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  1. Valyrian

    The September Prince Eventline

    Ok what relevance did that last part have to do with anything we are talking about
  2. Valyrian

    The September Prince Eventline

    Care to explain then?
  3. Valyrian

    The September Prince Eventline

    But yet it seems you only are looking at the bad that comes of this event THough I am not truly friends with Aesopian I know that he does not want to do this simply because he has nothing better to do with his time he is looking out for the welfare of the server which you are apart of and yet you are ready to go running for the hills when an event you don't like happens anyway
  4. Valyrian

    The September Prince Eventline

    Oh forgive me I am afraid you misunderstand me greatly I wanted to state that this event should not be canceled in the slightest and also that we all shouldn't just think about now but the future of lotc the prince is the perfect thing to end atlas and help us kickstart the new map
  5. Hello there everyone I am Valyrian, known by my persona name of Lerenzo. I have decided to make this post due to fear of the eventline involving The September Prince being canceled soon. I would like to show a bit of support for the eventline and the groups that follow it, for I know that I myself and those involved do not want this to end, as there is still outstanding roleplay to be had. As a frequent follower of The September Prince eventline on my main persona, I spend most of my time on LoTC engaging in actor/player built scenarios that are made entertaining by the incredible roleplay of each individual involved. A few specific groups within the LoTC community seem to want this eventline ended, perhaps for out of character reasoning more-so than actual rp reasoning (as most of those accredited to such haven’t even roleplayed with our group, or haven’t in a very long time). It is apparent to me that this eventline is ignored by certain player groups, and I have it on good account that some of those player groups do not wish to interact due to lore-breaking. The eventline has been lacking, not on part of Aesopian or those that actually interact, but because of the lack of interaction from those who seemingly wish to ignore the eventline and just hate on it out of character. I am adamant on my stance about keeping this eventline up and running, as are those that actually interact with the eventline on both a weekly and day-to-day basis. The September Prince eventline has proven to myself and those that interact to provide dynamic and outstanding storytelling and roleplay interaction, which I firmly believe is something that LoTC should strive for. The eventline is exceptional at the very least and that is due in part by Aesopian’s acting and participation, but certainly can be accredited to the participation of those actually involved. I believe in my heart that everyone could enjoy this eventline if they gave it another chance. I apologize for making this short but I just wished to bring forth my opinion, which I will state in full now: Do not end this eventline, there is still a ton of roleplay to be had and a community that can be immersed by it like I and those involved have been. Thank you for your time, LoTC. I appreciate the read, and I hope to see you all more involved within this eventline someday. This is Valyrian, signing off. Disclaimer: I am not trying to bash on anyone and I do not want to see this thread turn into what happened with the Aesopian Manifesto, as that was blatant toxicity at its very core. I just wish to establish my opinion as many of you have.
  6. Valyrian

    Kalfu's Demise

    “It bi bringin meh great sadness toh hear mi olda bruddah haz passed away but mi am happy tuh take up him mantle as deh Zailu Tribe cheiftain“*The relentless night continued on as Thulani remained near his brothers final resting place, He would place down a torch as he removed the head of a far folk male and placed it as offering to his brother, giving one last salute to the fallen mans grave*
  7. Valyrian


    OOC APPLICATION: MC Name: _Valyrian Discord: King_Orion (I am already in the krugmar discord) Do you currently have an orc: No
  8. Valyrian


  9. Valyrian

    Petition to replace Hou-Zi or Kha with Ratmen

    I have been playing a while also and I have met 2 Hou-Zi before I even created Mine and even Less Kha
  10. Valyrian

    Petition to replace Hou-Zi or Kha with Ratmen

    Do Not Get Rid Of us Hou-Zi We Deserve a chance we died but we are coming back
  11. When I Broke the Rules by Returning to combat it had a very high possibility of throwing off the overall gameplay for everyone else when I return to combat they will have to stop what they are doing to either tell me to change status or kill me which is quite unfair and it stops everyone from having a good time on the server and it doesn't help towards the LOTC dream
  12. oh and sorry but truly do not know how was involved with my reason for being banned so I just put anything
  13. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames xLerenzo_ it is now xArchnova_ and in a months time it will become xApøllø_ Ban Reason I was banned for Returning to combat twice Players Involved Jaeden By your own understanding, why are you banned? in roleplay when a player dies the must change their status to spectating or something similar but I ignored those rules and soul stoned back and began to fight again Why should you be pardoned? Well without being banned I wouldn't have known better and probably would have continued to do it but I've been correctly informed so I believe I deserve a second chance at playing on LOTC What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I will soul stone back and change my status as soon as possible in order to prevent further problems Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. well if Everyone did it then wars would be endless and there would be no death by logic