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[Deceased] The Wandering Wizard (Aengul)

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The Wandering Wizard, known in some parts of Aegis as Availer, was among the strongest commanders of magic across the land, being one of the few Aengudaemons to manifest themselves entirely into the mortal plane, and thus he wandered Aegis helping its citizens and remaining elusive behind a shield of powerful magic. This magic helped keep the advances of the Undead at bay in Aegis and prevent them from taking over the whole world. He was instrumental in many battles against Undead, fighting them off alongside ordinary Aegeans.

On Ahad, the 8th of the Deep Cold in the year 1336, the Wandering Wizard appeared in 
Al'Khazar and sent a message across all the lands of Aegis. He requested the aid of all who could assist him in transporting three relics to the Cloud Temple of Aegis. A large crowd gathered in the Humans capital, composed mostly of Humans but also containing representatives of all races. The procession started on their way to the Cloud Temple down the King's Road, where they were immediately attacked. Undead cast lightning upon the travelers and undead minions appeared out of thin air. The Wandering Wizard used his powerful magic to try and hold off the attacks, which intensified the closer the group got to the Cloud Temple. Along the way the Wandering Wizard kept encouraging the defenders, telling them that the relics had to be protected at all costs from falling into Undead hands. By the time the procession reached the Cloud Temple an unknown number of defenders had already been killed on the King's Road. It was at the Cloud Temple that the Undead launched their greatest attack of the battle, casting powerful enough magic at the Cloud Temple to nearly break it to pieces. A cry was raised to enter the Cloud Temple, which would hopefully provide sanctuary. As the defenders entered the Cloud Temple, the Wandering Wizard was seemingly killed by the Undead. They made off with three objects, identified by those present as eggs. Following his death the Undead were able to launch increasingly greater attacks, culminating in the final Battle for Aegis. During the final attack on the Cloud Temple it was revealed that the eggs were those of Dragons, and had hatched. Attacking Dragons destroyed large parts of the Cloud Temple and Laurelin in the battle.

The Wandering Wizard was assumed dead. On Tolta, 10th of The Grand Harvest, Year 57 he returned in 
Asulon. According to Monk Talmb, the Wizard had spent over 57 years trapped on an unknown place between Aegis and the Verge. It was a little known fact that even after he was slain by the Undead, that the Monks of the Cloud Temple managed to obtain his soulstone and brought it the Wilven Sanctuary where it acted as an 'anchor' of sorts and allowed the Wandering Wizards soul to return to the corporeal world. Shortly after assisting the Dwarves of Kal'Dwain battle a group of Drakes, the Wandering Wizard, now the White Wizard, vanished as suddenly as he appeared in the first place, leaving more questions unanswered then before. The current status of the Wizard is unknown, although it's entirely possible he may once again resurface when there is need of him.

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