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    Born in 1670, he was abandoned by his low-born mother who was a Highlander for him being her bastard-son. He never knew about this, nor about any details of his mother. He was found halfway dead by a travelling merchant from Renatus, who took the baby with him as his own son, since he wasn’t able to have children on his own, expecting him to become the heir of his riches. His early years were peaceful for he was born in a period in which no wars emerged. He had a good education by faithful canonian monks and the merchant he called father cared for him like he would have done it for his own son. He was able to read and speak High Imperial, Auvergnian and was able to understand basic elvish languanges. He never inherited his fathers riches, for his father was slain by orcs on his way back to Renatus from selling goods at a foreign market at the beginning of the Third Atlas Coalition War, 3 years ago. With his father dead and his possession being taken by orcs, he didn’t know what to do. He sold his father’s house since he didnt have a proper profession. In his sadness, he went to a canonian priest asking him for advice. He told him to take up arms against the enemies of the Empire of Man to avenge his fathers death. He was very confused about this, because he didn’t know how to fight at all since he always enjoyed his fathers small group of guards protection. Believing it was God’s will he followed the priests advice to become a soldier, even though he was everything but a born warrior.