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  1. Sa’ad would nod his head in approval. “For the Glory Of Allah!”
  2. 723ctttt

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    Hey, Do you mind like... Changing this up a bit? This seems to be very similar to Qalasheen culture as a whole. The religion is very different but there seems to be a lot of overlap in armor, foods, weaponry and over-all culture
  3. Sa’ad would receive a letter by bird. “Hmph, First time I’ve been invited to something. I hope Al-Mahdi doesn’t mind...”
  4. Ali would receive the word by dove. Ali would let out a smile and let out a small laugh as he finally became noble. “’Bout ******* Time Abbas”
  5. OOC: Mcname: PurgeTheUnclean Discord: Da Fonz#4727 Timezone: US East Roleplay: Name: Ali Bibi Race: Farfolk Age: 44 Gender: Male Faith: N/A The reason you wish to join: In fear of Ibraheem Allahdeen’s wife. Skills: Bartering and Relations Subrank you request: Jarraah   Profession: Breeder Goals: N/A
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  7. Ali Bibi (Font will be weird until I can get this on the forums) ⸎ N A M E - A N D - A G E - I N F O R M A T I O N ⸎ ⸎ Current Full Name ⸎ Ali Bibi ___________ ⸎ Birth Name ⸎ Ali Bibi ___________ ⸎ Introductory Name ⸎ Ali ⸎ Nicknames (Favor to Disfavor) ⸎ o Habibi o Effendi o Any Racial Slurs ⸎ Titles ⸎ o Muharib ⸎ Traits ⸎ o Loyal ; If you end up on Ali’s good side, he will treat you like family and even try to kill entire armies to save you. o Suspicious; He is always suspicious around strangers and will normally only talk business to strangers o Stubborn; This man is stubborn in his ways and would sooner fail a million times before admitting he is wrong ⸎ Zodiac ⸎ Torus ⸎ Age ⸎ (Need to check game) ⸎ Age they appear ⸎ ~20 ⸎ P H Y S I C A L - I N F O R M A T I O N ⸎ ⸎ Current Race ⸎ Farfolk ⸎ Past Race(s) ⸎ Farfolk ⸎ Gender ⸎ Male. ⸎ Build ⸎ Tall and skinny ⸎ Height ⸎ 6’4’’ ⸎ Weight ⸎ 16Olbs ⸎ Hair Color/Length/Texture/Style ⸎ Ali has short dark brown hair, though it is clean it is usually unkempt leading to always appearing like he just gotten out of bed. ⸎ Eye Color/Type ⸎ His eyes are Brown and almost identical to that of a cow, if stared at long enough may provide a calming sensation. ⸎ Skin Tone ⸎ Golden Tan ⸎ Face Shape/Details ⸎ He has an oval face with massive bushy black eyebrows ⸎ Scars/Tattoos ⸎ o Scarring ; A freshly made scar on the right side of his jaw that he obtained in a training accident o Marking ; NA ⸎ Clothing ⸎ He normally wears whatever uniform the caliphate gives him, though he does have both merchant and peasant clothes ⸎ Hygiene ⸎ Fair, keeps Himself in the Good condition. ⸎ Dominant Hand ⸎ Right ⸎ P E R S O N A L I T Y - I N F O R M A T I O N ⸎ ⸎ Personal Alignment ⸎ Chaotic Good. ⸎ Public Alignment ⸎ Chaotic Good. ⸎ Political Alignment ⸎ Whatever benefits the caliphate the most ⸎ Main Character Strength ⸎ Making deals ⸎ Main Character Weakness ⸎ Not very sympathetic or empathetic. ⸎ Good Traits ⸎ o An Eye For Treasure ; Ali has a knack for spotting valuables in junk ⸎ Neutral Traits ⸎ o Suspicious; Ali is generally suspicious of others, making himself look a bit suspicious in the process ⸎ Bad Traits ⸎ o Distant ; Ali typically will say things that may seem brash or have no place to be said, much like an orc. He also does not relate to people or their emotions all the well. ⸎ Religion ⸎ N/A but goes along with the caliphate’s beliefs ⸎ Short Term Goals ⸎ o Get a house. [✓] o Get a job. [✓] o Focus on studying the art of medicine. [=] ⸎ Long Term Goals ⸎ o Find place in the realm. [⇄] o Get married or find a lover [=] o Become High Sarif[=] [✓] Achieved [✗] Failed [⇄] Constant [=] In Progress [-] Not Started ⸎ Fears ⸎ o Being Poor [Major] o Jesters [Moderate] o Drowning [Minor] o Getting things in eyes [Minor] ⸎ Sexuality ⸎ Heterosexual. ⸎ Marital Status ⸎ N/A ⸎ B A C K G R O U N D - I N F O R M A T I O N ⸎ ⸎ Childhood ⸎ Mother left him and his dying father for a high elf. He had to fend for himself for 6 long years. ⸎ Current Home(s) ⸎ o Kadarsi ⸎ Past Jobs ⸎ o Theif o Scavenger ⸎ Current Job(s) ⸎ o Muharib o The tunnel rat of Kadarsi ⸎ Birth Mother ⸎ Unknown ⸎ Birth Father ⸎ Unknown ⸎ Pets/Companions ⸎ o Jangles; Monkey ; A small Capuchin monkey that wears a brown coat with golden laces. ⸎ Deaths: ⸎ N/A ⸎ Languages ⸎ o Common ; Fluent ; First and only language. ⸎ P R E F E R E N C E S ⸎ ⸎ Favorites ⸎ Person ; Ibraheem Aladeen Food ; Cactus Green Brownies Drink ; Cactus Green Tea Location ; Kadarsi Activity ; Getting money Animal ; Monkey Flower ; Are Cactus Green a flower? Color ; Cider ⸎ Least Favorites ⸎ Person ; N/A Food ; N/A Drink ; N/A Location ; Belvits Activity ; Losing money Animal ; N/A Flower ; N/A Color ; ⸎ I N V E N T O R Y / S I G N I F I C A N T - P O S S E S S I O N S ⸎ Possessing - Given Away/Stolen - Destroyed ⸎ Jangles ⸎ OOC Item? ; --- Head On his person? ; --- Always Where? ; --- Anywhere ⸎ Name ⸎ OOC Item? ; --- On his person? ; --- Where? ; --- ⸎ R E L A T I O N S H I P S ⸎ Loved - Adored - Close - Trusted - Befriended - Liked - Neutral - Distrusted - Disliked - Hated ⸎ Ibraheem Aladeen, "You better void that." {A father figure to Ali} ⸎ ⸎ Tasoth, "I don't know about that one chief" {A good friend of Ali} ⸎ ⸎ Augustin, "Fine, 50 peanuts but that’s the highest I’ll go" {A trading partner that was befriended} ⸎ ⸎ Mustafa Aladeen, "" {Son of Ibraheem, like a brother} ⸎ ⸎ Benji Gershon, “I can smell spare change in your pocket” {The local shekel-meister} ⸎ ⸎ Abdullah kharadeen, “Ibraheem, can we use the gas chamber?” {Current Caliph} ⸎ ⸎ Auda Kharadeen, "DAMN IT GUYS! LISTEN TO MY KHUTBAH!" {Holy Profit} ⸎ ⸎ Osman Kharadeen, “I-Is t-that a-a g-ghoul! (talking about ali’s face)” {Son of Abdulla} ⸎ ⸎ Will, "So what does the caliphate want in return?" {Duke of Curon, and a good trade partner} ⸎ ⸎ Ashryn, "" {A Janissary in the kadarsi} ⸎ ⸎ Caiben, "Don't point a crossbow at a child!" {A Janissary in the kadarsi} ⸎ ⸎ Jarsek, "KEVIN! CLEAN THE BATHTUB!" {Blacksmith in the kadarsi} ⸎ ⸎ Ismen, "There are no rainbows in the desert" {Fiance of Mustafa} ⸎ ⸎ Elena Aladeen, "Insert ibraheem **** joke here" {Wife of Ibraheem Aladeen and breaker of jaw} ⸎ ❈ name, "quote." {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag ❈ name, "quote" {relation} ❈ tag If you want a relation, just ask!
  8. Nice work on the formating! *proceeds to steal the format so he can make his character sheet*
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    Updated, and I was aware of the unlikely hood of elves raising an orc, I just thought it would provide an interesting backstory.
  10. 723ctttt


    I was born in the middle of the forests of Gladewynn, or so I was told. I was raised by two elves, claiming to be my parents. We moved around a lot, never staying in the same place for more then a few months. At the age of 10 the elvish couple confessed that they were not my real parents, they explained to me that they couldn't have a child themselves and when they found me in the woods they didn’t care that I was an orc. But they later realized that they could no longer stay at their house, for the elvish state of Gladewynn has a strict ban on orcs for being brutish man-beasts. They returned only to pack their things but in doing so word got out about my parents fostering an orphaned orc. With the threat of my execution and their imprisonment all too real, they fled from their home with bounty placed apon our heads, never to return. When I was 11 my parents decided to settle down in an old farm house, it wasn’t much, especially by elvish standards. But it was our home, and about a year later we had it completely fixed up, it was time to start our new live as farmers. Unfortunately fate had another plan. A fire broke out in the house that night. I was out collecting timber when it happened, and by the time I came back all that was left of my home was cinders. I dug through the ashes frantically trying to find my parents, but alas when I did find them they were already chard to a crisp, I will NEVER forget the smell of burning flesh. It was clear what started the fire, as their was a long scorch mark in the grass indicating a fuse of some sort, the fire was intentional. I don’t know who started the fire, or even if they are still alive, But I promised my parents that if I wound them I would slowly burn them alive, and make it as painful as I possibly could. I will never understand why they would adopt an orc as a son, they were elves after all. They truly should have just executed me on sight, like The Constitution of Gladewynn demands. As orc is not worthy of being their kin, and should instead be slaughtered like an animal.
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