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  1. Lena Baruch wonders if her father will still receive the goats he was promised when he one day marries her off. Goats were much more useful than ivy crowns, after all! ((+1))
  2. Username: MikoMonster Discord: MikoMonster#7384 Bid: $15 simple shaded bust ( u tiger - just had to help u out)
  3. AULIC COURT OF THE KINGDOM OF HANSETI-RUSKA ve Krawn z. Ruthern 12th of Msitza and Dargund | 367 E.S. Jovenaars Ms. Eleanora A. Mannox (Presiding) Ms. Erika Kortrevich (Assistant) Mrs. Reza B. Gynsburg (Assistant) Prosecution Lord Matyas Baruch Defense Ser Alric var Ruthern (Defendant) Lord Aldrik Baruch (Legal counsel) Testimonies Lord Stefan Vyronov Lady Annika Vyronov Lady Marie Barclay Her Majesty, Queen Mother Isabel Barbanov Mister Igor
  4. Kamila Baruch, one of three children that struggled on despite their father’s abuse and mother’s agony. One of two, really. The woman, too, had been crazed for nearly a decade, since the death of their eldest sister. She mourned the loss of the only brother she had recognized since she was a child, soon falling into a fitful sleep under the stars- one full of frightful memories of yelling and crashing. Lina Baruch mourned the loss of her uncle alongside her siblings and cousins. The pack of Baruch children felt the ache of this loss, despite Matyas’s faults. He was the only man the
  5. Annaliese Baruch-Kortrevich welcomes her father into the Seven Skies with open arms. She had always been his favorite, and he hers. “Welcome home, Papej. It’s been too long. It’s time to rest.”
  6. Lina Baruch is once again reminded of why she calls her role model “Mister Fire” as the young girl scampers through the streets of Oren searching for customers! “Quality produc’s fer sale! They’re legal and everythin’!”
  7. Lylianth Ithelanen situated her plated armor upon its stand, sighing lightly in her painfully quiet chambers. Her days of anger-fueled bloodshed were over, it seemed - at least for now. Her Other had been avenged, after all, and his murderer had suffered at her hands.
  8. "Step back into the light, friends." A war-torn Lylianth Ithelanen murmurs, standing nowhere near a fireplace to resist her elven urge to burn parchment! Her partner lay dead, and yet she welcomed them.
  9. Three-Way Skin Auction MikoMonster (Skyylark), Spoon, & Venclair March 1st, 6pm EST - March 4th, 6pm EST ⚜ Rules of the Auction I. Bids start at $5 USD or 100 minae. II. The ratio of USD to minae is: $1.00 USD = 20 minae. This is to keep bids consistent and fair. Please do the calculations between the two currencies on your own. III. The minimum bid raise is $0.50 USD or 10 minae. IV. If you put your final bid in USD, we will expect to be paid in USD. If you put your bid in minae, we will expect to be paid
  10. A certain mousey-haired elfess sharpens her blade in the forge of Camlannen, grieving the loss of her partner. She bears freshly made markings of the Ithelanen; her set of dark plated armor laying at the ready nearby. - "His life was worth a thousand of theirs." Lylianth utters.
  11. "Based." murmurs Eleanora Mannox with a nod of her head. "And churchpilled."
  12. “Now this is history!” exclaims Eleanora Mannox in satisfaction, secluded to her room in the Roger household, taking a break from her studies on the Caezk.
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