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  1. Eleanore Morovar, recently departed from the mortal plain, watched over her son with a constant air of sadness and worry. She recalled the numerous conversations they had exchanged in the past several years regarding this topic. He had been her biggest worry when she decided to leave- the child that still needed her. She regretted that she couldn't be there for him. "You will find your way, chero. I know you will." The woman whispered to no one but herself.
  2. CONFESSIONS OF A DECEIVER “Be careful in trusting me, Edmond. I’m not an honest woman.” - Eleanore Morovar The life Eleanore had lived was a mirage, to put it simply. A masterpiece of interwoven mistruths forming the most fragile of facades. It had never been her intention to become a husk of herself, and yet as the years passed living in constant fear, that tongue of hers spilled lies and false promises as easily as water from a pitcher. It was that perfect duality that she survived on; that set of rules that she lived by. Never say anything that could get you in trouble, don’t give anyone a reason to suspect you, stay away from clergymen, never remove your gloves; trust only your closest kin. They worked… for a while, at least. But two lives lived by the same woman can only remain separate for so long. “You were the biggest mistake I ever made. You are a disappointment.” - Anne Caroline Eleanore had burned villages, churches, and fought against the descendants as the Arch-Drakaar’s loyal servant. It was all for Ruin, that mission of rebuilding, of restoring what had been sullied by centuries of sin and cowardice. And for what? Perhaps it had been her parents that led her to this life of duty and flame. Her estrangement from her mother and the rest of her blood whilst her father cherished her actions. Her mentor and role model worshiped the Titan, so why not she? Her mother deserved none of her affection. “Disappointment.” That word panged in the back of her mind throughout her life, one uttered by her mother that she could never quite forget. It analyzed her every action, pushed her to further and greater and desperate lengths. Made her cold-hearted, self-reliant. “You are my utmost pride, more than even my eldest heir.” - Simon Casimir Pruvia But the guilt piled up in time - it was bound to. The lies she had told, the secrets she had kept, the lives she had taken; the scorched bodies that still lay undiscovered beneath the earth. It all lingered in a dark, unreachable corner of her mind. Denial may have been the only way she staved off insanity for so long. Old age had treated the woman well, at least. She was no longer being hunted, and settled into a life of motherhood and wanderlust. But the damage had already been done in her youth, and she walked a thin line between carelessness and senility. By the time she was sixty, voices panged in her head constantly. Perhaps they were the words of those she had killed. The lives she had taken never left her, finally driving her to the brink of insanity. “I would not lie to you, Otto.” - Eleanore Morovar One cold northern evening, reeking of ash and smoke as she often did, Eleanore made her way silently to the Haense graveyard. She wound her way back through the headstones to that grave, its surface engraved with the name Michael. In one gloved hand she gripped a dagger, in the other a crumpled note. She lowered herself to an aching kneel beside that tended grave, remembering the fight that had once taken place in that graveyard - of the three souls long forgotten beneath the soil. “In the end, we all return to ash.” The woman made such a quiet utterance as she pulled off those weathered gloves and rolled up her sleeves, revealing wrists and arms lined with branded tattoos which had been hidden for decades. With a deep breath and the briefest of hesitations, she raised that dagger to rest over her heart. And then she plunged it deep into her own chest. Blood spattered the parchment in her hand as her form slumped against the gravestone. In the end, it was only Eleanore, and those secrets she refused to take to her grave. The Note Now that I am gone, you will know my sins. My soul may not be saved, but these truths deserve to be known. I. I am a follower of the Arch-Drakaar. I always have been. Know that if the church and people who thought themselves heroes had not hunted me- no one would have died. This did not have to happen. II. Beneath the body of the man whose headstone is labeled “Michael” are three corpses. The larger one belongs to a clergyman, a bishop who went missing decades ago. The smaller two belong to two young girls. I do not recall their names. One was a Kortrevich, and the other a Ruthern. III. There are undead in your midst. Many of those I have killed walk still today. Perhaps I am sinful, but none of you are pure. IV. I do not regret what I have done. To Otto, To my children: Leopold, Barbara, Markus, Petyr, and Josef, To Nikoleta, To my father, To my brothers in flame,
  3. "I've sent plenty of letters to your wife and she responded to all of 'em." Someone jested coyly as they read the letter.
  4. "Curse it all." An aged voice hissed through gritted teeth as she heard of the death of a kinsman she had never really known. "Gone too young, but you fly with the Titan now."
  5. MikoMonster MikoMonster#7384 12 - Ivy
  6. Renata Adelina sat upon a lonely hillside, overlooking the lands which had once been hers a short time ago. The young widow signed the Lorraine across her chest as the southern sun beat down upon her, tears pricking her dark eyes as she mourned one of the men who had stood by her unwaveringly. “Thank you for all you’ve done. May you find peace in the Skies, Sebastian.”
  7. Hello! Just a heads up that the commenter above you already placed a bid on "I'm a Survivor, Black Lung" for $10! @EX. DERFEY
  8. Miko’s Third Skin Auction May 19th, 2pm EST - May 20th, 2pm EST ⚜ Rules of the Auction I. Bids start at $8.00 USD. II. The minimum bid raise is $2.00 USD. III. Follow the bid format at the end of the post. IV. This is a quick auction! It will only be 24 hours before bids close. V. Bidding will end abruptly at 2:00pm EST on May 20th. Any attempts at last-minute bids that are posted at 2:01 or later will not be counted. VI. I will make minor edits (removing a hat, recoloring something, etc.) for free after purchasing if you request it within two days. Good luck folks! ⚜ ⚜ Female (Alex Model) Skins Civilized Botanist Blue n’ Plaid Teal Princess Warm Armor ⚜ ⚜ Male (Alex Model) Skins Bronze Knight Devilish Purple I’m a Survivor, Black Lung We’re More Ghosts Than People ⚜ ⚜ Bidding Format Skin Name: Discord: (alternatively, you can pm me if you win the skin, just indicate such here) Bid: (in USD) ⚜
  9. THE SUN SETS OVER SAVOY A Crown’s Final Decree Penned by the hand of Renata Adelina and decreed to all the Realm. 4th of Sun's Smile, 76 S.A. PREFACE Since the dawn of this nation in the time of my late grandfather, Olivier Renault, the Savoyard people have seen many a sunrise emerge over the barren horizon of the southern sands. Yet even the desert can not always be bathed in sunlight, as hot and unyielding as its presence may seem. For the past century, Savoy has made a name for itself. Stories were woven and lives were shared, but for the past several years, it has been made evident that such joyful times are no longer upon us. It is as they say: all good things must one day come to an end. However, my priority since my inheritance of the crown has always been the Savoyard people, and such will remain until the very final moments of its existence. The families who once served my grandfather continued on to serve my father, brother, and myself throughout crisis and turmoil. The loyalty of the good men of Savoy will not be forgotten, and the debt of their unwavering service will be repaid to the best of one woman’s ability. It is my vow that these great houses will not be left without purchase following Savoy’s dissolution. This is my final decree as the last Sovereign of Savoy. THE FUTURE OF SAVOY I. THE CROWN The crown of the Principality of Savoy will no longer be able to be borne by any man nor woman, in physicality or name. II. THE PRINCIPALITY The title of the Principality of Savoy will no longer exist and cannot be held by any man nor woman. III. THE INHERITANCE All individuals who bear Ashford blood will no longer hold any claim to the Principality of Savoy title, as it will hereby cease to exist. Any so-called claimant will be seen as illegitimate and fraudulent. III. THE LAND The lands that belonged to the Principality of Savoy and its vassals will return to nature and God Himself, aside from those few fiefs that choose to remain independent upon the land. THE SUBJECTS OF SAVOY I. THE MARGRAVIATE OF LVINSK The Noble House of Jazloviecki and the people of Lvinsk will be granted land within the Kingdom of Oren as agreed to by King Frederick I. II. THE DAELISH ISLES The Daelish people will be granted their independence to develop Daeland as a settlement of its own, separate from any nation. III. THE LANDGRAVIATE OF ALSTREIM The Noble House of Alstreim and the people of Merryweather and Alstreim will be granted land within the Kingdom of Oren as agreed to by King Frederick I. IV. THE COUNTY OF FREIMARK The title of the County of Freimark will be granted to Prince Johann Barclay, to be inherited by his heirs. V. THE HEXER CREED The Hexer creed will be freed from any previous contract with the Principality of Savoy to continue their practice separate from any nation. Their granted lands will become independent and securely their own. VI. ALL OTHER LANDED VASSALS OF THE PRINCIPALITY OF SAVOY All other landed communities will be granted their independence to pursue a future in whichever method they may desire. IN NOMINE DEI, Her Serene Highness, Renata I, Princess of Savoy, Duchess of Corazon, Countess of San Luciano and Sarissa, Baroness of Brynnrose and etcetera
  10. Princess Renata clutched the mural tight to her chest, despair wracking her pale and sunken features. She turned to her sparse wardrobe to regard its contents, thankfully finding its majority consisting of black garments.
  11. Renata Adelina bobs her head along, listening to a lute rendition of Loser by Beck. https://youtu.be/YgSPaXgAdzE
  12. Princess Renata withdrew her hands from the reins of her mount, clasping them together before her chest as she gazed out across the Savoyard plains- those which had once been empty sands. "GOD has given us a true blessing on this day. A miracle." The sovereign spoke in a tone of reverence, her expression awe-stricken. "No one can contest the love He has for His leal children."
  13. The Tourney of Drusco 13th of The First Seed, 73 S.A. [!] A depiction of two jousting knights. Invitations As the Savoyard people settle back into the realm once more, the people of Drusco invite their friends across Almaris to join them for an evening of valor and glory in the typical Savoyard fashion. Refreshments and energy abound, a jousting and brawling tournament will take place within the walls of Fort Myrine. All are welcome as we celebrate this glorious day following the conclusion of the war. May peace grace these lands for many years to come. Specific invitations are extended to: The people of Savoy King Sigismund III and the people of Haense King Frederick I and the people of Oren King Ragnvald and the people of Norland King Bakir and the people of Urguan Rex Ar-Borok’Akaal and the people of Krugmar Myrinian Jousting To start off this grand tourney, all attendees will be invited to spectate or participate in a grand jousting spectacle within Fort Myrine. It is recommended that participants bring their own horses and lances, though spares will be provided when necessary. This tourney will be conducted in a typical bracket style with strict elimination. It is important to note that Myrinian Jousting is a unique sport. It is different from classic jousting, where competitors have free range of the entire arena throughout each individual round until one is ultimately dismounted. This competition is one of bravery, strength, and finesse, in which only the most talented man or woman will come out on top. May the finest win. Hand-to-Hand Dueling Following the conclusion of the jousting tourney, attendees will be invited to partake in yet another competition of strength and finesse. This time, they are welcome to indulge in the art of brawling. It will be the perfect opportunity for a few inexperienced fighters to try their hand in the ring, and for those of higher experience to uphold their reputation. Bets are also welcomed, for the fun and suspense of the event. We do wish everyone, he who partakes or invests, the very best of luck. Signed, Her Serene Highness, Renata I, Princess of Savoy, Duchess of Corazon, Count of San Luciano and Sarissa, Baron of Brynnrose and etcetera His Serene Highness, Remus I, Prince of Savoy, Duke of Drusco, Count of Niseep
  14. Princess Renata signed the Lorraine over her heart, an intense sorrow shrouding her features as she sat within her residence in Drusco. Bloodied rains pounded down upon the rooves, pooling in the streets outside as she held her ward close to her flank. An unsettled glance flicked to her husband. "What a cursed, cursed day. I surely hope Lord Borys made it to the Seven Skies uninhibited. He deserves nothing less for all his loyalty and hard work."
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