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How and Why you should play an orc (Orc Guide)

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A Guide To Orcs



Orcs are a peculiar and complex race, with varying personalities just like any other descendant. Despite their common image as ruthless marauders or devout shamans, there’s some much more to them than war and shamanism. Orcs are an industrious yet violent people, with a strong sense of honor and courage. This guide hopes to give you a deeper perspective on day to day orcish life, their mindsets, and overall how and why to roleplay as one.



There’s general freedom in orcish character design when it comes to appearance, however they do have some noticeable traits that distinguish them from their pink skinned counterparts.


Skin- Orcs are unique to many other races because of their skin colors. Although they vary, the most common skin color is green. Tied for the second most common are Red, Blue, and Black. Black orcs are typically descended from the Ram, Raguk, or Dom clans. Blue orcs are usually Laks. Red orcs are almost invariably Raguks. Some rarer skin colors include Ash Grey and Flesh colored. Typically the ashen skinned uruks belong to the Dom clan or the Ruk clan. However, the most rare colors include albino and purple. Purple orcs are not recommended, as they are typically the offspring of Raguks and Laks who are butting heads at almost any given time.


Tusks- Orcs invariably have tusks jutting from their lower jaw, and thus to make room have large jaws. When making your skin, it’s recommended to use a second layer to represent your chin unless you’re a goblin, a half breed, or perhaps a younger fe-uruk. Some orcs develop a smaller, second set of tusks as they age. Their teeth are usually sharper and more rugged than the other descendant’s.


Build- Orcs are muscular, it’s just a fact of life. They live in the harshest of environments and value strength above almost all else. It’s only natural they would develop powerful muscles and thick skin.


Size- Orcs are very tall and beefy. Even goblins can be quite tall. Most uruks range from 6 feet all the way to 8 feet, and even higher in rare cases or in the case of bloodline Braduks. Goblins are generally the height of humans, but can be as short as a tall dwarf. The shortest a goblin can be is 4 feet tall, and the tallest they can be is 7 feet, which is generally quite rare. Ologs, on the other hand, are giant. Typically, they range from 8 to even 11 feet tall, and in rare cases up to 13 feet tall!


Horns- As orcs age and gain higher positions in society, they can sometimes grow horns. These horns are typically small, but can grow long and jagged with time. However, most orcs never grow horns and they are NOT hereditary. (pst.. bowdowntotherex)




Orc clothing is a peculiar thing. Because their lifestyle revolves around honor, practicality, and war, most orcs wear very little save for armor. The most common clothing you will find an orc in is very light, leather, tribal clothing with small scraps of armor strapped to it here and there. Orcs can, however, also be a very prideful race. They may display their wealth and achievements on their clothing. This often manifests itself in many ways, be it jewelry, to display wealth, or tattoos and warpaint, to show they are ready for combat. Some orcs will even go as far as to forge armor and clothing from the blood and bones of fallen enemies. A common practice among orcs is to make jewelry from trophies collected from enemies- bone earrings or elf ear necklaces are not uncommon.


Values and Traits





Orcs hold their honor above all else. To Orcs, honor means many different things- often varying from Orc to Orc. However, there are some common beliefs among orcs that a player can mix and match as they please to build their very own little code of honor.


Courage- A common part of orcish honor is the belief that one must have courage. Cowards are frowned upon in orcish society and are often claimed to be whitewashes. Orcs are believed not to back down from fights, and should be willing to risk their life for their fellow brothers or sisters in arms.


Loyalty- Orcs are oftentimes very loyal to their people. They are defensive of their friends and family. Orcish soldiers will follow their commander’s orders to the letter, and never doubt their Rex or any of their leaders. Once an Orc is in a clan or has committed to something or someone, it is often considered dishonorable to give up or abandon said thing.


Mercy- Few but still numerable orcs are said to show mercy to the weak, or those who cannot help being weak such as halflings and children. After all, there’s quite a difference between a fight and a butchering.


Honesty- Not all Uruks value honesty and keeping their word, but enough uruks do that it should be mentioned as part of an uruk’s possible code of honor.


Persistence/Endurance- It is frowned upon in orcish society to give up quickly or easily. An orc should stick to their plan and always get the job done. It is generally believed that an Orc should have a high tolerance to pain. The bottom line is that an orc rarely gives up.


Strength- Most orcs believe that might makes right. Most orcs also believe that weakness is dishonorable, in any way of life. It’s a common belief that one should be strong in every way- physically, mentally, and even spiritually.


Productivity- Orcs prefer to be productive. Most orcs believe that one of the worst fates for them to meet is to be useless. Orcs enjoy having a job and providing for their people, and thus pursue many different careers and due to their persistence will pursue the career or talent until they are fantastic at it.


War and Bloodlust


(An orc in glorious combat against 3 soldiers)(said orc is cliche)

All orcs, whether they like it or not, tend to be violent. They may crave war and combat, but not only do they have that constant, they have another side to their bloodlust. They may also have stages where they become completely uncontrollable and furious. When an orc is provoked, or when they experience something absolutely enraging, nobody is safe. To an orc in bloodlust, no-one is their ally. Although they may still get hurt, they feel no pain. Keep in mind that in this period Orcs see all as enemies, and tend to attack the nearest to them. There is no empathy, there is no honor, there is no pain- only rage. Bloodlust is a very dangerous thing, as Orcs, if not killed, knocked out, or calmed down, will continue in bloodlust for hours. It most certainly doesn’t end when an enemy is killed.


However, in general, orcs can be hot headed and rude. Because of this, they try to distract themselves with hobbies and mental fortitude. Most orcs, by the time they are fully grown and responsible adults, have coping mechanisms for bloodlust. Some orcs may recite a poem or song, others may think good thoughts, some even just shut down entirely.


Many Orcs enjoy combat, and view it as a necessity in life. What most Orcs do not enjoy is lethal combat with kinsmen. Orcs take pride in their strength and combat prowess, and thus to be a great warrior is to also command great respect. In general, war is a big part of an orc’s life but they do not allow for it to control or define them entirely.




(A bar brawl in an orcish tavern)

Orcs vary in personality greatly, much like the other descendants. But also much like the other descendants, they typically have common traits amongst themselves. Almost every orc has two traits in common: Aggression and Honor. Of course, the definition of Honor varies among orcs and some orcs are more in control of their rage than others. However, bloodlust is still their curse and almost every orc has their bouts of anger and rage.


Other than that, one has complete freedom as an orc. Orcs can vary from being quite fun and rowdy folk, to being solemn and stubborn. Some orcs are willing to speak and go on rants, whereas others think that actions speak louder than words. Some orcs may spend their free time fighting or drinking, while others may prefer reading or even gardening! You have a fantastic level of freedom when designing your orc’s personality traits, and you must never limit yourself to stereotypes.





Orcs can often be found worshipping their beloved spirits. Although faith and devotion vary among uruks, most orcs follow the Spirits and their Ancestors. They believe that spirits control the world, and must be worshipped. The unique thing about the Spirits as opposed to other deities, is they’re generally more power hungry and violent. Many orcs, save for most Dark Shamans, do not care for this. They believe the spirits deserve worship, but all for their own reasons. Some believe the spirits need worship or else they will become angry and vengeful.


Not to mention, some Uruks believe certain kinds of spirits deserve more worship than others. The three types of spirits are Elemental, Ancestral, and Immortal. Ancestral spirits are honorable orcs who have died and gone to Stargush’Stroh. Immortal spirits control more specific, intangible aspects of life. Elemental spirits control the general world around the orcs. In general, orcs vary in their styles of worship. Some do not worship, others make prayers, but a common practice is to sacrifice things as gifts to the spirits.


The ways in which orcs worship the spirits is endless, and you have great creative liberty when showing your devotion to the spirits as an orc.


Shamans are held high in orcish society, viewed as emissaries to the spirits and their realms. Shamans do not hand out their magic, however, and one must work to become one.


OOC: Seek out Smawton for more info


Day to Day Life




Orcish courtship is a peculiar concept. Orcs do not view beauty as humans and elves do. To orcs, strength is beauty. Often, courtship with orcs begins with combat. This is because the view of mating when it comes to orcs is logical- they pick whoever is most suitable for creating strong and honorable children. This is also to provide their genes are the strongest


Thus, when most couples would be dating and interacting, Orc couples would be fighting and gauging each other’s strength. After this phase is over, orcs will become ‘mates’. At this point, it is strictly for child rearing. Orcs who are mates will have as many children as possible, and will take multiple mates. However, mate-hood also commands a certain level of friendship. Real love is rare to be displayed in orcish society, and often after years of mating. Orcs who are greatly in love, view each other as strong, and have been partners long enough in life may take it a step further and become life mates. When orcs become life mates, it’s a very serious contract. They may not stray from their life mate or have more mates, and will stay with them until death.


Violence is quite common in orcish relationships, to both gauge strength but also to satisfy their violent tendencies. Tenderness is not unheard of, but does not work like other descendants might think it does. Really, it’s more gentle touching- kissing, hand holding, and hugging is a very rare and frowned upon concept.


Average Activities

Many orcs have different ideas of ‘fun’, but there are some common concepts. Many orcs spend their spare time training and fighting amongst themselves for fun. Some orcs will take up hobbies and talents, honing their skills at them for days at a time. Some orcs enjoy drinking and smoking green, getting into arguments and debates oftentimes. There are a few orcs who enjoy travelling or raiding in their free time, although the latter is much more common. Orcs will often spend their free time challenging each other in various ways be it to physical combat or a game of wits. Some orcs hunt in their free time, or do other things that are overall productive to their society such as blacksmithing or farming. Many orcs devote their free time to spirit worship.


Thus, the main places one might find an orc on an average day is working hard in the forge, mines, or farm, relaxing in the tavern, or fighting and training in the arena. Overall, orcs have many hobbies and favorite activities, but chief among them is combat and training in any sort of talent or job.



The Orcish diet varies greatly by subrace. Whereas an Olog  will eat anything that comes near their mouth and even fits, a Goblin can be quite picky depending on their mood. However, due to their life in the desert the orcish diet typically consists of grains and meat. Many orcs enjoy fishing from the various oases about the desert, and will use fish for sustenance.


However, a rare orcish delicacy is Halfling. Some Orcs find it disgusting, but when it comes to the orcish diet it’s all non-orcs can talk about in matters of trashing orcs.


In matters of food, orcs are very practical. They care much more about it actually being food than it tasting good or looking good.


Klomps/Might Makes Right

Orcs fight over many things. It’s a common practice among orcs to draw the conclusion that the winner of a fight thus is correct or perhaps has earned something. Orcs will challenge each other to fights or “Klomps” over many things- Houses, Ranks, Slaves, even Mates!



Slaves, or ‘Snagas’ are a returning part of orcish life. Having been abolished for a long time, now they have been returned. ‘Snagas’ are essentially slaves, and are treated as such. However, Orcs are expected to treat their Snagas a certain way. For one, they have to treat them not with respect but with discipline, one must not neglect their slaves. Also, it isn’t uncommon for an orc to expect their slaves to worship the spirits regularly.


Rather than an individual orc owning a slave, entire clans own slaves. Sometimes, clans will auction slaves and even have them fight each other with wagers and bets put on them.


OOC: Essentially, we’re bringing back slavery but in a different way. Rather than just keeping slaves, it’ll have to be a more interactive experience. Don’t make your slave’s life boring, spice things up and give the player some fun.

OOC Note: Mabah, here. Old time snaga from long time ago. Snagas are actually rather fun to play and do not really need to be changed that much. (Delete some or all of this if you wish)


Green goes by many names: Cactus green, green, or kush. But they all mean the same thing: the staple of orcish substances. It’s a paste created from boiled and mashed cactus, which can be smoked on a pipe. There are many different ways orcs make this fascinating drug, nicknaming each of its variations something else. However, the standard is a mild psychedelic which can cause one to feel giddy, as well as sometimes have very minor hallucinations.



(Forgive me if I forget a few)


Clans are a very important part of life to an Orc. One’s birth clan determines how they look and act. However, if one is born clanless and joins a clan it’s usually the other way around- rather than the clan making them act a certain way, they join the clan because they act that way.


The Current

Raguk- A clan of red skinned orcs. Orcs of raguk are known to be fantastic blacksmiths who take great pride in their work. If you ever meet a blacksmith orc, they’re almost always a Raguk. Raguks make a special type of steel, blessed by the spirit of Blood, called Blood-steel. The steel is much stronger than normal steel. The Raguk’s mount is the Myrzym, an animal much like an elephant. Although, this mount is the size of a Mammoth, usually tending to be 11-15 Meters. They have no hair, and 4 tusks, 2 smaller ones in the lower jaws.

The Raguks were known as the Unbroken in Vailor, for their reputation to never give up.

Current Wargoth: Kuntklobberra’Raguk


Lur- One of the older clans, Lur is a diverse clan when it comes to skin tone, but are typically green. They are shorter orcs, but still huge compared to other races. Those of the Lur clan are hunters, the stealthier folk of the Orcs. They rely on speed, calculation, and stealth to hunt but also have another thing they rely on- their mounts. The Mounts of the Lur clan are huge wolves, known as Lur Wolves, and are just as stealthy, fast, and clever as their owners.

Current Wargoth: Zlazh’Lur


Yar- Orcs of the Yar clan are the scholars and shamans of the Orcs. They enjoy studying and worshipping as opposed to combat and violence, unlike many other Orcs. Although they do not have their own mount, they make up for it in wisdom and intelligence.

Current wargoth: Malog’Yar


Gorkil- Formerly a Warrior Clan, now a clan focused on endurance and tactics rather than mindless combat. Most Gorkils are green with fiery red eyes, but Red Gorkils are not unheard of. Gorkils are known to ride massive boars, and often will go days without eating just to train their body to endure the pain.

Current Wargoth: Vagud’Gorkil


Dom- A clan who are not direct worshippers of the immortal or elemental spirits, but who instead value history and ancestry above all else. Unlike other orcs, they inflict self harm for worship rather than harming others as sacrifice. The clan Dom has a checkered past of harm, conflict, and dark shamanism but are trying to improve themselves and clear their good name.

Current Wargoth: Hu-Din’Dom


Braduk- A clan who are also quite interested in history and ancestry, but unlike Dom are still strong warriors and devout worshippers of all kinds of spirits, although most members tend to stick to Immortal or Ancestral spirits. Braduk is an ancient clan, with the most expansive history of any. They are bound greatly to their mounts, massive rhinos that they grow up with from childhood, which have been named ‘Braduk Rhinos’ in their honor. Orcs of Braduk are typically towering- even above their fellow orcs.

Current Wargoth: Gholug’Braduk


Azog- A reclusive clan that like to keep to themselves. Warriors who can be counted on when they are needed, but can rarely be seen around Krugmar. They are very quiet, but are fantastic and skilled warriors.


Lak- Lak is a clan of orcs who zealously worship the Swamp Spirit, Laklul. Their skin is a sickly blue tone, and are known to reside in swamps to do a justice to the Swamp Spirit. They are known to befriend the rats of the swamp and ride massive toads.



Tuk- A goblin exclusive clan, which was destroyed by Lak after being accused of destroying one of their shrines.


Fud- An olog only ‘clan’. It died out after most of the Ologs lost interest after their leader was imprisoned by the Skygods.







Ologs, also known as Ogres and Orogs, are the mindless brutes of orcish society. They do nothing but kill, eat, and sleep. Ologs are huge, standing 8-12 feet tall. They have massive tusks and jaws compared to other subraces, and are known to be the stupidest of the descendant races- barely able to speak in understandable sentences or even live on their own. They’re almost entirely dependant on other races to feed, clothe, and take care of them. Ologs possess less honor than their Uruk cousins, and much more bloodlust.

As Smawton said, they usually speak in short, confused sentences.

A example of their rp would be: “bAdUuuM eEeHt!”





Uruks are your average everyday orc. The most common of the subraces, the Uruk stands anywhere from 6-8 feet tall, 7-10 if they’re a Braduk. They can possess the intelligence of a human, with just about the same variability. However, the Orcish education system is poor, thus leaving many Uruks ignorant but clever. Uruks have a perfect balance of honor and bloodlust, making them perhaps the most pleasant of orcs to be around.





Goblins are shorter, more clever, and more agile than your average Orc. Many think goblins are the size of Halflings, but that is untrue. They are in fact the size of humans, usually on the short side but not always, ranging for 4-6 feet tall and in rare cases 7 feet tall. Goblins are less aggressive and less ignorant than their Uruk and Olog cousins, but can be scheming and dishonorable compared to Uruks and Ologs, though not always the case. Most of the time, they seek to talk their way out a situation.Goblins are typically weak compared to Orcs and Ologs, however they make up for it in stealth and speed.


Why Play An Orc?

Orcs have a very diverse playerbase, everyone is different. There are many different interesting parts of Orcish life, for basically every type of player. Orcs aren’t all about PvP and combat, and have much more to their RP to just that. Fighting and Spirit Worship isn’t everything you can do as an orc, you can do just about anything you set your mind to- You can be a devout shaman, a powerful warrior, a shady drug dealer, a scheming goblin inventor, a strong leader, an addict, a drunk- just about anything you could think of!


Orc RP does lean towards combat, but sometimes that can be good. Regardless, we aren’t PvP hungry beasts, despite what the general public may think. Orcs are a diverse, fun, and wild race that anyone could enjoy. So play an Orc today!


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+1 Looks great, I would definitely make an Orc if all my persona slots weren't full

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Mabah was definitely there.

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I approve
Fix Braduk and Raguk tho, we're Braguk now

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Hozh guide ! ;)

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