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  1. Addional note: In character, for those upon the battlefield may have seen a white haired adunian woman in a white dress tending to the dead from both sides. All will be equal in death and given their rites and burnt.
  2. (Permission given from @Reckless Banzai Screamer to find the body) The mentioned white haired princess... She was the one to have found the body alongside her father, Uther. As stated... Tonito was pulled to a grave previously dug, though given one far from the others with some lilies ground about it. The one closest to Numendil. Tears rolled down Briar's cheeks as she look upon the eccentric cardinal whom she had grown up with... This... This is exactly what she meant... The resentment toward the war and unto aevos has been solidified. A match dropped into the dug hole, to burn the body of Antonius Cardinal Artorus. The sound of cries rippling through the forest, ugly and harrowing.
  3. This is creative writing, do not metagame Grief. The sister of Tar-Caraneth -the queen of Numendil-, princess of Numendil, stood quietly upon the balcony overlooking the mess hall within the Numenost keep. Not too long ago, she saw all nations united. Trapped in Savoy until the ending, the fleeing of Almaris. Time and time again, she pushed against Aevos war, seeing so many slaughtered to the Mori, to heartlessness, to their own hand, to hell high, and more. A feat within itself to have: to have a common enemy outside of pre-established nations and bloodlines, especially for humankind. Though Aevos... Aevos has proven to be a blight within itself, spreading thin the populous while the nations' grip at the reigns of power rugged terrain of alien soil, all while trying to call it home? There was no holy conquest, no divine right, in this war of spite and hearsay. Have they forgotten the undead legions which linger in the shadows, the poltergeists lapping away at descendants merriment and energy, the monsters which linger in the woods preying on a descendant's seeking refuge? She bet the liches of the land sat back with a cup of tea, to have amusement and death without lifting a boney finger. It was then she understood her birth mother's memoir. A woman of acre, who sacrificed her own livelihood to save others, fighting against those creatures of the planes and flitting between reality and oblivion. In her hand sits a paper, stained with tea. She reads her letter aloud to only the air itself. ~"The very ground beneath us breathes malevolence and the air reeks of the bitterness that has fueled the violent dance of despair. This continent births not life but the twisted progeny of malice, leaving my heart heavy with the weight of a world seemingly beyond redemption. There's no rest for the wicked, but neither is there for the weary. I am sorry my sister, for I do not support this war as its gone far enough, but if you must, I understand. " ~ It was left upon the throne, for Caraneth to read, a morsel of chocolate holding it down. And so, Princess Briar-Rethril Arthalion went to the forest and dug unmarked Graves with shovel and bare hands, all varying in size... Elf... Dwarf... Human... Orc... Halfling... For all those who are to be lost. Holes to place the bodies and burn them within. Briar supported no side. And so, she tended to the dead alone.
  4. A certain Numendil princess was a bit surprised nobody noted THE ANATHEMA's photo underneath. It seemed that Gaspard was certainly built different. A low whistle blown out. Though, she showed her sister, Tar-Caraneth, the missive to keep her updated on the state of affairs for: World War Aevos. (edit: i added a picture)
  5. Miss golden age Acre

    1. Reckless Banzai Screamer
    2. Ireneically


      I miss going crazy in the woods to fight monsters and wendigos

  6. The Tar's sister, Briar Arthalion, decidedly would seek to push the boundaries of these naming conventions. She already had many of these, but in protest due to the lack of hats, she will be now used by ALL Aliases and entire name... [ Briar Rethril Arossie Alice M. Pendraic Arthalion, Briar the Bold, The Red Princess, The Summer Rain, The Red hood, The Sun, Radiance of Numenost, Smile of Numendil, Breath of Barrowton...] a considerable amount of space left after to additions to be made by others.. This is promptly fowarded to her sister @AstriaS, in the most ridiculous, and theatrical letter with glitter sealed in.
  7. wizard hats wizard hats wizard hats

    1. _Jandy_


      wizard fedoras

  8. A very upset and annoyed Princess began pulling out multiple parts of her candyshop. Utterly disheartened about another hurdle thrown at her... she dealt with a few bumps in the road before but this... Maybe this was the end of her candy shop unless something was clarified or fixed. edit: After complaints, Briar is satisfied of the addition to the ban so she can sell chocolate
  9. This is gorgeous writing 🥰
  10. The Princess blinked at this... she will be continuing to use her left hand.
  11. A sick princess.. the pink numendil lass... Briar Pendraic... Nay... Briar Arthalion. Her hands shook with the missive of her friends passing. Another one... another one gone. Someone she promised tea with.. it.. Why.. WHY? A sob escaped her, causing her breath to hitch before the series of coughing fits came out.. Briar held the missive to her chest and fell asleep crying.
  12. Within those lands, that blonde headed lass smiled... Not the sun's smile, nay.. But that of flames. Princess Briar loved her people and her lands... But this? This was pay back... Folk believed perhaps Barrowton would be turned into a central traveling hub for the Mori as it slowly sunk and sunk and sunk... Not this day or anyday. Flames to cleanse the earth, to cleanse that vile scarring of memory and land from the putrid Mori'quissir.. Her hand tossed that bottle into the scholarium walls... And fire erupted Infront of her visage, spreading across and all around her within the matter of seconds. Good times were coming... By the Adunians' own accord, not any one elses.
  13. "C'Mon Battle Buddy!" Those words echoes in the Princess's ears within the barrowlands... Her core felt hollow in this moment... She found an unexpected kindred spirit in Anatoliy and considered him a friend even if they were minor encounters. Though, the promise rung in her ears as her hands fumbled for the whiskey bottle.. A shot poured. Though not for her.. It was placed next to a candle along with other trinkets... To those who had fallen from the Mori. She sat across from the shot, drinking a glass of wine as she fulfilled the promise of having a drink with Anatoliy. Briar added another name unto her list as tears dotted the paper
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