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Found 9 results

  2. A Grudge of Blood and Fire Since the time of Yemekar’s creation, there has existed one fundamental law, which all beings must obey. It is a foundational principle engraved into the heart of every dwed to have ever lived; the cornerstone of Dwarven Pride itself: Nothing may be allowed to attack Urguan’s Folk and live. It is an atrocity that has been committed many times over the centuries, and each time those who have perpetrated this one, unforgivable sin have been punished severely. Yet, once again, some foul creature has chosen to rise against Urguan’s Folk. The foul and corrupted Drake known as Cloudbreaker has, thrice, attacked the Grand Kingdom of Urguan at the heart of our nation: The Capital City of Kal’Darakaan. It brings Fire hot enough to melt stone, Strength enough to topple towers, and Wings which carry it through the sky. It is truly a foe which seems insurmountable, yet the word “fear” does not exist in the Dwarven tongue. If a beast soars through the air, we shall cleave its wings from its body. If a beast bears great strength, we shall sever tendons to cripple it. If Cloudbreaker brings fire against our walls, we will extinguish these flames using the Drake's own blood. The Wronged: The Grand Kingdom of Urguan Elder Clan Ireheart Elder Clan Irongut Elder Clan Grandaxe Elder Clan Goldhand Elder Clan Starbreaker Elder Clan Frostbeard The Clans of Hefrumm Clan Irongrinder Clan Grimgold The Assailant: Cloudbreaker, The Black Drake The Wrong: The wanton attacks on The Grand Kingdom of Urguan and her vassals, leading to the death of many good dwarves, including Gormli, along with damage to the Jewel of the Empire: Kal’Darkaan. Terms of Settlement: The Head of Cloudbreaker hung above the gates of Kal’Darakaan, and its corpse stripped and hung in the square of the city. And its teeth and claws turned into fine crafts by the artisans of The Grand Kingdom of Urguan.
  3. ᛞᛖᚨᛏᚺ ᛏᛟ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛞᚱᚨᚷᛟᚾᚴᛁᚾ “A dwarf never forgets.” CLEANSING OF THE DRAGONKIN No descendant has come close to the combined feats of Yavoks kin. Yavok Ireheart, the founder of the clan, purged dark beings haunting the caves of his home. Kjell the Dragonslayer, slaying multiple dragons himself, set the precedent for the later generations of khronammoruk. With a Dragon attack on the capital of the dwarves, and the attack on the King of the Dwarves in the Haense tavern, the threat of the Dragonkin and Azdromoth grows greater. The Dragon-worshippers taint the land they touch and associates of Khorvad and Iblees cannot be ignored as they move to undermine the ideals and places we’ve all fought for. The Irehearts grow tired of the repeated slights by the sons of Azdromoth by tainting dwarven lands and the repeated attacks on Urguans kin, the repeated seizing of Urguani land from the Paladins and the deals with Iblees. For this, the combined Elders of Clan Ireheart and the Clan Father of the Irehearts make a bloodpact to fully cleanse this land from the spawn of Iblees. To those who live in the old ruins of Dol’Gorix at the foot of the volcanic mountains. You will have two stone days to remove your belongings off our sacred land or blood will once more be split in reclamation. Kav un anakrun yol zahere. Do not test our patience. Signed, Clan Father of the Irehearts, Champion of the Wilds. Elder of the Irehearts, Bane of the Orcs, Bane of Philip III Elder of the Irehearts, Commander of the Legion. Elder of the Ireheasrts, Certified Dragon Tracker
  4. [Last day of Pompeii, Karl Bryullov] -=- INFERNO OF HAELUN'OR 19th of the Grand Harvest S.A. 68 The bright sun rose high above the silver city of Karinah’siol. The Mali’aheral of Haelun’or moved about the lower district as they attended to their busy day. All was well in the city of Karinah’siol until a foreign noise drew near to the city. Thill looked about, pausing as they pondered. As the noise - now identified as the flapping of wings grew nearer, did all citizenry pause, as if every time was stopped. As they drew their gaze into the sky, they would spot a large dragon, flying towards the city. “Form ranks! The wingbeast is coming!” shouted Gwyndolin as she rang the bell, calling for the Sullumir and all and any able bodied citizens to aid and help defend the city. Soon did the Silver City spring into action, Sillumir soldiers falling into rank and proud Haelun'or citizenry pulling out their own bows and crossbows, ready to defend against the incoming beast if need be. And lo, did the beast come, its body span larger than the very roads it flew over, bone and blood falling onto the streets as it started to pass. Sillumir rose to the gatehouse, looking for the defense system: the cannons. There was only one. Despite this, the brave sillumir started to load the cannon in an attempt to defend their city from the beast in flight if it made a move to attack. However, as the dragon passed, it became increasingly certain that the dragon was simply that - passing. “Do not fire! Do not fire!” urged the Okarir’nor April Viradiraar as she too rose upon the gatehouse with the Okarir’san, A’eollaja Valwynn. The okarir herself produced a bow as she eyed the dragon. “Wait till it attacks first!” “Fire the cannon!” screamed Gwyndolin as she loaded up her bow when the cannon had not been fired, with support from the weaponed citizenry from below. The dragon continued to pass, although with its large claw did it attempt to take the eagle of a building. “If you take that shot, you will be responsible for all the deaths that occur in this city!” Shouted the Okarir’san towards the Sillumir, eyes lit up to the slowly passing dragon. Despite the warning from the Okarirs, and the encouragement from Gwyndolin below, a mali’ker from above aimed and fired at the dragon. The cannon was flung, and bounced off from the dragon’s resilient body, but the damage was done. The beast flapped its wings, slowly making a turn. Blood and bones dripped onto the city floor. It was coming for the gatehouse. The Sillumir were urged to reload the cannon from both the attending Okarir’s and those down below. A guardsman aimed and fired, and unfortunately missed. And unfortunately it was a little too late. The dragon opened its maw and let out a breath of fire, directed towards the top of the gatehouse. Some jumped away, lucky enough to only get a limb melted off, but some melted in the very instant, turned to complete liquid at the furious creature. Citizenry fell into chaos, with some running for cover, and some outing themselves for the dragon with hope of saving their friends and kin. Unfortunately for them, the dragon attacked them as well. By the end of the day, the top of the gatehouse was completely melted - the city ruined with ash and rubble. Together, the uninjured citizenry attempt to pull the injured from the ash, and count the dead. The sun rose on a Silver city, but fell on a black one.
  5. Frenrir Ireheart, a new fresh 31 year old dwarf, with a lot of adventure, in just one irl day. Frenrir is a new dwarf. He was born into the Irehearts and finally decided to do his trials and start his journey. He begun with going to Du Loc, as he heard his fellow bretheren were there. But at his surprise, a dragon was there. Frenrir with the dragon slaying clan in his blood, began to get furious that the Du Loc Guard would not let him in. Instead, a large ugly Oolog stood in his way and kept the gate shut, while calling him gay. Frenrir began to be furious, and asked two people behind him to go on a plan, however they did not follow up on it, and he got even more enranged, to the point that he got ready, thumped the ground and rushed towards the gates with his baldspot first. He hit the gate, making a loud clang but the gate did not leave a dent, and he was sent backwards and landed on his back. This however did not stop Frenrir, he continued to harass the dragon with words and bang on the gate. Eventually the dragon left and this made Frenrir rage in anger and leave, cursing Du Loc for not letting him in. Frenrir rode into the sun, and towards his home Urguan. Upon arrival, he was greeted by Garrond 'Orcbane' Frostbeard. They had a little convo, and it led to the topic of Bravery. Garrond challenged Frenrir to a test of Bravery where Frenrir was stand onto a wall, and Garrond was to throw an axe over his head, you were not allowed to flinch or duck, or you would lose the game. Garrond threw the axe, and Frenrir swallowed fear whole, and did not flinch. The axe went right over his head and he was safe and sound. The game attracted some folk, including another Ireheart. They all had turns, and eventually it came to someone else throwing the axe. Frenrir volunteered, and as he threw the axe, it was starting to fly towards Garrond, which made him duck, losing the game. Garrond called for another try and as he did, Frenrir threw an axe, which cut into Garronds head a little, but Garrond did not duck, nor flinch during the throw. As Frenrir thought it was fair for him to go up next, because of him hurting Garrond, The other Ireheart volunteered to throw. The Ireheart stepped back and gave the axe a good throw, it would hurl towards Frenrir, and knowingly it would be to low, Frenrir called for the gods as it his into his ear, splitting it almost full in half. Frenrir gave a good laugh and put a cloth around it, allowing it to be healed overtime. After a while of chilling in Urguan, another Ireheart came by, they talked about each others trials, which gave Frenrir the idea to go for them, along with the other Ireheart beardling. Garrond came along as they decided to go towards Krugmar. However, no one would open the gate, and they left. After a lot of chilling around Urguan, Frenrir decided to pay a visit to Elysium. Upon arrival, he was greeted with a large gate, after a while of shouting for someone to get it, a woman in large white armor came by, she called for Frenrir and asked him a couple of questions, which Frenrir answered with no hesitation. Then she called upon him to leave his weapons in a nearby chest. Frenrir, hesitant and cautious tried to negotiate, however it went nowhere, to the point a drunkard was having fun of the conversation. As the conversation lead on, and the persuasion was going nowhere, 3 unusual people came by, they said they came from "Yong Pink" apparently the town was called something else, and there was an argument about it, but the group was in red unusual armor, they were let in and left their weapons in the chest. Frenrir had a lot of insults at them and they threw insults back, there was many arguments, but eventually they all decided to get a drink. Finding no bartender and no one to pass them drinks, they just talked at the tavern, until more guards came along. After Frenrir shouted towards them, they came to Frenrir and the group of strange people. They called upon 2 of them. However, the two did not want to go and it turned into an argument. Frenrir was watching from the sidelines, when a woman came in and started giving out drinks. Frenrir won a bet against one of the strange men and got a free drink, which he slowly drank and slowly begun to get somewhat drunk. Frenrir flirted with a dark elf, which eventually slapped his face, and continued to flirt with him after. Everything eventually died down, and the strange group of people left, after dabbing Frenrir up. Frenrir followed and they left the gates of Elysium before, Frenrir noticed an Orc at the gates. He was a large Orc with red skin. And Frenrir challenged him to a duel. Frenrir and the Orc had a negotiation, and an argument about what happens when the other loses. It went from giving each other their balls, to giving each other their tusk, beard, skin, and eventually the Orc asked Frenrir to follow him. They went to the side of the walls and the Orc asked the elf for a knife. The elf passed him a knife and Frenrir knew what was coming. The Orc would give him the skin he wished for. Frenrir called him out and asked him not to but the Orc had lifted a middle finger at him, and then sliced it off. The finger would fall onto the ground and Frenrir, expecting this to happen, slice off his ear that was injured previously. As it fell, he held it, and the 2 complimented each other for being so tough. The Orc healed the dwarf with shaman magic, and then begun the duel. Both sides fought bravely and full of strength, but the Orc was the one who fell at the end. The Orc called it a good fight and so did the dwarf as he picked him up. They both dabbed up, and gave each other their 'sacrifices.' The Orc kept the ear and Frenrir kept the finger for his trials. Frenrir left Elysium happy that day, he met new friends, flirted and won a duel. just something fun to write about, im bored idk lol
  6. Nummy

    Nummy's Art Auction

    Nummy’s Art Auction It’s rather simple, folks. I’ve come across the need for minas, and since it’s end of map, why not spend them all on an art auction? What are you bidding on? You may ask? Well! Winner of today’s auction will walk away with a colored bust art! Like This!! Just post what you’d like to bid. Highest bid by the time I get home from work today (Tuesday) at 7est wins! The Minimum bid is set at 2000 minas.
  7. [Feedback] Didn’t know where to post this… The Black Dragon of The West Words could be heard whispering from what seemed like a deep and endless cave. But the words were not of this world, but those who listened knew it did not speak of kindness. For deep and dark thrills surrounded the sentences that were uttered. “Khavrak nür marz ahnar.” (Rise again from the ashes.) “Noir mühn dathanir katah brinai!” (Unleash your fire upon them all!) Stone could be heard cracking and crumbling as light would shine from the cave. A winged beast of black and crimson eyes lunged out from the cave. Making stone shards shatter to the ground from the size of the beast forcing itself out. A screeching and petrifying roar would come from the beast’s terrifying mouth filled with sharp teeth. A few flaming sparkles came out from the beast’s mouth along with the roar as it stretched out it wings. Upon doing so it would reveal its feet and arms that bared huge claws of bone that could pierce through flesh and armour like it was paper. Its scales were black as the darkest corner you could ever see, its thickness to that of 5 times more than a great stone wall. Another loud roar could be heard from the beast as it would start to flap with its wings. Rising further and further from the ground as it flew over the trees and rose to the sky. The black dragon of the west had come to release its flames of hell upon the world. ((OOC Information: THIS IS MY FIRST TIME DOING SOMETHING LIKE THIS, SO WHOOP, WHOOP. This is just an idea for an event that could be done to make things interesting. I came up with it after reading somewhere on the forums that there had been dragons, and some of its kind still existed (like wyverns and stuff) so I thought that maybe there could have been a sleeping dragon that had been enchanted somewhere waiting for be awakened by magic. The language I wrote in another “tongue” was just something I came up with to make it more interesting. I would love to get feedback on how I could write it more interesting and so it would fit more with the lore on the server. Please only comment constructive criticism, as I am only posting this to get more ideas from the community to make the “may to become” event more interesting. I know it is not much, but I hope you guys like what I’ve done so far. Of course, this event would only take place when the blacklist has been lifted, so that all players who wish can attend. (if it were to happen) I am willing to change many things to make it fit more, and I am willing to add more depth into the lore of the event as well. The dragon is about half the size of Ancalagon the Black(this can be changed)
  8. As the winter is finaly over and Kazradin becomes greener again , a ville sound of fire and decay can be heared from the South. As the dwarves rally on their city square , a muntain dwarf comes inside Kal'Karaad , his body burned and with his last breath shouts "Dragon!". It was a Green firedragon from the Far South , who saw the dwarven capital and decided to make its new home there! But it was too late since the dragon had already reached the dwarven capital and so the dwarves are now trapped inside their mountain home. After hours of waiting , a loud noise could be heared from the Grandaxe Tunnel . It was the dragon , who tried to enter the city .The dwarves , in order to save theirselves , destroyed the tunnel in hope of the dragon would die in it. But they were wrong as the dragon survived and now they were completely trapped. But the sound of elven and human horns started echoing in the distance. As the human and elven troops started making their way to the dwarven capital , something odd happened. The ground they were walking started shaking and then all hell broke loose. The fallen warriors from the battles around Urguan lands started rising from their graves. At the end , the elven and human troops were surrounded. ((Just give the event team a way to start killing people so the event would be nicer and not like 60 people go to an event and only 1 dies.))
  9. Wanted: A Farfolk trafficker of exotic animals and the caged Pygmy Dragons he carts around with him (preferably alive). Threat level: Low Description of beast(s): The Pygmy Dragons are similar to Wyverns, their bodies are quite similar to their dragon counterparts, however these reptiles have four legs unlike wyverns. All have a pair of leathery wings, scaly hides, long tails, sharp short teeth and vicious claws. The trafficker himself is a very dark-skinned Farfolk male of middle age, short cropped hair and will be seen alongside his caravan. Location: Roaming the Vandorian Desert. Rewards: 500 minas to whoever can bring the unlawful trader alive to Vailorian Bounty Board Company Representatives.
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