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  1. A very upset and annoyed Princess began pulling out multiple parts of her candyshop. Utterly disheartened about another hurdle thrown at her... she dealt with a few bumps in the road before but this... Maybe this was the end of her candy shop unless something was clarified or fixed. edit: After complaints, Briar is satisfied of the addition to the ban so she can sell chocolate
  2. This is gorgeous writing 🥰
  3. The Princess blinked at this... she will be continuing to use her left hand.
  4. A sick princess.. the pink numendil lass... Briar Pendraic... Nay... Briar Arthalion. Her hands shook with the missive of her friends passing. Another one... another one gone. Someone she promised tea with.. it.. Why.. WHY? A sob escaped her, causing her breath to hitch before the series of coughing fits came out.. Briar held the missive to her chest and fell asleep crying.
  5. Within those lands, that blonde headed lass smiled... Not the sun's smile, nay.. But that of flames. Princess Briar loved her people and her lands... But this? This was pay back... Folk believed perhaps Barrowton would be turned into a central traveling hub for the Mori as it slowly sunk and sunk and sunk... Not this day or anyday. Flames to cleanse the earth, to cleanse that vile scarring of memory and land from the putrid Mori'quissir.. Her hand tossed that bottle into the scholarium walls... And fire erupted Infront of her visage, spreading across and all around her within the matter of seconds. Good times were coming... By the Adunians' own accord, not any one elses.
  6. "C'Mon Battle Buddy!" Those words echoes in the Princess's ears within the barrowlands... Her core felt hollow in this moment... She found an unexpected kindred spirit in Anatoliy and considered him a friend even if they were minor encounters. Though, the promise rung in her ears as her hands fumbled for the whiskey bottle.. A shot poured. Though not for her.. It was placed next to a candle along with other trinkets... To those who had fallen from the Mori. She sat across from the shot, drinking a glass of wine as she fulfilled the promise of having a drink with Anatoliy. Briar added another name unto her list as tears dotted the paper
  7. The barrowlandic princess: Briar Pendraic raised her brow upon this missive... It seemed the Red Princess was to pay a visit to haense to give even more information, or perhaps merely share something they already knew...
  8. Emilie of Acre, the previous Acrean Inquisitor, rolled in her grave [Urn] as yet another foe stalked in the trees once more... GOD be with those to fight it as she couldn't...
  9. I hate mori I hate mori I hate mori I hate mori I hate mori... [thank ST for event last night.]

    1. Moribundity
    2. Ireneically


      They bully me with cannons and/or spooders

  10. Dunno if you are still up for this but: Briar Pendraic (Barrowton princess always set on adventure and being the author of her own story. Weaponized disney princess/little red riding hood. gremlin.. Always wants to make people smile: chaotic good)
  11. Meanwhile: The Red Princess of Barrowton has a gaggle of flint pygmy lizards and she is lighting tiny spiders on fire.
  12. The Red Princess would have another meaning if she gave into intrusive thoughts.. But! Little Briar would be quite well as her and BONGUS [raccoon] set up some new areas for her new friends who moved to Barrowton and those who were to visit! Perhaps a cook out / feast / teaparty was in order?
  13. A cackling was heard across Almaris, as the runt of a girl knew the invitations was perhaps just late! She pulled all the dresses from her chests, closet, wardrobe, and so on... Trying them on before her menagerie of pets to see which one they reacted best to.
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