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Found 6 results

  1. HamzaR

    Aevos - Map

    Aevos - A map of regions and locations A detailed map of Aevos regions done by me [V.1.0]
  2. A Thill's Adventure - A Map By Olindor Vakaler 165 SA As Olindor travelled what he could from Aevos, the thill who knew Cartography drew a map of every place he visited, and once he returned to Haelun'or he combined them all in 1 map he called "The Silver Map", he then made copies of it and displayed it for every eye to see. a little poem was attached underneath every copy of the map: As I traverse the realm of Aevos, walk along the shores, and behold the sea's sun, I ponder Upon this vast terrain and the Endless waters, why engage in shallow strife, why recklessly plunder? Life's finite breath, a grand treasure, perhabs, a moment for reflection, could you muster? Madness unfolds, shameless guilt , unbending greed leads you away, a relentless blunder! A cartography of consciousness I show, a tapestry of truths to behold, in hopes it may unveil your eyes, perhaps invoke a gentler, kinder conjure. maehr'sae hiylun'ehya Signed: π’ͺπ“π’Ύπ“ƒπ’Ήπ‘œπ“‡ 𝒱𝒢𝓁𝒢𝓀𝑒𝓇
  3. This is creative writing, do not metagame Grief. The sister of Tar-Caraneth -the queen of Numendil-, princess of Numendil, stood quietly upon the balcony overlooking the mess hall within the Numenost keep. Not too long ago, she saw all nations united. Trapped in Savoy until the ending, the fleeing of Almaris. Time and time again, she pushed against Aevos war, seeing so many slaughtered to the Mori, to heartlessness, to their own hand, to hell high, and more. A feat within itself to have: to have a common enemy outside of pre-established nations and bloodlines, especially for humankind. Though Aevos... Aevos has proven to be a blight within itself, spreading thin the populous while the nations' grip at the reigns of power rugged terrain of alien soil, all while trying to call it home? There was no holy conquest, no divine right, in this war of spite and hearsay. Have they forgotten the undead legions which linger in the shadows, the poltergeists lapping away at descendants merriment and energy, the monsters which linger in the woods preying on a descendant's seeking refuge? She bet the liches of the land sat back with a cup of tea, to have amusement and death without lifting a boney finger. It was then she understood her birth mother's memoir. A woman of acre, who sacrificed her own livelihood to save others, fighting against those creatures of the planes and flitting between reality and oblivion. In her hand sits a paper, stained with tea. She reads her letter aloud to only the air itself. ~"The very ground beneath us breathes malevolence and the air reeks of the bitterness that has fueled the violent dance of despair. This continent births not life but the twisted progeny of malice, leaving my heart heavy with the weight of a world seemingly beyond redemption. There's no rest for the wicked, but neither is there for the weary. I am sorry my sister, for I do not support this war as its gone far enough, but if you must, I understand. " ~ It was left upon the throne, for Caraneth to read, a morsel of chocolate holding it down. And so, Princess Briar-Rethril Arthalion went to the forest and dug unmarked Graves with shovel and bare hands, all varying in size... Elf... Dwarf... Human... Orc... Halfling... For all those who are to be lost. Holes to place the bodies and burn them within. Briar supported no side. And so, she tended to the dead alone.
  4. THE MOUNTAIN ALLIANCE Since the founding of Kal’Urguan the mountain dwed have been the foundation of the dwarves, from their many feats to their esteemed Paragons, the sons of Urguan have relied on the skill and determination of the mountain dwed. Back in the days of old, in the city of Kal'Karaad, Bastion Ireheart, Fili Grandaxe and Verthaik Frostbeard signed a bloodpact, bringing the mountain clans into an alliance, forging an unbreakable bond between Urguans kin. Decades later, the pact was renewed between Kerwyr Frostbeard, Fimlin Grandaxe and Gror Ireheart, once again bringing the clans close, and in return, making the Grand Kingdom much stronger than it was before. The pact was once again restored in Almaris between Bakir Ireheart, Kronk Stormheart, Argnos Frostbeard, and Thumbrindal Grandaxe So history shall repeat itself once again in Aevos, the mountain clans of Ireheart and Frostbeard shall sign a bloodpact in accordance with the following terms. 1. Signatories agree to support each other militarily if aggressed upon 2. Clans of the alliance formally agree to never employ hostility to each other, in the case of an act that cannot be ignored, the signatories shall meet to discuss a means of action. 3. Signatories shall not pledge allegiance to any sort of conflict without discussion. 4. Clans of the Mountain Alliance agree to support each other politically. 5. The Signatories of the alliance agree to meet every stone month. Signed, Clan Father of the Irehearts Clan Father of the Frostbeards
  5. To all those who may be considered small: Gnomes, Musin, and even stray Halflings, The Halflings of Dunwen wish to let you know that we have land already set aside for you if you wish to take it. We are small, the world is big and dangerous; together we can help defend each other and live our lives the way we wish without biggun interference. It is our wish here in the village, that any who may fit into this category come find us if they are ever in need of shelter, and together we can thrive. We have land already set aside for gnomes and space for musin as well, if any wish to join us we want you to know we will in no way interfere with your cultural practices as long as they do not bring harm to any who reside within our lands. We will not force you to pay taxes or attend some random number of events with us, we simply wish to grow alongside each other. The Gnome Area, ready to go. Y'all will have free reign to edit your space as you wish. Sincerely, Dolly Peregrin, Elder of Dunwen.
  6. We are the Hunters, the Enemy is Our Prey The children of Lur are not footmen, they are hunters. Known for their great instincts to track and hunt, tame, and overcome all beasts. The members of Clan Lur also pride themselves on withholding their cursed bloodlust, keeping themselves calm with the thrill and violence of a hunt. With the help of their companions, the ancient Lur Wolves, they thrive to become the best at any skill they overtake. With the help of the hunt, the calm brothers and sisters of Lur showcased their honor more than any clan, which helped form their strict code. Lur was a smaller orc than others, and he was made fun of for his size. However, this did not stop him from reaching his goal, making him the greatest hunter and beast tamer that had ever lived. Lurs are historically smaller than other orcs, both in height and in muscle mass. This helps them move faster through denser areas, and be more agile against a great beast. Unlike other clans, which have blessed themselves with the help of the spirits, pure-blooded Lurs remain green. The Lur clan was formed by the greater ancestor, Lur, one of the sons of Krug. Their culture has great depth, for they are one of the oldest clans still alive today. Dating back to the times of Gorkil, Azog, and Ugluk. The Lur hold a great bond with a mount that has followed them back to the founding of the clan, the Great Lur Wolves. They are highly intelligent beasts, and only follow their masters. Some say that the Great Wolves and the Lurs are spiritually bonded. The bond between the two, helps the Lurs in hunts and beast taming, which their ancestor Lur was known for. Due to the clan's history dating back to the age of heroes, Clan Lur follows its ancestry dearly. A tradition now forgotten by all orcs is, however, being brought back by the clan. The greatest honor for a Lur is to die in a hunt or in battle. Upon death, Clan Lur believes that Kor will bring them to Votar, who will introduce them to their great ancestor Lur, so they can hunt together in the great spiritual hunting plains for eternity. β€œ Without tradition, we forget who we is, stay true to latself ” THE TRIAL OF THE HUNT Honor is sacred in the clan. For if one breaks the code and shows no honor, the clan will impose punishment on the honorless. The honorless orc will be placed on the hunting grounds, alone and bound. There, the clan will begin preparing their spears and axes to hunt them down. Once the clan is ready, the honorless are released and given the right to flee like a wild animal. It is then, the clan begins their hunt. If the honorless have the ability to outrun the great clan, then they are seen as innocent in the eyes of Votar. However, if they are caught, they are to be a sacrifice to the spirit. COMING OF AGE Once the blooded Lur has reached the age of 13 they are introduced to a Lur wolf pup. Then, the wolf and the young Lur are sent into the most dangerous part of the wild in the coming days to prove that the time of weakness and innocence is over and that it is time to be strong and to be a hunter. The bond between the two will grow greatly. There are even myths that ancient Lurs and their wolves could hear each other's thoughts. Upon the death of the wolf, the Lur shall never tame one again. As an act of respect for their fallen brother, the wolf will be slain by the closest of the Lur, or the wolf will give itself up so it can be buried or burned alongside its brother. BONE CRAFTING It is seen as dishonorable and disrespectful to slay a beast and not thank it by leaving its body to rot. Every part of a beast is used. From its hide to its bone. It is said that San’Lur, after being taken from the humans, was decorated with the great bones of beasts Lur had slain. Since then, bone has been an important material in Lur culture. Which is used for tools, jewelry, clothing, war paints, and even architecture. HUNT OF THE BETRAYED A great hunt set in honor of those that had fallen during the clan wars. The Lur use black steel for this hunt, believing that the darkened metal brings their ancestors closer. When the beasts are hunted down, their bodies will be placed in a great bonfire, symbolizing the waste of their brethren, and how their deaths brought nothing but dishonor and chaos. β€œ The spirits agh our ancestors watch over us bruddah, make them proud ” ANCESTRALISM Ancestralism is the worship of the spiritual ancestors. This faith was once followed by all clans, primarily led by the clans that dated back to the age of heroes. However, in recent times, the close following of their ancestors has died, but is now slowly rising once more. In the past, the Lurs were known for their great knowledge of their ancestors, knowing their bloodline back to Lur himself. It is a tradition long forgotten but brought back recently. Ancestors are worshipped and praised through sacrifices and rituals that consist of deep connections between the two. With the help of a lutauman, the orcs have the ability to become greatly interested in and intertwined with their ancestors. It is common tradition to worship one ancestor alongside the immortals. SPIRITUALISM The Lurs have a history of worshipping Freygoth and Votar primarily. However, in recent times, this has changed. Votar still remains a great priority, but Freygoth does not. All Lurs are encouraged to follow the spirits, though they lean more on the ancestral side. They are also encouraged to worship any spirit they like. β€œ There is nub honor in grizhlust, agh with no honor at all, there is no ork ” The clan holds a code to make sure they uphold their honor at all times. Breaking this code can enable strong punishment, from a light one such as a beating to a sentence of death or even a β€˜whitewashing’ from the clan. This code was set by Lur himself when the time was young and he still walked among his brothers. NUMBER I Only when in great need will a Lur hunt the weak, for there is no honor, respect and glory in killing which provides no challenge to hunt and or kill. NUMBER II A lur will always seek strong prey. The greater the challenge, the greater the prize, and with a great challenge, great strength follows. NUMBER III Never to hunt, or kill another Lur outside of a Mat’Mauk. Challenge those that oppose you, do not kill them foolishly. NUMBER IV Obey the Lurgoth, for he | she were chosen by the ancestors, the elders and Lur himself. NUMBER V Never attempt the sabotage or the taking of another Lur’s position for your own personal gain. The clan always comes first. Join Lur, NOW!!!
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