grateful for the space given to them by the Fennfolk, Netseth knew his people could not stay here for the long haul. He dreamed of the sun smiling down upon happy ‘ker faces, they're familiar and beloved features gleeful and bright with joy and color, and decided to take the first step he had been putting off for so long. “We make for fairer lands and a place to call our own!” came his cry at the town meeting, a proclamation of change. “Gather your belongings, pack your wares, and be ready for the caravan; we leave in two Elven days!” A red-eyed ‘ker stood behind him, nodding at his words sagely. The already excited crowd broke out into cheers and frantic chatting, a bittersweet mix of hope for a new life and the sadness of leaving old friends behind. Dutiful mothers and fathers sprung into action immediately, hurrying home to prepare themselves and their children for the long journey ahead. The team of burly builders led by a master stonemason, her face as rugged and determined as the rock of which she sculpted, were already packed and ready to leave. Walls had to be built, after all, to keep her people safe. Two months had passed swiftly, and after one last conversation with the Fennfolk leader whom he had grown fond of, Netseth was ready to lead the caravan on its slow journey. He regarded his people with a gentle eye as they loaded up mules with cargo and preserved food, excited children dashing and weaving in and out of the crowd. Despite the glacial breeze nipping at their exposed faces, the air was one of warmth and excitement so thick that one could cut it with a knife. “We leave today. Though our journey shall be long, the spirit of our people will guide and uplift us,” he states, looking out over the eager faces as they fell silent before his shout. “With me, my kin!” Slowly but surely, the long trail of people and animals left the sparkling everwinter city behind. Stone houses capped with deep purple and dark oaken roofs, thick protective walls, and a moonshine temple were already standing by the time the caravan reached their promised land. The team of builders was already there, mingling with a cheerful group of ‘ker in decorative and vibrant clothing, headed by the red-eyed Prophet herself. Experts at the traveling lifestyle already, these Velulites had tents set up for the newcomers before they even arrived. Fires crackled merrily beneath boar-laden spits, sending heavenly aromas upwards to announce a welcome hot meal for the weary Nor’asath folk. “All that we have left to do is to furnish the houses,” the Prophet says to Netseth, greeting him with a polite nod of her head. “But first, we must make sure your people are rested after their long journey.” The weary male ‘ker simply nodded his head, allowing a kindly Velulite to guide him to an unoccupied tent as their kin did the same for the rest of his people. Finally, they were home. It had been mere months since both Nor’asathians and Velulites had permanently moved out of the tents and into the town, but already it thrived and bubbled with life and happiness. Despite their differing backgrounds, both groups found the merge smooth and without any particularly bad hurdles; Netseth the Leader and Irlu the Prophet gently guided their people towards prosperity, and their combined wisdom made for a pleasant leadership. “My people- Our people,” the Leader stated in one of his first public announcements. “We have traveled far, worked hard, put our faith in those around us, and we have been rewarded for it. I am proud of each and every one of you for your contributions, from the youngest child collecting sticks for the fire to the master stonemason who planned and worked tirelessly on our great settlement. My gratitude cannot be measured in words, but know that all of you are beloved here.” A rousing cheer erupted from the gathered crowd, leaving the Leader and the Prophet satisfied that all would prosper for many years. OOC: Come play a delf :D We have a cool town :D We do delf things :D (( City should be pasted soon big thanks to Belgianfry and British build god BritishPanda for leading the charge on the build)) ((Looking forward to everything Frott and I will accomplish on this one)) ((If anyones interested in joining in send a dm toward ColonelKuehl#6302 or Frott#4491
  4. The History of the Pyramid Eittitica ( A painting depicting Kharajyr refugees discovering the pyramid ) As it is told, a small band of Kharajyr fled from the east of Almaris during the 6th decade of the Second Age. The incessant warring between Men and Dwarves had rendered these lands chaotic and treacherous. In response, these Kharajyr chose to abandon their homes within Urguani territory and venture out into the heart of Almaris. Their last remaining elder was charged to guide his kin during their journey. This was the Leparda known then as Xote'Keidha. He and the rest of the self-made refugees spent the following months following the moon's path across the sky. They hoped its spirit would lead them in their search of a more peaceful existence. In the land of Elysium, sheltered beneath the dense forest canopy, sat an ancient ruin. It was a pyramid of unknown origin, choked by foliage and crumbling with indeterminate age. It had laid dormant and hidden before its discovery by the Kharajyr band. The refugees noted the inherent defensibility of the great structure and admired its isolated location. Thus, it was decided that this place would serve them as their new home. Years were spent building upon the platforms and repairing the stonework as they saw fit. By the time that any other had learned of their existence there, the ancient pyramid had been transformed into a small, functional settlement. The settlers had also renamed this place Eittitica after the old Kharahatla word for “trio”. Keidha, who still led these Kharajyr, would also take this word as his surname. He had become Ri'Keidha Eittitica, First Aelkos of the Pyramid. However, it seemed peace was not to last in the west either. The bloodthirsty horde of Krugmar could no longer stand to be idle and broke their treaty of peace by launching a surprise incursion into Elysium. Keidha, who had always preferred neutrality in any conflict, was spotted traveling close to the Elysian capital by these invaders. Believing him to be an Elysian citizen, the Orcs captured him as a prisoner of war. His incarceration proved to be short-lived, however, as the few Kharajyr living under Orcish rule allowed his escape after being endeared to him. Witnessing the cruelty of Krugmar firsthand was enough to reinforce what harsh opinion was already held by the Aelkos of Eittitica. So, in the 74th year of the Second Age, when an Elysian delegation approached to make first contact with the Pyramid and petition for their cooperation, Ri'Keidha Eittitica did not hesitate to pledge support for the cause. He believed aiding any resistance against Orcish aggression would be necessary to ensure future prosperity for his people. The two cultures fought side by side throughout the next four years of warfare. Despite the small settlement's support making little difference in the conflict, a solid bond was formed between Elysian and Eittitican. The Pyramid even stood as a fortified refuge to shelter the unfortunate souls fleeing the pillaging of the Elysian capital. Each of these events culminated finally in the meeting taking place on the 4th of Malin's Welcome, during the 78th year of the Second Age. An oath was spoken on this day atop the apex of the Pyramid of Eittitica. With this, the Kharajyr had joined with Elysium, becoming their vassal officially.
  5. Settlement PRO MC Name: Seansilver12 Settlement Name: The Dual-Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Tile 123, in the town of Myrine. I am the PRO of Myrine and we’ve already taken control of the city there, just want to make our settlement official. Settlement Lore (could link to an existing creature or other lore) (1000 words minimum): The Dual Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania were first founded by Friedrich Redclyf and his mercenary group, the Red Company. The land was originally given by the Princess Renata of Savoy for Friedrich to build a small keep and house his men. So, with the keep acting as home base, the Red Company was built up. Their numbers increased, including the young Uhtred Mösu. Friedrich and his kinsman Ulrich continued to get closer with Uhtred and, eventually, the rest of the Mösus, leading to the two officially joining the clan. This alliance helped both families, helping to resolve Friedrich’s issues of running the keep in the south and Ragnarr’s issues with Norland to the north. Tensions between the Mösu clan and the kingdom of Norland reached their peak when Ragnarr asked for official recognition by the King of Norland and was denied. Seriously disgruntled, the Mösus all decided to move permanently to the south. Around this time, the Rozanians came down to Redclyf and asked to live within the Duchy. These immigrants were accepted and soon named Friedrich the Duke of Rozania, making the official title of the realm the Dual Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania. With this population boom, the Dual Duchies faced a problem; the rocky soil from their hilltop keep was unsuitable for growing crops or building a village. It was determined that the capital had to be relocated. The Mösu clan started to scout out possible locations, but they always felt drawn to the big lake to the east. At first it was unexplainable, but eventually a cave was discovered, with a book and other relics. The book spoke of the Lady of the Lake, known as Almar. The religion of Almarism was formed, and the leaders of the Dual Duchies converted. The Mösus wanted their clan to be close to the Lady’s Lake, in order to watch over it and guard it as they thought they should. So, they determined the best place to relocate would be the city of Myrine. It made sense from religious, political, and geographical standpoints. Historically, Myrine was the seat of power in the region, and, in the final days of Savoy, was the main city of the Principality. All of these factors made the decision to move the capital to Myrine an easy one. Now, the Redclyf-Rozanians are looking to cement their hold on the land they lay claim to through diplomacy with the other southern nations and with force if necessary. The Dual Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania have already dealt with potential crusades, Rozanian rebels, and Norlandic mercenaries. Whatever new challenges come their way, they must be ready to face them as well. Settlement Government Structure Explanation: The government in Redclyf-Rozania is ruled by the Duke. The position of Duke is a hereditary one, which follows a primogeniture inheritance law of old Savoy. The duties of the Duke are to make and enforce the laws of the Duchy, ensure the Duchy runs smoothly, and provide things for the people to do. The Duke rules over the Duchy with the help and advice of members of his small council, which was inspired by the councils of both Savoy and Norland. The members of the small council are called the Aesirs; there are up to twelve slots for members. There are also two types of Aesirs. The first type are called Council Aesirs. Their duties are to advise the Duke on their assigned topic and carry out the Duke’s orders. The other type are the Valor Aesirs. These council members are the most accomplished soldiers within the realm, and they function as the Duke’s guard. There can be up to six of them, but there will likely often be less than that. The positions are as follows: Council Aesirs: Aesir of Aesirs: Functions as a Hand of the Duke. The Duke’s main assistant and the man in charge of the other council aesirs. Tasked with making sure things run smoothly and directing the Aesirs efforts. Aesir of Peace: Head diplomat of Redclyf-Rozania. Maintains good relations with the other nations and settlements and makes new treaties with them Aesir of War: In charge of the military of Redclyf-Rozania, known as the Red Banner. Maintains their equipment, barracks, and sends them on missions for the Duchy Aesir of Coin: Head steward in the Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania. Maintains trade between realms and manages taxes and trade in the realm. Aesir of Whispers: Advises the Duke on current happenings and intrigue from across Almaris. Aesir of Protection: The Duke’s chosen champion and protector. Leader of the valor Aesirs. Lair Build and Infrastructure (photos required): How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server? A thing that sets the Dual Duchies of Redclyf-Rozania apart from the other human settlements on this server is its unique religion, Almarism. Almarism was strongly influenced and inspired by the Brettonnian Lady of the Lake from Warhammer, and has a more nature-based feel to it. In this religion, the belief is that The Lady of the Lake, called Almar, represented life itself. She was locked in a stalemate fight with Old Gods who represent death, and, in order to win the fight, she used magic to entrap them within the earth itself. This massive use of power completely drained Almar's energy and sent her into a coma-like state. She sank to the bottom of our lake and remains there until the Old Gods come back again, and she must start her fight again. A major tenet of Almarism is the idea that one has a duty to protect the Lady. Therefore it is the duty of Almarists that once the Old Gods return, and Almar rises again, they must take up arms with her and assist her in her fight. The decisive factor in Almar’s first battle with the Old Gods was her use of magic. Therefore, Almarists believe that the best way to assist Almar is to learn magic themselves. Most of Almar’s texts are either lost or undecipherable so far, so the exact magic used is not known. But, that just means that Almarists accept and are intrigued by most different forms of magic. This acceptance of magic sets Redclyf-Rozania apart from most other human settlements and religions, as they are all usually staunchly anti-magic. Redclyf-Rozania, in contrast, supports magic and even views it as necessary.They believe that it should be used responsibly and mostly by members of the Sisterhood of Almar, but it still stands that the people as a whole are much more amenable to it. How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: Redclyf-Rozania is a part of the Savoyard Remnants and is fitting into the new storyline of the southern continent. The fall of Savoy created a power vacuum in the southern continent, and many new nations and settlements sprouted up. Redclyf-Rozania has a major part in this political intrigue, as it is one of the settlements Savoy left behind, and is in a prime location. Many different settlements and groups see the Southern Continent as a land of opportunity now that there is no major nation there, and are moving in. This has created a tumultuous political situation, which made a Southern Conference group necessary. People from Redclyf-Rozania were heavily involved in the start of this group, and they continue to be a major part of that alliance. With new political issues being brought up almost every day for the south, there is sure to be more storylines and RP happening. And anything could happen with the Savoyard Remnants. Redclyf-Rozania also brings in the opportunity for a new and unique culture: a combination of culture from the Savoyards, Norland, Rozania, and real life Norse. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players?: I’ve run several vassal groups on LOTC before, I led a keep that was a vassal of Sarissa (in Sutica), a village that was a vassal in Krugmar, and a keep that was a vassal of Savoy. I also ran a mercenary company called the Red Company, which had some success fighting in wars and had a decent 10-12 guys last summer. Recently, I’ve been running Redclyf-Rozania as an unofficial settlement and have been doing politics and managing the town while working on our lore, build, and settlement application. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? I do.
  6. Hello! I'm the leader of a settlement, and we're trying to get a build done to paste into LOTC. We're currently living in the town of Myrine, and will keep a lot of that build, but we're trying to add larger walls into the town for the new raid rules and a castle. We've been trying to do the build ourselves, but none of us are very experienced builders so we've been struggling a lot with it. If there are any good builders out there who would be interested in helping out, message me on discord Sean_kelly26#1626 Thank you!
  7. Of Treason [issued circa 20th of The deep Cold, 79 SA.] Article 1 - Treason After conferring with the Rzad of the Duchy of Rozania, the Aesir of Aesirs, Aesir of Peace, Aesir of Coin, and many others, the Duke’s health, ability to rule, and mental sanity have been confirmed. The Rzad furthermore reaffirms the Duke’s claim to the Duchy of Rozania, as is the custom of the past, therefore making Peralien Maelstorm The Oathbreaker. She has violated many oaths in her life: Oaths to the Domain of Vortice, to the Ebonwood Principatus, and to the Orenian Empire. But now, she becomes an Oathbreaker to the Duchy of Redclyf and the Duchy of Rozania. Her crimes are numerous, and, as a result, all treaties signed between the two parties will be nullified under Redclyf-Rozanian law. Laws Violated Law 16- Thieving the property of another man Law 24 - Expressing falsehoods under sworn Oath. Law 31 - Taking action or conspiring to take action against the realm Law 32 - Breaking a written legally binding contract of loyalty Law 46 - Attempting to steal the successor of the Duke’s birthright, the Duchy of Rozania Article 2 - Consequences 1) The Oathbreaker is never again to be trusted in Redclyf-Rozanian land, nor are any those who follow her. 2) All agreements made between the two parties are hereafter nullified, including but not limited to: An Agreement and the Edict of Myryna. 3) As she broke an Oath to the Duchy of Rozania, and the Duke of Rozania, she is no longer fit for the titular title of Lord-Protector. Therefore the Duke will bestow it upon the honorable lord Uhtred Mösu. 4) The titles Barony of Maelstorm-Roza, Barony of Aurelius-Sarissi, and Barony of Aurelius-Roza are hereby dissolved. 5) Care of a child cannot be entrusted to an erratic and, frankly, insane traitor, and thus the care of Marb Mösu be entrusted to the loyal Aesir and Rzad, Uhtred Mösu Article 3 - Rozania’s Future 1) The title of Lord-Protector will now be given to the most prominent Rozanian citizen of the realm. He will act as a spokesperson for the other Rozanian citizens to the Duke, ensuring their issues are heard and addressed promptly, as well as generally advising the Duke on Rozanian matters. 2) The Duchy of Rozania will return to its hereditary status, free from the unfair and unprecedented usurpations of the Oathbreaker. It will follow the primogeniture succession laws outlined in the laws of Redclyf-Rozania. 3) The Duchy of Rozania is to be forever titular, and held by the descendants of Friedrich I, Duke of Redclyf, and Duke of Rozania. All titles held by “vassals” of Rozania will be titular in nature as well. The creation or destruction of Rozanian titles is at the Duke’s discretion, as is his right. 4) All treaties signed with other nations were signed as the Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania, with Friedrich I officially recognized as the Duke of both. The realm will continue as such, and all treaties signed under that name are still in effect and will continue to be signed as such. Signed, His Grace, Duke of Redclyf, Duke of Rozania, Lord Protector of Almar, Aesir of Aesirs, Temporary Aesir of war, Chieftain of Clan Mösu, Knight-Errant, Rzad of the duchy of Rozania, Lord Uhtred Mösu, Redclyf-Rozania Aesir of peace, Rzad of the Duchy of Rozania, Leader of The Wild ones, Lady Dahlia Sigvardson Mösu, Aesir of Coin, Ducal Mage of the Duchy of Rozania, Sir Ulrich Schulte, Aesir of Protection, Shield of the Duke, Rzad of the Duchy of Rozania Rhoda Skellig, Liaison of the Sisterhood of the Lake, Loyal Servant of Almar
  8. The Construction of Redclyf 11th of the Deep Cold, 76 SA Independence Following the dissolution of the Principality of Savoy, Redclyf, and all other vassals, have been granted their independence by the ex Princess Renata of Savoy. Having this many newly independent small groups on the southern continent has created uncertainty. Due to this fact, it is necessary and also the best time for Redclyf to expand from a small keep into a thriving town. The Red Company and the Mösu Clan are taking the steps necessary to establish the settlement as its own independent County. Citizens Times of chaos are running through Almaris, not just with the dissolution of the Principality of Savoy, but the war raging in the western part of the continent. Cities are being sacked and burned, and citizens displaced. With that in mind, the gates of Redclyf are open to any ex-Savoyards, any refugees of Elysium or other wars, or any man, woman, or child who wishes to have a fresh start in a new land. The County of Redclyf is hiring masons, carpenters, blacksmiths, farmers, or any other laborers or craftsmen. Construction The main goal of the new construction projects is to create new housing for inhabitants in Redclyf. Efforts will also be put into prepping for the future, as we must anticipate for the town to grow. The settlement will be open to all groups of people who wish for the opportunity to live here, but as Savoy and Norland will be the two main cultures of Redclyf the building style will reflect that. We aim to draw inspiration from both of those cultures and establish a style and culture unique to our town. Come for a new life in the warm southern continent!
  9. Settlement PRO MC Name: Oh_Ontario Settlement Name: The Principality of Aluria Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Tile 51, Tile 52, Tile 56 (51 is our preference) Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): The Written History of Ando’Alur to Aluria Ando Alur was founded by a group of five Dark Elves to discuss the founding of a new state, born from the disunity present within their brand of elves at the present time. The meeting was long, many plans discussed and thrown out before they settled on a state freely accepting all, including Magicians - a stark contrast to all previous Dark Elven establishments. They decided on a location within the High Elven borders to settle, creating a city boasting a warm and friendly environment. The first Ando Alur city was led as a Princedom, by Prince Vulnir Syllar, with a council beneath him. Though small at first, the city began to slowly gain traction with its values - inevitably leading to the further gathering of allies and new residents. However, not all was easy; creatures of the depths soon rising from the waters that surrounded the city. Formidable monsters that took great courage to face, and even greater steel to defeat. The solution to this seemingly never ending swarm of monsters was one used before, so long ago in previous realms it had almost gone forgotten as a possibility; the use of a Voidal Tear. With Mages from across the continent gathered, enough energy was collected to punch a hole into the magical realm, causing a never ending flow of magical energy. This was utilized by those gathered in order to enchant the city itself, tearing it from the earth and into the sky - safe from the monsters below. The Floating City of Ando’Alur For a time, everything was simple and easy. Times are prone to change however, and in the coming years council members and citizens would come and go, as is expected of any settlement, and soon very few of the original council remained. When the city’s voidal tear, improperly contained, began to infect the surrounding landscape into a voidal hollow, the new council members decided to put a stop to it before anything dangerous truly occured. Boomsteel. This metal would come to be what they used to destroy the tear, in anything but a safe way. With it, the tear was completely destabilized and the enchantments on the city ceased all function, crashing to earth once more. A cataclysmic event for the region, where the city and surrounding space was completely obliterated. Of course, a Voidal Tear is energy, and energy is no physical substance to actually be destroyed by such an attempt. Free from all confines, the Voidal Tear would finish its transformation of the landscape on a large scale into a Voidal Hollow, and the citizens who once lived inside would scatter. Ando Alur was remade along the shoreline, a far enough distance away to not be directly influenced by the lingering voidal energy. It was here that it became a coastal city, and began to enter its current ‘modern’ state. Of course, given the events of their previous city and a newfound distance from Haelun’or, the city grew clearly more distant from its mother state. Those within did not abide by the Purity Standards of the High Elves, and oftentimes considered themselves in their own ways, entirely independent - despite still being a vassal in technicality. In truth, the Alurian people had as much in common to Haelun’or as mice do to rats; a similar shape and nothing else. In all of the commotion, those who lived in Ando Alur held true in their faith to their home, doing what they could to maintain a kindred spirit among their people, hosting events such as the Alurian Revival Ball, which serves as a reminder to themselves as well as anyone else that they would not fall to their hardships, instead striving to meet them head on. This was followed by a number of smaller events as well, most notably a drinking festival not long after. The Remnants of Ando’Alur, after it crashed to the ground - Along with the beginning of the Voidal Hallow around it. During these times of tensions, the last members of the original council were brought forth to the head of their government properly, and changes were made on how the city was governed. A Prince and Princess - Jakob Castington and Amara Ortaure’na respectively - were decided upon, along with a Lord to handle the daily ongoings of the city. Though the Lord Regent disappeared after only a short time, leaving Jakob to take over as the face of the state as well. The tensions between Haelun’or did not go away during this time, growing to a boiling point before finally snapping when haelun’or sold Alurian land to a neighboring nation without consulting those who lived upon the spot. Forced to move, the Alurian people prepare now to depart their home in search of a new land to settle. Such a spot of course, determined by Amara and Jakob - who ventured on their own into the wilderness, and inevitably came across a ruined underground city. By its structure, one could tell that in times long before Descendants lived upon Almaris, this ruined half-city was likely above ground rather than below. The current city of Ando’Alur, along the shoreline. They decided to build on top of this location, named Aluria - a simplification and well-needed change of their earlier name. Plans began to be drafted immediately, to build a castle and city over the underground structures, as well as to excavate out the site into a suitable undercity. In the coming years, Aluria planned to begin construction of their new city fully free of the oppressive state of High Elven dictatorship. In this time, they would need to begin restructuring their Government again. They wanted something new - a fresh take at how they functioned, completely separated from their previous iterations. No longer would they have a state defined by a haphazard group simply following the orders of a Prince, and instead would stage a government with a proper chain of command, from the Master of the Keys down to the head of their Medical Department. Each would hold a vital purpose in the running of new Aluria. Now, the head of the nation would merely serve as a political face - required to do very little beyond negotiations with outside forces with his Ambassador, with the inner workings of the nation all controlled by various figureheads. Namely the Law Master and Lord Sentinel, one of which determined the laws whereas the other upheld them, respectively https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/204919-the-fall-of-ando-alur/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/205982-the-alurian-jade-pact/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/202779-%E2%9D%82-the-principality-of-ando-alur-%E2%9D%82/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/202811-the-adventure-to-ando-alur/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/205984-the-alurian-dove-a-new-age/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/206446-the-alurian-revival-ball/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/206705-the-voidal-hollow-awaits/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/206898-the-alurian-drinking-festival-a-last-hurrah// https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/206970-ando-alur-burns/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/205988-ando-alur-laws/?tab=comments#comment-1868442 Settlement Government Structure Explanation: Aluria Government exists in a Princedom, led by a Prince and/or Princess together to exist as the face of the nation in all matters political, as well as to set the standards and goals of the nations. The word of the High Prince/Princess comes before all else. Beneath them lay the Witan Council, a separate council that works alongside the main collection. There is no limit on how many can be in this council, members of it simply being declared so by the Prince/Princess, and taking on a role of "nobility" in society. Officially, they are the advisors to the Prince and Princess, though in moments of emergency authority goes to any other council member before them. The Law Master serves as the head of all judicial affairs, the judge in court cases and tasked with the creation and upkeep of a modern law system. The Law Master serves as final authority in the absence of the Prince and/or Princess. The Law Master ensures that taxes are upheld. Working hand in hand with the Law Master is the Lord Sentinel, tasked with the upkeep of a Guardforce. He is in charge of anything military related. The Ambassador is a key political figure. He answers only to the Prince/Princess, able to be sent to act as the face of the nation where necessary - though more often than not he works with the Prince instead, working hand in hand in cases where dealings with other nations are had to provide support and key argument points wherever the Prince might fail. The Keeper of Tomes is in charge of the Library of Ando'Alur, tasked with both keeping a recorded history of Aluria, as well as providing any needed information of magical substance to the council. The Master of Internal Affairs is in charge of communication with the common people, ensuring their voices are heard, as well as helping organize public events. The Medical Director is in charge of maintaining a functional Clinic, with doctors available during emergencies. In cases of public health crises, they are given top authority on how to deal with it. Druidic Ambassador - The head of the Druids in Aluria, acting as their voice in the council. In cases where other groups join Aluria, they will be given similar positions. Media Officiant - The "Secretary" of Aluria, they are tasked with drafting any official documents for the nation, with the Prince/Princesses Approval. The positions above serve as a chain of command, minus the Witan Council, where authority is passed down among them based on who is present in any given circumstance. In cases where the Council Meets and casts votes, each position votes a singular time - Whereas the Prince/Princess collectively(even if there is only one at the time) are given two votes. If a Council Member is deemed unfit for their position, they may be dismissed by either the Prince/Princess alone, or a two-thirds majority among the other Council Members. If a Council Position is deemed useless as a whole, the Prince/Princess alone have the authority to remove such from existence, with common practice being to put the council member, if they themselves did not do poorly, into the Witan Council. The Witan Council must decide amongst themselves who their spokesperson is, with any members of it being allowed to attend council meetings. They, being a quasi-nobility, act as a second vote for the common people, alongside the Master of Internal Affairs. Medical code of conduct - LINK Settlement Builds and Infrastructure (photos required): https://imgur.com/a/jOlBmis How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server? Aluria offers a fresh take in the current landscape of LoTC, an active nation with a heavy magic-presence emphasized by the current council and its citizens. Beyond this, Aluria is no race-specific city-state, allowing anyone of any culture, race, or religion inside so long as the boundaries of law are respected. With a central focus on the Void, Aluria intends on becoming a natural home to wizards above all else, providing all with a safe place to perform their experiments and crafts, so long as it is not abused. This is in part due to Aluria's previous relationship with the Voidal Tear that turned into the Hallow around Haelun'or, leading many in its government to believe that they have a duty to ensure such events are dealt with properly and do not happen again. How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: Aluria has already existed under the name of Ando'Alur for some time, providing to server narrative and serving as a home for numerous magicians and other key figures. In particular, in its short life already having created a flying city - and subsequently crashing it to earth, causing a catastrophic level Voidal Hallow to emerge, threatening the regions around it. Now they are left to deal with the aftermath, working to fix their problems and re-gather their scattered wizards. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players? I have been running Ando'Alur for some time already, proving every day my competency in keeping a Settlement going without imploding on itself. Along with that, those who work alongside me have their own experiences to offer. HeftyDonut, holding multiple positions throughout their tenure on the server. TwistedFries, a previous settlement leader. BonesOfTheEarth, the old leader of Northgate, a settlement from the last map. Collectively, we all have actively led our city since the construction of the current city, learning what works best for us and how to best keep our city functioning. On top of Ando'Alur and the other respective settlements we've guided among us, I lead the Selestians, a vassal of Talon's Port previously before merging into Ando'Alur. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? Yes.
  10. Announcement from Lubba’s Keep 3rd of Sun’s Smile, Year 55 of the second age. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqFFjoRnltg During these times of war, progress cannot be stopped, therefore Lubba’s Keep has decided to officially make an announcement that we are here and offering jobs, places to stay and growth to those who come visit our Keep. Filled with mercenaries, guilds, merchants, tavern folk and any descendant’s race it is found to be a hotspot on the coast of Urguan, ready to house and entertain more people around the realm, Even Though its location is out of the general public’s sight, it always a joy to see new people around this corner of the realm. We hope to see you soon! Guilds of Lubba’s Keep The backbone of every city are its people, but if those people are not at work then that is a waste. Here at Lubba’s Keep we have a variety of jobs offered by our guilds that are housed within the keep or its grounds. With our guilds hard at work, we ensure that our keep’s prosperity thrives with trade and craftsmanship to feed our families as Lubba’s Keep does not tax these guilds out of goodwill for their services to be provided to our people and those in need of it. Brevis Bibliotheca Brewery The Local supplier of most drinks, supplied from the fields nearby they are found to have good business with all the other guilds around the keep. stationed on the docks, plumes of smoke from the brewing process can be seen coming out of the rather large chimneys, hosting multiple brewers to practice their craft under the lead of Scribe. The brewery has been prone to test out new flavors and drinks throughout its career, maybe one could find the next big drink? Lare Daram https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/208075-the-opening-of-the-lare-daram-smithy/ Led by Ulfar Starbreaker alongside Grimdal Irongut, this forge produces high quality weaponry, armour and tools for those willing to pay the right price. Accepting custom requests for any caliber smith, Lare Daram is a right place to search for your next life long extension of yourself. The Silver Lubba Band https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/202530-the-silver-lubba-band/ The Silver Lubba Band as main force of Lubba’s Keep led by The Silver Lubba himself keeps order within the keep grounds of Lubba’s Keep. Mercenaries equipped and trained with their favorite weapons rally in times of conflict to try to obtain the best deal, however, in times of war Urguan is allowed to call upon them as a levy force as is by vassalisation contract. Always hiring and ready to head out into conflict, being equipped by the Keeper of Lubba’s Keep himself. Room Filled With Cacti A strange guild within the keep, often found working day and night producing powders with medicinal purposes to keep the men and women of Lubba’s Keep standing and ready to work at all times. Often found in the back alleys of major cities or simply auctioned off at events. The Lubba Medics The Medics of Lubba’s Keep are often found to be great for medics, though these medics many times aren’t doctors doing major surgery sticking to their base purpose of being very effective medics able to defend themselves in the heat of battle just in case. Residing within Lubba’s Keep, there is a clinic behind the tavern to accommodate most needs of medical attention and offers prosthetic limbs to those who pay right. Le Savoyarde Salope The Tavern of Lubba’s Keep, stocked to the brim with a variety of drinks supplied by Brevis Bibliotheca Brewery and Room Filled With Cacti along with some of the more local unnamed breweries. Plenty of seats to house the entire keep inside and outside, it is found that the people of the keep congregate around this tavern. If one were to want to have a good time at the keep, then you will most likely find it here. Lubba’s Library The Library of Lubba’s Keep was recently added and stocked, though the books within are from older times and collecting them through the centuries. With the classroom on the first floor of the library section of the keep, we educate our people on any topic we can find from general safety to theory crafting and experimenting with new concepts recently found and learnt. The Scholars of Lubba’s Keep are often found wandering around the realm to find books and valuable knowledge to share here within the Library. Vassals of Lubba’s Keep Lubba’s Keep, while only being a recent find, already has found itself with a couple of vassals who aid in the prosperity of the keep and develop its lands to house their own people. Lords and ladies were granted titles created upon keep grounds or moved over from claims their house had on. Dunborough Settled by Adunian hexers, the village was meant to be a home for those that returned from their Path, restocking, healing and resting themselves before heading out into the world seeking contracts of slaying beasts. Dunborough serves as a place of harmony too as it is positioned in an old stone circle of Druids of a bygone era. Only few would recognize it as the old Northern Faith. Trabezon Trabzeon is a small village inside of the Lubba’s Keep, not a lot of people live there but ones who do enjoy tax free housing. At the back of the village is a keep in which houses the Baron and his family, one might notice a small yet tidy and clean place for medics who support the keep grounds. Within this village, a small chapel can be found for canonists and priests or perhaps a visit to the local blacksmith. underneath in the cellars below wine is being produced from the local vineyards to fuel the local taverns and prosperity. Vaokses A settlement made up primarily from dark elves, seemingly fascinated by nature and its ways. The roadside tavern is often found populated with people of all races for this small town on the border of Lubba’s Keep, always having a good time and a drink ready for those who visit. Though there is often more to be seen for those who visit frequently as the small town does have a unique culture to explore. Houses of Lubba’s Keep The houses of Lubba’s Keep are just as important as its guilds, providing people and company to the denizens of Lubba’s Keep they are essential for our prosperity. Taking up jobs and responsibilities around the keep these houses are the life of the keep, ensuring everything runs smoothly and nobody ever grows bored. The major houses of Lubba’s Keep are often lords or council members of Lubba’s Keep and are often held within a high regard. House Uialben https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/205078-uialbens-the-children-of-terrhi/ House Uialben is a primarily elven house, built up from decommissioned military officers, merchants, old lords and ladies and are the main drive for maintaining Lubba’s Keep’s existence through their leadership over it. Often found deep within their studies, leading what they are supposed to lead or simply living life and wandering around the realms to find something entertaining to do. House Snowell A majority elven house, made up from mages and warriors alike, many working as craftspeople, merchants, and researchers in their free time. Members of the family can be found on all corners of the globe, almost never within the limelight but always just at its edge, helping just out of view from the public eyes. Within the keep they can be seen laughing throughout the halls or training within the square or even deep in concentration during a convoluted enchantment process. House Komnenos-Gendik the family of Komnenos-gendik spreads far and wide but are humans mostly made up of warriors and medics, before the war Mika, who is lord of Lubba's keep and also a good friend of the families patriarch, Arthur, and gave the family a small plot of land where a village named Trabezon stands today. House Elmoran Coming from a large line of guardsmen, protectors of realms they reside in and general peacekeepers. Generations long the Elmorans have stood guard for the realms they were in and fighting for what is right as soldiers upon the field. Though fighting is not where it ends, they were often seen as excellent diplomats to maintain the peace in any way possible. House Dolorem A house shared with Elysium, most composed of mages, experienced medical personnel and overall those who wish to help out the community. Often found wandering between Lubba’s Keep and Elysium or travelling elsewhere with a greater purpose. Though a new family within the keep, they have already played a major part in the life of the keep and its inhabitants. Eshtael Keeps Balance and Eternal We Stand. signed, The Silver Lubba
  11. Cartref Morr 19th of the Deep Cold, 50th year of the Second Era [!] Upon those westernmost people who gazed into the starry night sky, one could see the vague shapes of birds fluttering amidst the clouds. There were flocks of them, each one carrying in their claws a singular piece of neatly folded parchment that held some tidings of importance. Like a stream, they flowed in differing directions towards the four winds, gliding along their currents as they bounded for distant realms. Heralding their arrival were the cacophony of caws that shrieked into the ears of all who hearkened to them. As they found purchase upon the shoulders of their respected receivers, they lowered the notes and soundly took off without another moment to linger. Each letter read the following... " Greetings son or daughter of Harren and Sarai, It is with great humility that I offer you a chance to start somewhere fresh, free from the political quarrels of nations and the zealous natures of would-be hunters. I offer you a chance to have a life somewhere safe, to have a part in restoring our culture in a manner to be proud of. Though others may promise wealth and prestige, we cannot offer you mina nor some illustrious title of renown, merely people of like-mind who share in the common belief of helping to restore our glory of centuries past. Yet beyond this daring dream, this ambition, or foolish notion, rests a much simpler truth. We needn’t hide any longer. The need to bury ourselves in these acts of concealing our ancestry is a toxic poison that has left us but a husk of what could be a proud people. What differences do we hold as a race in comparison to the realms of men we have taken after? What beyond our longer lives can we boast that sets us apart from the Orenian aristocrat or Hanseti noble? Whether your answer is the same as it was for myself and the others who’ve joined me or not, we await your arrival here at Cartref Mor. ” Signed John, Lord of Cartref Mor
  12. Settlement PRO MC Name: WrathOfQuacken Settlement Name: Różania Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): Tile 38, 60 or 62 Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): Brynrose: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/204562-the-order-of-the-jackalope/ Player eventline: More player events: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/203486-hunters-guild-naga-hunt/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/202650-monster-hunters-wanted/ More recent player events: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/204510-white-stag-hunt/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/204460-%F0%9D%93%A3%F0%9D%93%B1%F0%9D%93%AE-%F0%9D%93%9B%F0%9D%93%AA%F0%9D%93%B7%F0%9D%93%AD%F0%9D%93%B2%F0%9D%93%B7%F0%9D%93%B0-%F0%9D%93%95%F0%9D%93%AE%F0%9D%93%AA%F0%9D%93%BC%F0%9D%93%BD/ (20+ people at that one) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/204636-first-annual-ribbon-ticket-event-yong-ping-scavenger-hunt/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/204616-day-of-the-dead/ Settlement lore, including culture and history: https://docs.google.com/document/d/10u5-pfQEsYTyOGJDxWNdrwPwILUqzsTRXKpzyeDVEPQ/edit?usp=sharing Settlement Government Structure Explanation: The settlement has a very aristocratic government structure where the patriarch of every noble clan is granted a place on the council. The Król serves as the sovereign liege and executive power of the settlement, taking the role of the PRO. The Master of Coin (Mistrz Monety) keeps track of the coffers, documenting any and all expenses. His role is also to serve as a head steward, being in charge of the housing registry. The Master of Whispers (Mistrz Szeptów) deals with foreign and diplomatic affairs, serving as an ambassador. His duty is to gather intelligence and uphold political relations with other states. The Marshal (Marszałek) oversees the guard force. His primary duty is to protect and uphold the laws of the land. He may submit laws for approval during meetings. He may delegate militaristic duties to his men and issue promotions as he sees fit. Settlement Builds and Infrastructure (photos required): How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server?: We plan to introduce a unique new culture to LoTC, one based around a gritty ol’ timey medieval feel. Our culture and customs are unique from the other settlements of Almaris. We’ve already formed a community, with active leadership and kindhearted players here to have fun. We intend to host regular events, such as feasts, festivals and hunts to keep everyone engaged. Our events are meant to encourage players to actively take part and take the spotlight every now and again. We have active players who would gladly organize, host and DM various events. We typically limit our CRP hunting event parties to around 5~ players to make running it more manageable and thus enjoyable for all involved. We hope this helps offer players a more personal experience where their choices as individuals as well as a team really matter. Active leadership allows for such events to occur frequently. Our player event DMs each offer a unique point of view and their own stories to tell. We have been vassals under Sutica since pretty much the start of the map, however, we feel that relying on another entity prevents us from growing and progressing as a community and puts certain boundaries on what we can and can’t do. How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: The Różanians are eager to build a better future for themselves. It is a plausible idea that they could set out in search of land to claim as their own in order to live as freemen. We'd like to make this an ark in our storyline and build our settlement up step by step and have our players write our history through their actions. We have been camping around for a bit and enjoying camp RP, though our ultimate goal is to set up a permanent settlement somewhere. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players? Though I’ve never ran a settlement before, I co-lead a barony alongside gurlpirate for the majority of Almaris, said barony being Brynrose, a Sutican vassal. Prior to this, gurlpirate has taken part in leading a settlement called “Esbec” back in Arcas. I have also played as the count of Sarissa, which also happens to be a vassal of Sutica. I enjoy taking a hands on approach when it comes to leadership, actively engaging with the community to encourage passive RP. I also take it upon myself to host player events which keep our players entertained, giving them stories to tell and reasons to stick around. Gurlpirate and myself have hosted countless successful events in the past, and have formed an active community together. We strongly believe that we’re capable of taking this step and forming an independent community. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? Yes, I do. We have to maintain at least 1% activity and pay weekly taxes or risk eviction should we fail to meet the requirements.
  13. Settlement PRO MC Name: Vegan_Comedy (Sheo Amanthul Var'suuth) Settlement Name: Freeport Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): The old site where Freeport once was, linked below Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): Years, nay, decades ago, once stood a small settlement named Freeport in the South, within it was a ferry to providence. It was viewed as a near-pirate town that was often a well travelled port as well, atleast semi well travelled by Orenians seeking to visit the Southern Lands. Yet with each coming year Freeport seemed to gain less and less travellers, and residents, less and less commerce as well. Overtime, the loss of numbers, the lack of travellers, and the lack of nomads seeking to buy and sell their wares, simply dwindled and withered away, leaving the town and it’s residents to slowly travel into the unknown, some moved to other towns with the hope to start anew amongst the folk there, others however, sadly wandered in the wrong directions, some vanishing in the wilds never to be heard of again, others even stooping so low as to become brigands and cutthroats among the roads. This left the town to fall to ruin, and thus, leaving it in the state we find it now, some homes have corpses within them, some of the docks are now impossible to walk upon, and some of the buildings may collapse upon entering. Yet, in a time long since past, before the collapse of the once great Freeport, a group of travelers visited the port, three to be precise, Sheo Amanthul, Rosemary Wilson, and Azriel Morningstar, upon entering the town however, they noticed there were few people, and thought nothing of it, a year later, it reached the ears of Sheo, that it was rare to even see a single person in all of Freeport! Upon hearing this news, he immediately told his friend, and the local bartender in Varhelm, Rosemary, to which she responded, and debated with him over the Ashwood Tavern's counter of what Freeport's fate may be. She eventually told Sheo of an idea she had, to Remake Freeport, two days after Sheo and Azriel had begun to date, to which Sheo responded that he had other plans with Azriel, and did not wish to issue Rosemary’s plan until the two of them were properly settled. After that, sometimes in his dreams he would hear Rosemary's plan, over and over, sometimes even waking up from his slumber sweating and muttering about the land. And one day, upon seeing Rosemary again, he could tell she looked quite stressed, after speaking with her, he learnt that she planned on going exploring again, he could not leave Azriel behind, so he wished her luck. A year later however, word reached his ears that Rosemary had met her bitter end somewhere out in the wilderness. Now, nearly a decade after he had learned of her death, he met a dark elven woman named Rosellia, who wore Rosemary's jacket, this made him believe it to be a vision of the ancestors, and upon seeing her, he knew he had to issue Rosemary's final wish. Thus he set out on a journey, to recruit for a guild named 'Var'Suuth', Recruiting Rani Omec, Rosellia, Ra'Ahtu, Nornit Stormheart, Rosalind Vildr, Daria Vidlr, and Alenia Ravaceran. Getting each to join and delivering a promise of free residence in Freeport so long as they aided in it's reconstruction. Even asking any guild members who know of good, able-bodied people, willing to aid in the Rebuilding of Freeport, not all of them will be a part of the guild however, but they may still be offered free housing. Sheo upon conversing with Rosalind and Rani, to come up with a governmental Council structure, of which he will be head Councillor, the Council of Five shall be the effecting rulers of Freeport once it is built. He has prepared the guild and any others who may have volunteered to aid in the repairing and reconstruction of Freeport, and now, all that is left, is for him to confer with the Ancestors, if they would bless him to build upon this site. He has planned with quite a few of what to begin repairing, which roads to clean first, and what priority sites may be, as well as having planned sites to place tents upon, to camp within whilst they repair old buildings, and build new ones. Their intention is to revive the port, change the ferry’s route to Eastfleet and back to Freeport, to allow for a better transport mechanism, to turn the old and abandoned laboratory into a Guild Hall for Var’Suuth, to remake the old ‘throne room’ into a governmental hall, with five seats upon the stage, and many seats for a crowd to aid with speeches, as well as establish several structures such as statues and fountains to aid with decor. Each Ship within Freeport’s docks, will be deemed as ‘Guild’ and ‘Clan’ ships, thus a guild or clan can purchase their own ship, and live fully within it. Re-establishing the farm, and aiding Freeport’s name to travel throughout the lands once more. The guild seeks to Rebuild Freeport, in the name of Freeport, and in the name of the guild, they have their plans of what to make of it, and their ideas of what to do with it, as well as their plans of what is to come with it. Most in the guild wish to start anew, or simply, aid another start anew, a few of those in the guild come from odd corners of the world, even the Guild Leader, Sheo Amanthul, was once a Bandit, now retired from Banditry. And this guild of Oddities, will travel to the ends of the earth seeking for anyone wishing to aid in the reconstruction of Freeport, for that is the Var’suuth way, Var’suuth will rekindle the flames of Freeport, and afterwards, Var’suuth will ensure to tend to the flames, and aid the fire grow into a beautiful blaze in the night, Sheltering those that hide under it from the cold, and from any who wish to keep them there. For however long it takes, and whatever price must be paid, the guild shall Rebuild Freeport to its former glory, and perhaps even beyond. The vision of Freeport, to the guild, is one of Hope to begin anew, to some others however, it may be a vision of a land of opportunity! A new port with plenty of merchant stalls, simply waiting to be built as a bastion of southern Commerce away from Sutica. Dare I say, we hope to see you in Freeport, noble adventurers. Settlement Government Structure Explanation: A council of Five, with an overall leader of it, being Sheo, would be the main governmental force. A councilman for the military, one for public affairs, one for economics, one for overall health, and one for Foreign Affairs Settlement Builds and Infrastructure (photos required): Photos of the current 'ruins' linked below, we will simply be repairing current buildings, and perhaps building more, rebuilding the old well there, and making a statue, for some reason my file link size was obscenely small so here is the link to images How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server? It Revives the olden Pirate Style that Freeport offered, currently there is not a single nation/settlement with a Tortuga-esque piratelike style, we seek to introduce that back to LOTC, and hopefully keep it alive this time. How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: We're a group of friends, old guildmates, that got together and though up an idea that would be nice for the greater lore. Freeport would be a pirate settlement, thus meaning that crime, and higher scale criminals, could view it, as a safe haven of sorts, from exterior governments. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players? I have yet to run a Settlement or Nation on Lotc before, before I came to Lotc I worked on Hypixel roleplay plots as a staff member, in places such as the titled 'Pyrrith' and the likes, as well as being a leader of the military group in 'Tol Dagor', irply, most people who've agreed to help rebuild freeport, are also people I knew from back then. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? Aye, that we do, and if Freeport doesn't reach the expected activity, we will accept the consequences, and allow it to yet again fall to ruin if we do not reach atleast 1% activity, and do not pay weekly taxes.
  14. Hello everyone I am xepphir and I am the lead builder in the Stygian Hollow settlement. Today I am here to give my great thanks to those who supported me and assisted me in this long journey. First of all I need to give great thanks to ColonelKuehl1 for trusting me as a lead of a project this big, even being my first one, and giving me full artistic freedom. I must thank Kuehl for finding me great assistants after he saw that I was struggling to carry onto this project alone after spending day and nights on it. I need to give a great thanks to Hotbox that took into his hands the build when i had an hard time due to my personal health and giving his personal touch to the build, but still respecting the style and the layout of it. Thanks to Frenchless_fry, worldprincessii, trnsparentsoul, Cappor, Pakkleaf the interns, the smaller buildings and the details were created to bring the build alive. Thanks for the other ones too that tried to help in their own way by decorating and stress testing the build to make sure that it was safe. I started this build alone and I ended it with a beautiful team, stronger than ever. This was my first big project and I will remember it as a great success thanks to the help of you guys! If I remained alone in this I don't think i would have been able to complete this. I am really happy i found a great team like this and I'm happy we were able to work together, i hope the journey of this settlement will be a fun and interesting one and i hope we will provide a great role play environment! (I'm sorry if you are not in the screenshot) Sincerely thank you! From Xepphir i will be making a youtube video about it soon!
  15. Nation Settlement PRO MC Name: Kemobrown Nation Name: Jade State of Yong Ping What is the history of your settlement since its founding and what has transpired for it to ascend to the status of a fully-fledged, multi-playergroup nation?(1000 words minimum): Yong-Ping City is the epicentre of Eastern-inspired culture and arts. It’s home to the Li-Ren, Oyashimans and many other travellers who have found home with its unique culture, natural landscapes and laid-back lifestyle. Yong-Ping found its humble origins in Arcas, where it started off as just a small embassy, eventually growing to encompass Tai Ping District in Talons Port. With the small district no longer able to contain the ever-growing population of Li-Ren and Oyashimans, the City State of Yong Ping was founded on the South-Western shores. Since then, Yong Ping has remained a beacon of unique culture and a hub of the arts, with its player base flourishing under the expansion into settlement, so much so that it's grown to the point where we can confidently head into nationhood. Due to an influx of inhabitants, we have found ourselves sorely lacking for space to house them. Thus, in order to continue to provide a home that will put its people first, celebrate the culture, and continue to offer a one-of-the-kind experience found nowhere else on Almaris, we have decided to apply for nation status. Culture post: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/196044-culture-li-ren-culture/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/194066-culture-oyashima/?tab=comments#comment-1790003 Events posts: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/197710-tea-house-opening-night-the-story-of-nian/ (had 25 attendees) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198062-battle-of-the-bei-blades/ (had 10 attendees) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198247-mourning-the-lost/ (had 10 attendees) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198431-the-sky-and-the-star/ (same event as above) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198558-tai-ping-new-century-celebrations/ (altogether, 15-20 attendees each day) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198592-washing-the-ashes-and-beginning-anew/ (20 attendees roughly) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198629-the-firework-feast/ (15-20 attendees) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198709-lion-dancing-competition/ (10 attendees) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198743-the-dragon-dance-parade/ (We went round all of Almaris, rough gauge is each settlement or nation picked up 15-20 attendees at a time). How has your settlement expanded into a core LotC staple, warranting nation rights? Only eastern inspired settlement that has lasted for multiple IRL months and has managed to reach and maintain Nation Level activity throughout this entire period. It has offered a unique culture and RP niche that is not found within other nations. Within the past few months there has been an increasing growth in player activity and retention and unfortunately due to the current size limits of Yong Ping we’ve had to turn away players who are wanting to move to Yong Ping and further engage in the roleplay here because we don’t have enough houses or space to provide for all the players that are flocking to the city. We also provide and cater to multiple events both ST run and player run within the city that keeps roleplay constantly evolving and interesting for the players who live and RP here. We recently held a festival within Yong Ping that had a constant attendance of 45 people for the multi hour duration of the event. What are your plans once getting Nation Status and the remainder of your tile? The Jade State of Yong Ping will seek to expand into the surrounding area, increasing the size of its domain while adding more areas and builds to facilitate more unique, farfolk-inspired subcultures to thrive. The State will maintain its emphasis on Eastern-inspired cultures and retain the unique niche we have so far managed to establish and maintain. This will allow others with similar aspirations to work with Nation and make interesting RP thrive. What niche does your nation capture that does not exist among the current ones?: Our settlement captures that Eastern Inspired subculture and encourages a unique sense of Eastern inspired cultural roleplay and new player integration not found in other nations on the server. Yong Ping provides a safe haven for Farfolk inspired roleplay and will allow for expansions of Farfolk culture and roleplay in the future as the player base expands from what it is now. Do you feel confident that your settlement has grown to the point that it can survive the departure of its existing leadership? Is your player-group able to incorporate new players into the existing roleplay community that founded your settlement?: As I myself have only just joined a couple of months ago, and already have worked my way to the highest achievable office within Yong Ping. I would define Yong Ping as an ideal and friendly environment for new players and old players alike to not only learn and live out the specific culture of Yong Ping, but also to engage in a different facet of roleplay from the norm that is usually found on LotC. As a new and upcoming nation as well as playerbase we have less attachment compared to the longer standing nations and settlements and as a result provide a path for new players to trailblaze themselves and can be seen in our efforts to incorporate them into our community from the get go as seen with our Citizenship Application process which forces players to engage in RP with the settlement and its culture. This process allows new players to evolve their characters and story within the cultural environment and playerbase of Yong Ping and as a result allows Yong Ping itself and the players already living there to evolve and progress their stories.
  16. THE SETTLEMENT OF THE VASOYEVI The Vasović Caravan of the Vasoyevi had traveled far and wide during their time on the road, yet when deciding to settle down permanently, they landed in the halls of Kal’Darakaan, the capital of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. Known for their hospitality towards groups looking for land, this reputation garnered by Grand King Norli Starbreaker was once again seen in the discussions with the Vasoyevi people. With their intentions clear, the Vasović Caravan and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan take pen to paper, agreeing to: SECTION I: LAND ACQUISITION & TAXATION The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, hereby referred to as ‘the Benefactor’, and the Vasović Caravan, hereby referred to as ‘the Tributary’, henceforth enter into an agreement regarding the acquisition of lands by the Tributary. Both parties agree: I.THAT the Tributary shall be granted a plot within Urguani land to develop and manage. II.THAT the size of the plot may increase beyond its initial size if agreed upon mutually by the Benefactor and Tributary. III.THAT the Tributary shall be taxed annually by the Benefactor. A.IF the land of the Tributary is expanded, said party pledges 5000 minae for the acquisition of the land. i. Any outposts or forts built by the Benefactor on land allocated to the Tributary must be mutually agreed upon in size and location. ii. Any outposts or forts built on lands expanded into, owned directly by the government of the Benefactor, shall maintain under control of the Benefactor past expansion. iii. Any properties not directly owned by the Benefactor in expanded lands shall either have to make an agreement with the Tributary or negotiate a new deal with the Benefactor. iv. IF taxes are left unpaid, the Benefactor is authorized to seize the Tributary’s land until paid. SECTION II: SOVEREIGNTY & SUZERAINTY The Benefactor and Tributary parties recognize the wishes of the Tributary to remain autonomous within their lands. With said notion in mind, both parties agree: I.THAT the Tributary shall be awarded internal autonomy to establish their own government, laws, religion, military, and diplomacy. A.THE laws of the Tributary's state shall not interfere with the laws of the Benefactor. II.THAT the Benefactor holds the authority to arrest criminals of the nation within the Tributary’s lands through communication with said lands’ dignitaries. III. THAT the Tributary is permitted to conduct foreign affairs of their own, so long as they are not enemies of the Benefactor. A. THE Tributary is to discuss possible agreements with outside nations with the Benefactor state upon request. B. THE Tributary is to halt any foreign diplomacy with enemies of the Benefactor state upon request. IV. THAT the Tributary is to be considered a Protectorate of the Benefactor, meaning all aggression towards the Tributary is also against the Benefactor. V. THAT the Tributary shall produce their military to assist the Benefactor in any and all conflicts and work alongside the military of the Benefactor. VI. THAT the Tributary is forbidden from declaring war without the express permission of the Benefactor. A. IF the Tributary are the aggressors of a war, the Benefactor holds no obligation to join said war. VII. THAT the Benefactor is to be given a structure in the Tributary's main holding to act as an embassy. VIII. THAT the Tributary shall be permitted access of he Benefactor's full resource production centers. SECTION III: INDEPENDENCE With the Tributary wishing for the possibility of independence, both parties agree: I. THAT if the Tributary is deemed capable of being considered their own nation, immediate talks shall commence between the Benefactor and Tributary. I. THAT an additional 5000 minae be awarded to the Benefactor by the Tributary. III. THAT if Independence is agreed upon by both parties, this agreement shall be declared null and a new agreement negotiated establishing said Independence and an Alliance. Grand King of Urguan, Elder of Clan Starbreaker, Father of the Articles, Herald of Khaz’A’Dentrumm Grand Duke of Vasiyeva, Patriarch of House Vasović, The Prophesied One, Defender of the Vasoyevi Lord Chancellor of Urguan, Elder of Clan Frostbeard, Master Remembrancer, Protector of Remembrance Izaslanik Vodaci, High Envoy of the Vasoyevi
  17. YONG PING SETTLEMENT APPLICATION Settlement PRO MC Name: Kemobrown Settlement Name: Yong Ping Proposed Settlement Locations (Highlight 3 on the map): 1st preference - Tile 66. 2nd preference - Tile 73 3rd preference - Tile 77 Settlement Lore (could include previous roleplay posts showing involvement with the community) (1000 words minimum): Yong-Ping City is the epicentre of Eastern-inspired culture and arts. It’s home to the Li-Ren, Hou-zi, Oyashimans and many other travellers who have found home with its unique culture, natural landscapes and laid-back lifestyle. Yong-Ping found its humble origins in Arcas, where it started off as just a small embassy, eventually growing to encompass Tai Ping District in Talons Port. However, whilst many enjoy the special experience that our community offers, others preferred conflict targeted specifically at the Eastern cultures. Due to an influx of inhabitants and discontent with the inaction regarding the protection of our people, the inhabitants of Tai Ping have decided to expand and establish a new home under the name of Yong Ping. A home that will put its people first, celebrate the culture, and continue to offer a one-of-the-kind experience found nowhere else on Almaris. Culture post: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/196044-culture-li-ren-culture/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/194066-culture-oyashima/?tab=comments#comment-1790003 Events posts: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/197710-tea-house-opening-night-the-story-of-nian/ (had 25 attendees) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198062-battle-of-the-bei-blades/ (had 10 attendees) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198247-mourning-the-lost/ (had 10 attendees) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198431-the-sky-and-the-star/ (same event as above) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198558-tai-ping-new-century-celebrations/ (altogether, 15-20 attendees each day) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198592-washing-the-ashes-and-beginning-anew/ (20 attendees roughly) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198629-the-firework-feast/ (15-20 attendees) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198709-lion-dancing-competition/ (10 attendees) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/198743-the-dragon-dance-parade/ (We went round all of Almaris, rough gauge is each settlement or nation picked up 15-20 attendees at a time). Settlement Government Structure Explanation: Yong-Ping government is centered around the Five Ministries, each headed by a Minister that make up the central governing body, and many Officers under said Ministries to assist in the smooth running of Yong-Ping City. Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Charged with political and diplomatic tasks, fostering good relations with other peoples and working together with other Ministries to better trade for Yong-Ping. Ministry of Defence: The main protectors and keepers of order in Yong-Ping. They are charged with arresting criminals, defending the city’s citizens, as well as escorting any important personages. Ministry of Rites: The most popular ministry, presiding over all cultural events and affairs. This will be from organising plays, education lectures, cultural rites, and the like. Ministry of Justice: The main legislative body of the city, charged with ensuring a balance between punishment and reward for the deeds of the city’s citizens. This ministry works in tandem with the Ministry of Defence to carry out its edicts. Ministry of the Interior: In charge of taxes, state economic welfare and the like. Stewards replace the Officers in the specific case of this Ministry. Settlement Builds and Infrastructure (photos required): How does this settlement offer a unique niche not already found in an existing polity on the server? Our roleplay is highly culture-centric and inspired by Asia. So far, the server is host to many Euro-centric roleplay hubs bar the Fakhr Oasis. Our culture as well as the characters offer a fresh contrast against the norm, with a heavy emphasis on arts, festivities, and the like that cannot be found anywhere else on the server. It is specifically because of our unique roleplay that our activity has been steady and has attracted many players. It is also due to the heavy Asian influence on our roleplay that lore-wise, it would be hard to feasibly fit us under any other nation. Furthermore, in order to continue providing LOTC with a unique experience such as ours, it would be more effective to allow such a community to exist under their full autonomy. How does your settlement tie to the greater lore and narrative set by the community on LotC?: Lore-wise, we are a farfolk culture that is heavily inspired by the Hou-zi. As time passed, our culture was spread, as well as our emphasis on trade and the arts. This has brought many races to live amongst the Li-Ren, such as elves, humans, and the occasional Hou-zi. Though the Hou-zi were shelved, the interest in that specific niche has not declined. In fact, our steady incline in activity has proven the opposite. Have you ever run a settlement on LoTC before and what experience do you have with leadership within roleplay communities among the current groups of players? No, but I am confident that the current community have found my leadership so far satisfactory. We have managed to grow Tai Ping from a group of less than 10 active players to where it is now, with over 100 members in our discord. Do you understand the metrics for maintaining activity and the grounds for settlement removal, along with the standing polity cap? Yes, we must maintain 1% global activity each week and pay 50 mina tax. An additional 50 mina is required if we have any tile improvements purchased. If we fail to meet these requirements, we have a 3 week ‘at risk period’ where our tile will slowly ‘collapse’. If nothing is done after one more week, the settlement will be evicted.
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