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Gazardiael (Aengul)

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Gazardiael is often said to be the Aengul of New Beginnings, though what this means is not strictly clear. When encountered by mortals he is known to speak in a code, devout to preserving whatever he believes his purpose to be— though never has he, himself, revealed what this cause is. None-the-less, Gazardiael often makes appearances in times of great change, along with his known servant Azurond speaking of maintaining a balance which to mortal-kind is often unclear.


Never before has an Aengul been so shrouded in mystery, it has even been argued that his reclusive nature is similar to that of a Daemon's. Alas, so little remains known about the supposed Aengul of New Beginnings, named truly because that is only when he has decided to reveal himself in the past, when the descendants begin on a journey to a new continent.

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