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  1. What to say... You were real nice to know, for the little I did know of you, and I hope you live well Noz, stay safe, and see ya!
  2. [!] Suleiman is deeply saddened by the loss of Thamer, a great Merchant of the Oasis
  3. Suleiman Ibn Ibrahim Al-Hattan, would read the letter whilst resting against his Cart, readying to make his way to the Wedding between Thamer and Zahra. As Suleiman made his way to the Palace, he would look over to Rashid as he arrived as well "Well done on the Letter, it sums it up quite well." Before folding away this letter, whole-heartedly agreeing with Rashid, a close friend on this subject.
  4. OOC: I burned down a Tent in celebration for this
  5. The Picture is Blury...
  6. [!] At This Point News Should be Out About this Trade Sadly being Completed, though some other items may be available for trade
  7. Greetings! I, Suleiman Al-Hattan, have stumbled upon a most Unique type of Metal, one of which has the properties of Steel, yet looks like that of Bronze. As well as being much lighter than that of normal Steel, and being a large plate in size. I am not looking to sell it for mere Mina, but another item (or items) which might be equal to it in my eyes. As plates formerly belonged to what I can only surmise as that of a being, not humanoid like that of fellow descendants. But instead, possibly similar to that of the terrors from the Voidal Tears that plagued our former home! In order to contact me, I will not only be accepting Birds for Trade Offers, but also be occasionally travelling throughout the next few Saint Weeks! (IGN: RhythmrhymE | Discord: RhythmrhymE#7874) Spoiler
  8. Coolio... will continue this reply later
  9. [!] Suleiman would confirm what has happened... now carrying 2 weapons on him at all times
  10. Given Names: Suleiman Ibn Ibrahim Al-Hattan Surname: Suleiman MC Name: RhythmrhymE [!] Suleiman Ibn Ibrahim Al-Hattan would sign up
  11. "Items! Items! More Items!" -a Goblin
  12. [!] Suleiman Ibn Ibrahim Al-Hattan would read the missive, talking to himself "First our people are killed, by an outsider... Then we are told that we did something horrific?" A bit surprised in a mix of sadness and distaste from reading it "Why would anyone do such a thing anyways!" [!] Abdullah Ibn Osman Kharadeen would read the missive, used to the attacks by the Canonist by now "I would like proof before my people are charged with anything" the man would say rubbing his temples "When I was younger I had rumors, of my Forefather Auda Kharadeen, fighting for a good relation to the Canonist... but now, I feel as if what he tried to bring together is falling"
  13. Pretty good, might surpass the "Karin Cat" in how well known it is!!! +1!
  14. IGN (MC Username): RhythmrhymEDiscord: RhythmrhymE#7874Likes: ST Items, Mod Items, etc... (You get the jist...), Skins, D&D, Art Commissions.Dislikes: I'd rather not have real money spent on me, so at most, I'd rather just have a commission for a character done...
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