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    LOTC is a fine place and worth fighting for. I agree with the second part.

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  1. jetboydan

    [✓] Ban Appeal

    What kind of ban are you appealing? In-game Ban Minecraft Usernames Dqnn Reason for punishment Metagaming Players Involved @Riftblade, Mirvam, LilGecko, Tasty_Cheesecake By your own understanding, why did you recieve a punishment? At around 6PM EST, I was talking to LilGecko in /msgs. Eventually, he told me he was going to the Druid’s place to get bark for his Dwarven trials and I said okay, let me know if you need help. Then, one hour later at 7PM EST I logged on and found Mirvam in our clan hall. I was bored and wanted to RP with my clan members. Seeing Gecko hadn’t come back yet I told Mirvam’s dwarf that Gecko’s dwarf had told me he had gone to druids for bark but still wasn’t back yet so we should go get them. Now, I had committed Meta by using OOC as RP, but because I didn’t remember what I had sent as /msg and what as IRP I thought I was fine so used that information to get me and Mirvam over to Gecko at the druids. Now Gecko was rping at the druids doing stuff for bark, but a druid players decided both me and Mirvam needed to be banned for meta. They called a GM, and we were both banned. Why should you be pardoned? - I didn’t metagame on purpose or try to break any rules for my personal gain or to ruin the experience of others. if i remembered correctly that it was actually all OOC, i would have never told Mirvam that gecko told me to head to druids. - I see the reasoning behind this meta ban, but there was no malicious intent whatsoever, I just wanted to find people to RP with, I don’t think I should be treated the same as a player who metarallies or metagames to ruin the experience of others. - I talked to @Riftbladeand he allowed me to appeal early because this ban stemmed from a honest mistake from my part. https://imgur.com/a/rWenBny What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your punishment? Do **** IC if I can and cut down on OOC usage as I use discord way too much. This is why our clan halls are always empty as people are messing around on discord instead of rping on the server. In the first days on lotc without ts and skype and stuff people actually rped in the server and u would see text everywhere. People only used out of character channel if they were questioning something. I believe both I and a lot of people need to go back to that. This will boost activity, quality of RP, and greatly diminish the possibility of meta or anything like this happening again. Even when you do things without malicious intent you can still have people calling meta on you. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. I believe rules should be used to create a community, and not the other way round. I feel like nowadays way too many people /modreq in hopes for a ban instead of using it to resolve issues. I fee like if people actually followed the community guidelines by doing your part to contribute to an environment and if staff acted as peacemakers first and rule-enforcers second there would be far less drama that goes on and people will actually put more focus back into RPing on the server.
  2. jetboydan

    The Huntsmen

    Accepted and added to Huntsmen Discord
  3. jetboydan

    The Sack of Ves, The Emperor Reinforces!

    Connor trudges over the dead bodies of the Renatians as he passes by Adria en route to Curon. As a field medic he noticed that most of them were stabbed in the back, suggesting they spent their last breaths fleeing like cowards rather than stay and fight honorably.
  4. jetboydan

    Vault items not restored

    same here
  5. jetboydan

    The First Sutican Fight Night!

    Connor shrugs and signs his name.
  6. jetboydan


    Rorik Ireheart scratches his head, seeing the Emperor when the dwed went to meet with him. He then shrugs, since he cared nothing about human politics.
  7. jetboydan

    Change LOOC time

    It’s to discourage people from using unneccesary /looc
  8. jetboydan

    [Rule Suggestion] Buff Villainy.

    “problem” Let me pull up something from the rules which you had to read from day one buddy ● Please keep in mind that roleplay is a double-edged sword. You are expected both to provide interactive roleplay in situations that are unfavorable to others and in situations that are unfavorable for you or your character for the good of the game. Is banditing perfect on lotc? No, it has it’s flaws just like how every group has it’s bad apples. However, as someone who’s never gotten a single VB for poor villainy, It amazes me to see the fine blend of both narcissism and inferiority victim complex I see from some on the server. The amount of salt I see from people who can’t accept their character got outroleplayed and put into an unfavorable situation never fails to make me laugh, especially when they call for a GM and the GM ends up not making the verdict they want.
  9. jetboydan

    Heya, I'm new and just joined LotC

    Always nice to find people willing to rp dwarves sent u a friend req, let me add you to the Dwarf Discord
  10. jetboydan

    A rant about the Application Team

    I was a complete noob when I started as well. Players like you shunned me away, which is why I quit the Empire back in Axios. Other players took me under their wing and made me a much better roleplayer and which is why I’ve stayed to this day. Funny how much being nice to someone who could be on their first serious rp server could go a long way huh
  11. jetboydan

    "toxic" pvp goon, wanted man of the empire, AMA

    Because raiding got really boring and wasn’t worth it anymore. I still PvP outside of LOTC but the toxicity, meta-stalling, and whining from the receiving ends of the raided convinced me to “retire” Wow, I have too many. RP Wise – Capturing important figures and holding them for ransom. Also having a Bandit Watch System put in the Imperial City due to your actions is pretty hilarious too. PvP Wise – Beating the Imperial Legion in a 5v20, Beating the Mournstones in a 4v10. You shall fall under my blade, empire loving dog
  12. jetboydan

    Recommended Skin Editing Program(s)?

  13. jetboydan

    "toxic" pvp goon, wanted man of the empire, AMA

    When did this happen lol? If it did take it as a complement to your clicking skills I guess lol thanks babe