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  1. Eleanore Morovar smiled softly as Nikoleta passed her the letter, a mildly saddened expression, but one of hope. "Welcome back to the family, chera. May this mark the beginning of your rebirth and may your happiness be born anew." The older Morovar woman murmured, beckoning her beloved sister-in-law into an embrace. @zuziee
  2. Princess Renata read the letter from the comfort of the Savoyard palace, now keeping tabs on the affairs of the Kingdom of Hoonse! She clapped her hands together in excitement. "They used my cow dookie idea!" She exclaimed to her elder brother, Lucien, as she passed him the poorly written letter. @Milenkhov
  3. "The time for ruin is upon us." A wispy voice hissed, her words being taken by the icy winds of the north. She held a torn parchment in her hand as she peered out to the dark horizon. "My siblings have been so busy... I believe we're due for a meeting." The woman murmured before releasing the paper and watching it flutter into the darkness.
  4. A cloaked figure returned to her keep in the north that evening, chuckling to herself as she strode through the gates. She greeted her children cheerily as she entered, her clothing reeking of smoke and smudged with ash. The woman ascended the stairs to tell her husband the entire tale. “Just wait and see how the Orenian rats will scamper.” She cooed to him as she pushed her way into her room.
  5. Anne Eleanore took the letter in hand, reading it with a sullen expression from her room within the chilled but bustling northern keep in which she resided. Shakily she retrieved a quill, penning a response to the brother she had barely known. "Dearest brother, I will admit that I once faulted you for our distance- for my inability to trust you. I realize now that it has always been the fault of our mother. If not for her incapability to love, perhaps we could have had a happy family. I can't recall a day in my youth where we all came together as one. Maybe in my immaturity, that was one of the reasons I sought to escape Oren so desperately. Know, brother, that I am sorry I left so early. That I was never present to meet my nieces and nephews. And know that I will eagerly await your return. With love, your sister, Eleanore"
  6. "Ew!" An estranged Pruvian daughter commented from the northern lands, already forty years old herself. She desperately wished she could lament to her almost-mother, Maisie.
  7. Lylianth grinned, standing upon Stone Tower’s upper level as she watched the ferrymen return. She waved her teal bandana in solidarity. “Seems the wig-wearers finally took a fight.” The elven woman muttered to herself as she noted the bloodied blades of her comrades.
  8. #1: this. ^^^ i don’t know if i’ve ever spoken about this topic to a girl or woman who joined lotc as a minor and hasn’t experienced some sort of predatory behavior. #2: as someone who has experienced this- thank you. the person that groomed me was banned with very little solid evidence. that is because the medium they used was snapchat. i recognize now that i am very lucky. additionally, the argument that it was “too long ago” to act on is bullshit. i was 14 and terrified. it took me over a year to speak out about what happened to me. and i wasn’t even the one to report it. predators build friendships and trust with their victims and it takes a long ******* time for the guilt of escaping them to fade. if someone is a known predator- they should be banned. bottom line. they’re not being sent to prison, they’re being banned from a minecraft server where other minors might be targeted if they’re not removed. it is more important to protect children than allow a potentially dangerous adult to continue playing a block game. bottom line - Miko (as an addition. making the server 18+ is a step in the wrong direction. it’s never the kid’s fault- it’s the predator. it’s the staff’s responsibility to make lotc a safe place.)
  9. A long deceased Barbanov princess frowned down upon the Palatine with an expression wrought of sympathy. She, too, a victim of a past prophecy- one told by the old Morovar’s prophetic forebearer. “Of the three princesses will remain two. One’s color is faded, the other in blue.” The red princess, Amelya Valeriya, recited softly in memory, welcoming the stillborn infant into the skies.
  10. A private letter was hastily penned to Madame Onfroi!
  11. Eleanore received the letter as she sat in her room, left at a loss for words as she stared blankly at the page. Something in the letter had struck a cord in the young woman's heart. Slowly, she set the parchment aside and buried her face in her hands to ponder the first correspondence she had received from her mother in nearly a decade.
  12. A Denunciation of the Orenian Gossipers 396 E.S. (Charles Conder) This letter denounces those within Oren who spread falsified rumors of sin. Those who hide behind their decorated fans, shielding the lips which spill lies to any who will hear it. Who hide behind plastered walls among the safety of their guards and comfort of the meeting table to sow fear and hatred in the hearts of many. What is it to believe the words of elves and pagan worshippers over faith in one's kin? To spread rumors of your own blood- rumors with intent for hunt and murder? Betrayal. And yet you have not the gall to call upon me first. To summon me into your presence and challenge my innocence. For now I have heard of this betrayal from the tongues of others. Those you have encouraged to hunt me down. I have now proven my innocence to the Church, which had hunted its own loyal follower for faith in your words, revealing unmarred skin. But now I ask: is dishonesty not a sin most dire? Slandering your own daughter in your cowardice and hatred? Those who do not bend to your tongue wrought of lies and deceit are rescinded of your affection, it would seem, and are instead shown your cowardly brutality. So, mother. Princess Anne Caroline, Duchess of Auvergne. The woman who sees me as her deepest disappointment and greatest mistake. I bid you to read the holy scrolls and rediscover the light of our Lord GOD. For it is only He who can judge virtue, as it is written in the Canticle of Humanity within the Scroll of Virtue. For the corruption of fear and hatred has withered your mind to spew slander on your own spawn. “And I am the Lord GOD without peer, and My power is the only power, and My eternity is the only eternity, and all the aeons of the Virtue shall sustain the righteous.” Perhaps, mother, the confessional would serve you well. Signed, Her Highness, Anne Eleanore Pruvia-Morovar, Baroness-Consort of Ghaestenwald
  13. Eleanore enjoyed the loving presence of her family that evening, relieved to finally be free of such terrible rumors.
  14. Annaliese Kortrevich finally welcomes her husband into the Seven Skies. It had been decades since she'd passed of illness- and yet she'd seen how he remembered her all those years. He had lived a long and fruitful life, but she was glad to have him back.
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