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Cerridwen (Aengul)

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(Full credit to Jallentime)


The Aspects:  

The Druidic Aspects are an ancient and powerful trinity of gods whose names are synonymous with Nature itself. Each of the three Aspects maintain their respective domain over the natural world and cooperate to establish true balance, a feat which has been undermined by the efforts of mages and the greedy (Further detailed in the book, ‘The Great War’). Because of this, the Aspects have blessed their divine will upon individuals within the mortal realm, dubbing those chosen as ‘Druids’. The purpose of these individuals was clear: eradicate the unnatural, allow life to prosper, and defend nature against unordained destruction. With this creed in mind, the Druids have propelled themselves into the modern era under the careful supervision of our benefactors. But, who are the Aspects?


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The Green Lady, Goddess of Life, Mother of The Morn, Lady of Light

Bestowed Druidic Ability: Nature’s Healing

Governing Season: Spring


It is said that whenever the sun rises, so too does the great Springmother. Cerridwen’s divine light breathes life into the cold darkness each morning, replenishing the weary with renewed strength and vigor. During the creation of the world she is said to have personally sculpted every flower and fruit, every nut and vegetable into an object of replenishment and beauty. Cerridwen’s love for the world is unconditional, and she desires peace above all else.


To experience Cerridwen is to experience the purest form of bliss. You must run barefoot through a bright meadow in the spring-time, your hair down and blowing in the warm breeze as the sunlight washes over your sealed eyelids. You must kneel at the edge of a coursing stream and stare down at your reflection, watching the myriad of colorful fish swimming by without much care in the world. You must hold an infant in your arms, helpless, trusting, and know what it is to be a mother.


Rituals and Beliefs


  • When any new life is brought into the world, Cerridwen is believed to watch over them as any mother would. For this reason the phenomenon of ‘Baby Luck’ is often attributed to her.


  • Cerridwen’s recognized symbol is the sun, which can commonly be found in druidic libraries as a depiction of ‘Illuminating the darkness of ignorance’.


  • Small shrines to Cerridwen can be found in family gardens or farms to ward off pests and encourage a good harvest.


  • The officiant of a marriage often blesses the lucky couple with words of Cerridwen to encourage a long, and child-filled life.

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