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Found 4 results

  1. Nummy

    Nummy's Art Auction

    Nummy’s Art Auction It’s rather simple, folks. I’ve come across the need for minas, and since it’s end of map, why not spend them all on an art auction? What are you bidding on? You may ask? Well! Winner of today’s auction will walk away with a colored bust art! Like This!! Just post what you’d like to bid. Highest bid by the time I get home from work today (Tuesday) at 7est wins! The Minimum bid is set at 2000 minas.
  2. [Feedback] Didn’t know where to post this… The Black Dragon of The West Words could be heard whispering from what seemed like a deep and endless cave. But the words were not of this world, but those who listened knew it did not speak of kindness. For deep and dark thrills surrounded the sentences that were uttered. “Khavrak nür marz ahnar.” (Rise again from the ashes.) “Noir mühn dathanir katah brinai!” (Unleash your fire upon them all!) Stone could be heard cracking and crumbling as light would shine from the cave. A winged beast of black and crimson eyes lunged out from the cave. Making stone shards shatter to the ground from the size of the beast forcing itself out. A screeching and petrifying roar would come from the beast’s terrifying mouth filled with sharp teeth. A few flaming sparkles came out from the beast’s mouth along with the roar as it stretched out it wings. Upon doing so it would reveal its feet and arms that bared huge claws of bone that could pierce through flesh and armour like it was paper. Its scales were black as the darkest corner you could ever see, its thickness to that of 5 times more than a great stone wall. Another loud roar could be heard from the beast as it would start to flap with its wings. Rising further and further from the ground as it flew over the trees and rose to the sky. The black dragon of the west had come to release its flames of hell upon the world. ((OOC Information: THIS IS MY FIRST TIME DOING SOMETHING LIKE THIS, SO WHOOP, WHOOP. This is just an idea for an event that could be done to make things interesting. I came up with it after reading somewhere on the forums that there had been dragons, and some of its kind still existed (like wyverns and stuff) so I thought that maybe there could have been a sleeping dragon that had been enchanted somewhere waiting for be awakened by magic. The language I wrote in another “tongue” was just something I came up with to make it more interesting. I would love to get feedback on how I could write it more interesting and so it would fit more with the lore on the server. Please only comment constructive criticism, as I am only posting this to get more ideas from the community to make the “may to become” event more interesting. I know it is not much, but I hope you guys like what I’ve done so far. Of course, this event would only take place when the blacklist has been lifted, so that all players who wish can attend. (if it were to happen) I am willing to change many things to make it fit more, and I am willing to add more depth into the lore of the event as well. The dragon is about half the size of Ancalagon the Black(this can be changed)
  3. Wanted: A Farfolk trafficker of exotic animals and the caged Pygmy Dragons he carts around with him (preferably alive). Threat level: Low Description of beast(s): The Pygmy Dragons are similar to Wyverns, their bodies are quite similar to their dragon counterparts, however these reptiles have four legs unlike wyverns. All have a pair of leathery wings, scaly hides, long tails, sharp short teeth and vicious claws. The trafficker himself is a very dark-skinned Farfolk male of middle age, short cropped hair and will be seen alongside his caravan. Location: Roaming the Vandorian Desert. Rewards: 500 minas to whoever can bring the unlawful trader alive to Vailorian Bounty Board Company Representatives.
  4. As the winter is finaly over and Kazradin becomes greener again , a ville sound of fire and decay can be heared from the South. As the dwarves rally on their city square , a muntain dwarf comes inside Kal'Karaad , his body burned and with his last breath shouts "Dragon!". It was a Green firedragon from the Far South , who saw the dwarven capital and decided to make its new home there! But it was too late since the dragon had already reached the dwarven capital and so the dwarves are now trapped inside their mountain home. After hours of waiting , a loud noise could be heared from the Grandaxe Tunnel . It was the dragon , who tried to enter the city .The dwarves , in order to save theirselves , destroyed the tunnel in hope of the dragon would die in it. But they were wrong as the dragon survived and now they were completely trapped. But the sound of elven and human horns started echoing in the distance. As the human and elven troops started making their way to the dwarven capital , something odd happened. The ground they were walking started shaking and then all hell broke loose. The fallen warriors from the battles around Urguan lands started rising from their graves. At the end , the elven and human troops were surrounded. ((Just give the event team a way to start killing people so the event would be nicer and not like 60 people go to an event and only 1 dies.))
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