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  1. Valentina let out a soft chuckle as she signed the document. She nodded to the others that signed it.
  2. Valentina would be staring at the letter, she'd pick a single rose from the Bush near her. Soon teardrops began to hit the ground, "Goodbye... Xavis." She'd soon place the rose under the main tree in Asimu'lei.
  3. Onyx read the paper, tears welling up in her eyes, "Pep... yuu whill bee misshed..." The black kha soon broke down, the only one she considered her sister was gone.
  4. Opal would sit in shock, the only person that was there for her was now dead. "This isn't possible!" She'd cry out.
  5. Changed Status to Accepted
  6. Welcome to LOTC! Here you will be able to play as your character, and bring out their life! Please make sure to follow the rules, be respectful, and have fun! If you have any further questions, make sure to make a /creq in game to have one of the community members assist you! Please join the new player discord here: https://discord.gg/kdAfrQ
  7. Changed Status to Under Review
  8. Mccreeperkiller1


    Changed Status to Accepted
  9. Mccreeperkiller1


    Welcome to the Isles of Arcas! Here in LOTC we try to make sure to make your time enjoyable here! If you have questions about how to begin, play, or anything; please make a /creq once you are whitelisted! Make sure to be respectful, follow rules, and have fun!
  10. Mccreeperkiller1


    Changed Status to Pending
  11. Mccreeperkiller1


    Your application is pending! Please make this one change! * Your metagaming definition needs a bit more to it, can you add some more? If you have any questions contact me on discord at Mccreeperkiller#8821. Or if you wish to ask other players about nations here is the new player discord: https://discord.gg/rCA6uB
  12. Mccreeperkiller1


    Changed Status to Under Review
  13. Mccreeperkiller1


    This application has been denied due to requests of change not being made. *You cannot be 19 if you used a boat from Axios to Arcas. *There are no powered boats You may reapply within 24 hours. If you believe this is a mistake you can contact me at Mccreeperkiller#8821 on discord.
  14. okay buddy, half of what you told me is wrong and shows you didn't reread it. I got all my lure from the wiki, got a new skin, redid my powergaming and you just say the same thing!? Reread or if I’m wrong, how about you help me.

    Im sorry if Im coming off toxic but it’s just kind of irratating. Thanks 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. gone_to_the_store


      I.e. steam ships aren’t accepted lore atm translated from minecraft bureaucrat jargon

    3. Harold


      i.e – you should know about all our inner workings before you can apply, how dare you.

    4. Ciaran


      @TheAlphaMoist The conversation about technology locks has been around for almost a decade, since back in Aegis, when the server had actual cannons, steam engines and a prototype hakenbüchse designed by a dwarf towards the end of that era. It has resulted in numerous retcons before.

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