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  1. Anne Eleanore glanced over the flier and raffle ticket she had been handed by a young Myrinian. She smiled softly, pocketing them both. IGN: MikoMonster RP NAME: Eleanore
  2. An armor-clad woman rode northward through frozen wastelands as the frigid nighttime wind bit into her cheeks. She urged her steed faster, fatigue setting in as the scent of smoke wafted from her cloak. In the ashes that she left behind her, she denounced a portion of her blood, and filled its place with an undying loyalty to her siblings and her Father. Eleanore sighed deeply as she led her mount through the gates of her new family's keep. It had been a long and arduous evening.
  3. Anne Eleanore, the newly wed Baroness of Ghaestenwald, frowned as she read the announcement regarding her father-in-law's disappearance. She paced the halls of her new home in solitude, admiring its beauty as she pondered. "I hope Franz finds his way back to us soon." The woman murmured to the stoic paintings as she dragged a hand down one of the banisters. "This is all so very sudden."
  4. The Union of Houses Pruvia and Morovar 8th of Jula and Piov, 391 E.S. | 8th of Malin’s Welcome, 42 S.A.. Otto August and Anne Eleanore signing the marriage registry following the ceremony. The Ceremony It is with great excitement that Prince Otto August Barbanov-Morovar and Lady Anne Eleanore Pruvia announce their approaching matrimony. Following several successive years of courtship and engagement, the pair have decided to bring their partnership before the eyes of Godan. The Haeseni prince and Orenian lady welcome all invitees to attend should they wish to do so. The wedding ceremony will be held within Saint Henrik’s Basilica in the city of Karosgrad. It will be held on the 8th of Malin’s Welcome, 42 S.A, officiated by His Holiness, Everard VI. Invitations To the peerage of the Kingdom of Haense: His Royal Majesty, Heinrik II, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his pedigree His Grace, Johann, Duke of Reinmar and his pedigree His Grace, Ruslan, Duke of Valwyck and his pedigree His Grace, Ailred, Duke of Vidaus and his pedigree The Right Honorable, Jan, Count of Jerovitz and his pedigree The Honorable, Isaak, Viscount of Aurveldt and his pedigree The Honorable, Robert, Viscount of Seswesk and his pedigree His Lordship, Stefan II, Baron of Astfield and his pedigree His Lordship, Yvo, Baron of Richtenburg and his pedigree And all subjects of the Kingdom of Haense To the peerage of the Empire of Oren: His Imperial Majesty, Philip II, Emperor of Oren The Honorable, Simon, Viscount of Provins and his pedigree And all other peerage and subjects of the Empire of Oren And all friends of the bride and groom. Signed, His Excellency, Prince Otto August Barbanov-Morovar, Royal Treasurer of Hanseti-Ruska The Honorable, Simon Casimir Pruvia, Viscount of Provins Her Ladyship, Anne Eleanore Pruvia
  5. Anne Eleanore blinks as the herald scuttled off, glancing around as paranoia set in! Who could be out there listening to her?
  6. Anne Eleanore Pruvia squints at her name upon the invitation whilst wrapping a cloak about her shoulders as she strode from the grounds of Provins. "Who are you and how do you know my name?" She inquires aloud, more to herself than anyone else.
  7. Discord: MikoMonster#7384 Skins: Fancy, Child's Play, Flower Brooch Bids: 100, 175, 75 Skinner: Neo, Neo, Cookie @gronnravenn
  8. Miko’s Skin Auction September 4th, 4pm EST - September 5th, 4pm EST ⚜ Rules of the Auction - Bids start at $5.00 USD. - The minimum bid raise is $2.00 USD. - Follow the bid format at the end of the post. - This is a quick auction! It will only be 24 hours before bids close. - Bidding will end abruptly at 4:00pm EST on September 5th. Any attempts at last-minute bids that are posted at 4:01 or later will not be counted. ⚜ ⚜ Female (Alex Model) Skins ‘Ello, Poppet Staunch in Green Adventurer’s Regalia Green Corset Flowered Cyan ⚜ ⚜ Male (Steve Model) Skins Stylish Overcoat Navy Gambeson Orenian Champagne Shoulder Cloak Grey and Green ⚜ ⚜ Bidding Format Skin Name: Discord: (alternatively, you can pm me if you win the skin, just indicate such) Bid: (in USD) ⚜
  9. The newly wrought Daughter of Pruvia etched a single word into the snow beneath her feet as she traveled through the icy spikes of the frozen north. "Ssifisv." To the being she had met hours prior, yet already deeply respected. For one's journey had been completed, and yet another's had just begun.
  10. Anne Eleanore Pruvia points a gloved finger at the picture upon the parchment before her. "'Brotherhood of Saint Karl' plus Eleanore." She corrects indignantly, packing her bag for a trip to the library to study a rock.
  11. Lylianth Ithelanen, who remained within the quiet lands of Camlannen, smirked cruelly as she leaned over the balcony rail, watching the blood-smeared party return to the keep. "Yet more stains bleached from this world, Kairn." The cold-hearted elfess sneered from above. "Another job well done."
  12. Anne Eleanore Pruvia frowns as she reads the freshly printed paper, looking indignantly to her sister as they sat at dinner that evening. "Look, Adelheid, the writers got our names mixed up! Perhaps one of us should dye our hair. Then they'd really be confused." @Autty
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