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  1. 723ctttt

    Player Report - Sheczar

    With that out of the way I would like to close this report.
  2. 723ctttt

    Player Report - Sheczar

    As I do not have any way of msging you on discord sheczar I simply wished to bring up the possible implications of such an announcement as of now, I have not been killed because of it so I wished to bring it up in a formal and respectable fashion. As I had previously stated, I have no interest in getting you in any form of trouble, I just politely ask that you would refrain from making such statements. At least until a forum post or rp announcement has been made.
  3. 723ctttt

    Player Report - Sheczar

    From what I have been recently told he was doing a favor for someone else, I do not wish for him to get in trouble but I do wish for him to do this again without any due process. As far as I’m Aware there was NO post on the forums about me being wanted.
  4. 723ctttt

    The Death of the King of Mynebor

    Urgock would wait to meet his acquaintance in the afterlife, Wearing his signature banner so the dwarf would recognize him.
  5. 723ctttt

    Player Report - Sheczar

    Person/s Involved: Sheczar, 723ctttt, And anyone with the pemsbrook discord Person/s with permission to post within the report: Sheczar, 723ctttt Rules Broken: OOC Targeting and Meta-Gaming Relevant Evidence: A lack of a forum post even though they put me as wanted for treason. Basically no irp proof. Proof you attempted to resolve the issue with person/s involved:
  6. Ali Bibi would sign the papers
  7. 723ctttt

    Allahs Blessed Home

    +1 Ali Bibi would nod and spread the word across the lands
  8. 723ctttt

    The Creative Cafe

    MCNAME: 723ctttDISCORD: 723ctttt#9886TALENT: Photoshop
  9. 723ctttt

    [Reformatting]Gemstones, and their Properties

    +1 interested in seeing it implimented
  10. 723ctttt

    Ali Bibi

    Ali Bibi (Font will be weird until I can get this on the forums) ⸎ N A M E - A N D - A G E - I N F O R M A T I O N ⸎ ⸎ Current Full Name ⸎ Ali Bibi ___________ ⸎ Birth Name ⸎ Ali Bibi ___________ ⸎ Introductory Name ⸎ Ali ⸎ Nicknames (Favor to Disfavor) ⸎ o Habibi o Effendi o Any Racial Slurs ⸎ Titles ⸎ o Muharib ⸎ Traits ⸎ o Loyal ; If you end up on Ali’s good side, he will treat you like family and even try to kill entire armies to save you. o Suspicious; He is always suspicious around strangers and will normally only talk business to strangers o Stubborn; This man is stubborn in his ways and would sooner fail a million times before admitting he is wrong ⸎ Zodiac ⸎ Torus ⸎ Age ⸎ (Need to check game) ⸎ Age they appear ⸎ ~20 ⸎ P H Y S I C A L - I N F O R M A T I O N ⸎ ⸎ Current Race ⸎ Farfolk ⸎ Past Race(s) ⸎ Farfolk ⸎ Gender ⸎ Male. ⸎ Build ⸎ Tall and skinny ⸎ Height ⸎ 6’4’’ ⸎ Weight ⸎ 16Olbs ⸎ Hair Color/Length/Texture/Style ⸎ Ali has short dark brown hair, though it is clean it is usually unkempt leading to always appearing like he just gotten out of bed. ⸎ Eye Color/Type ⸎ His eyes are Brown and almost identical to that of a cow, if stared at long enough may provide a calming sensation. ⸎ Skin Tone ⸎ Golden Tan ⸎ Face Shape/Details ⸎ He has an oval face with massive bushy black eyebrows ⸎ Scars/Tattoos ⸎ o Scarring ; A freshly made scar on the right side of his jaw that he obtained in a training accident o Marking ; NA ⸎ Clothing ⸎ He normally wears whatever uniform the caliphate gives him, though he does have both merchant and peasant clothes ⸎ Hygiene ⸎ Fair, keeps Himself in the Good condition. ⸎ Dominant Hand ⸎ Right ⸎ P E R S O N A L I T Y - I N F O R M A T I O N ⸎ ⸎ Personal Alignment ⸎ Chaotic Good. ⸎ Public Alignment ⸎ Chaotic Good. ⸎ Political Alignment ⸎ Whatever benefits the caliphate the most ⸎ Main Character Strength ⸎ Making deals ⸎ Main Character Weakness ⸎ Not very sympathetic or empathetic. ⸎ Good Traits ⸎ o An Eye For Treasure ; Ali has a knack for spotting valuables in junk ⸎ Neutral Traits ⸎ o Suspicious; Ali is generally suspicious of others, making himself look a bit suspicious in the process ⸎ Bad Traits ⸎ o Distant ; Ali typically will say things that may seem brash or have no place to be said, much like an orc. He also does not relate to people or their emotions all the well. ⸎ Religion ⸎ N/A but goes along with the caliphate’s beliefs ⸎ Short Term Goals ⸎ o Get a house. [✓] o Get a job. [✓] o Focus on studying the art of medicine. [=] ⸎ Long Term Goals ⸎ o Find place in the realm. [⇄] o Get married or find a lover [=] o Become High Sarif[=] [✓] Achieved [✗] Failed [⇄] Constant [=] In Progress [-] Not Started ⸎ Fears ⸎ o Being Poor [Major] o Jesters [Moderate] o Drowning [Minor] o Getting things in eyes [Minor] ⸎ Sexuality ⸎ Heterosexual. ⸎ Marital Status ⸎ N/A ⸎ B A C K G R O U N D - I N F O R M A T I O N ⸎ ⸎ Childhood ⸎ Mother left him and his dying father for a high elf. He had to fend for himself for 6 long years. ⸎ Current Home(s) ⸎ o Kadarsi ⸎ Past Jobs ⸎ o Theif o Scavenger ⸎ Current Job(s) ⸎ o Muharib o The tunnel rat of Kadarsi ⸎ Birth Mother ⸎ Unknown ⸎ Birth Father ⸎ Unknown ⸎ Pets/Companions ⸎ o Jangles; Monkey ; A small Capuchin monkey that wears a brown coat with golden laces. ⸎ Deaths: ⸎ N/A ⸎ Languages ⸎ o Common ; Fluent ; First and only language. ⸎ P R E F E R E N C E S ⸎ ⸎ Favorites ⸎ Person ; Ibraheem Aladeen Food ; Cactus Green Brownies Drink ; Cactus Green Tea Location ; Kadarsi Activity ; Getting money Animal ; Monkey Flower ; Are Cactus Green a flower? Color ; Cider ⸎ Least Favorites ⸎ Person ; N/A Food ; N/A Drink ; N/A Location ; Belvits Activity ; Losing money Animal ; N/A Flower ; N/A Color ; ⸎ I N V E N T O R Y / S I G N I F I C A N T - P O S S E S S I O N S ⸎ Possessing - Given Away/Stolen - Destroyed ⸎ Jangles ⸎ OOC Item? ; --- Head On his person? ; --- Always Where? ; --- Anywhere ⸎ Name ⸎ OOC Item? ; --- On his person? ; --- Where? ; --- ⸎ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ⸎ Loved - Adored - Close - Trusted - Befriended - Liked - Neutral - Distrusted - Disliked - Hated ⸎ Ibraheem Aladeen, "You better void that." {A father figure to Ali} ⸎ ⸎ Tasoth, "I don't know about that one chief" {A good friend of Ali} ⸎ ⸎ Augustin, "Fine, 50 peanuts but that’s the highest I’ll go" {A trading partner that was befriended} ⸎ ⸎ Mustafa Aladeen, "" {Son of Ibraheem, like a brother} ⸎ ⸎ Benji Gershon, “I can smell spare change in your pocket” {The local shekel-meister} ⸎ ⸎ Abdullah kharadeen, “Ibraheem, can we use the gas chamber?” {Current Caliph} ⸎ ⸎ Auda Kharadeen, "DAMN IT GUYS! LISTEN TO MY KHUTBAH!" {Holy Profit} ⸎ ⸎ Osman Kharadeen, “I-Is t-that a-a g-ghoul! (talking about ali’s face)” {Son of Abdulla} ⸎ ⸎ Will, "So what does the caliphate want in return?" {Duke of Curon, and a good trade partner} ⸎ ⸎ Ashryn, "" {A Janissary in the kadarsi} ⸎ ⸎ Caiben, "Don't point a crossbow at a child!" {A Janissary in the kadarsi} ⸎ ⸎ Jarsek, "KEVIN! CLEAN THE BATHTUB!" {Blacksmith in the kadarsi} ⸎ ⸎ Ismen, "There are no rainbows in the desert" {Fiance of Mustafa} ⸎ ⸎ Elena Aladeen, "Insert ibraheem **** joke here" {Wife of Ibraheem Aladeen and breaker of jaw} ⸎ ❈ name, "quote." {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag If you want a relation, just ask!
  11. Nice work on the formating! *proceeds to steal the format so he can make his character sheet*
  12. +1 They voided our bomb, We will void their lives
  13. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames 723ctttt (Previously Orcstevie) Ban Reason Greifing to bypass lwc Players Involved BronCloch By your own understanding, why are you banned? I was breaking blocks to bypass locked doors to get to peoples chests Why should you be pardoned? At first I believed that the ban was just and that I should NEVER come back, I knew it was against the rules yet I still did it. Even at the start I took responsibility for my actions, after all I did have three strikes and used all of them. But at some point I thought about how I was cheated how if the lock-picking actually had decent odds I wouldn't be in this whole situation. However that feeling passed and I started to feel ashamed that I was that stupid to do it three times. So because of that I felt like I shouldn't have been able to get another chance, and even though I still feel that now, some friends I met on lotc convinced me to try and appeal the ban as soon as I had the chance. Though hearing about all the cool events going on or the fact that they needed me for something truly made me realize that I clearly wasn't an awful person for doing it, just someone who did something REALLY stupid. I must admit I am reluctant to write this as I worry that my response will be too copy-paste, and even if that is what you may want me to do, I cant bare to bring myself to write something in such an insincere way especially when asking for forgiveness. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I get it may sound cheesy but whenever I go klepto and think of what that sweet, sweet loot could be. I just need to stop, and think about when I was banned. How my friends missed me and wanted me to come back and how no in game item is worth more then that bond, and that friendship. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. I personally believe that the community set guidelines are important to promote a healthy and thriving community for one major reason; To separate they characters from the players. As the community guidelines state in the forth segment titled "Be Detached yet Enthusiastic": "It is important to have a degree of emotional investment in your roleplay—because it’s the only way you can enjoy it. However, taking it too far provokes resentment and bitterness; the more you commission your sanity and temperament to your fictitious work, the more vulnerable you become." Unfortunately this happens a lot and we end up hating real people just because they made a pretty convincing and hate-able villain.