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Make an Orc Week 5

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Make An Orc Week 5!


This week’s topic: Clans.


Clans play a big part in the orcish society. Let it be your ‘birth’ clan if your character is someone’s son, or if you joined them through the trials, I’m going to run over every single aspects related to clans, which are which, and other things!


When thinking of orcish clans you have to stick in your mind that they are NOT something that’s not a part of the Krughai. For some reason, I’ve had people thinking Clans were separate nations so just to clarify.

Clans, in the Orcish society, generally determine your identity, way of being, and, should your orc be a religious person, each clan has their own Spirits of choice (For example: Lak has Laklul, Raguk has Gentharuz and so on).

Some of the most important clans in the orcish society, who have been around for ages, are:


















All of these clans have played a big part in the orcish history, some even being historical, being the case of Raguk with Kharak’Raguk, Destroyer of Vailor.

But the focus is on their identity and how each clan determines who you are, on other’s views.


We’re going to start with:


(Clan Raguk was my clan for most of my characters, so we’ll start with that)


The commonly Red Orcs of Raguk are generally smaller than most orcs. They tend to grow to 6’ to 7’5”, but they compensate on sheer strength and overall skills. Clan Raguk has a really cool thing about them: Blood Smithing.

Some notable figures:


Turkûrz’Raguk (AFRICANESE_’s old character)

Murgosh’Raguk (Myself. Saved Drokon’Ugluk)

Kharak’Raguk (Smawton)

But we’ll get to that later.

Clan Raguk are the cogs in the Rexdom. They work day and night for the betterment of their nation. They are proud. Red as the blood that sears their hands.

The stalwart and powerful orcs are workers. Very hard workers. They are the backbone of productivity.

Raguk consists of mostly powerful Smiths, having the unique Dâr ob Griish (Blood Smiths) and mighty Miners. For the Raguks, if you are not born into the clan, you’ve a hard trial of strength, intelligence and perseverance.  

Like every other clan (Most), Raguk has an unique mount for them…


The Myrzym. Mighty, 11 feet tall elephants classic to Clan Raguk. Generally used as mounts, they can be fierce combatants with their tusks as well.




There’s a common stereotype within the orcish society that defines orcs of the Clan Yar as shamans and shamans only. That’s not true. Clan Yar does have most of the greatest and most wise orcs of all time. For some examples:

Shagarath’Yar (HedgeHug)

Malog’Yar (Catarrh)


REX U’la’Yar (ultravioletpixie)

These figures are both shamans, but not only that, but influential figures to the orcish society.

Yar forms the wiser orcs and, like their own said, they are not expected to fight. They are, of course, still uruks and will fight fiercely to defend their brothers and sisters but they are, like the Raguk, who are the producement backbone, the Yar are the cultural backbone of orcish society. They are story tellers, shamans, teachers, strategists. Orcs of the clan Yar don’t have a fix ‘color’ for them, unlike Raguk, who are commonly Redskins.

Clan Yar doesn’t have a special mount ((If they do, can a Yar smite me and correct me in the comments? Thanks))


Aside from that, Yars are known to have held various positions of powers, some notable REX’s of Yar:

Rex Vorgo’Yar

Rex Phaedrus’Yar (If he was, I don’t really remember, correct me if I’m wrong)

They are a tradicional clan, with some laws being:

“Do not speak the language of the pink skin, for that is an abomination to Krug”

“Do not take the pink skin as your mate, for that is an abomination to Krug”

Yar is a very spiritual and well versed folk, and one of the best clans in my personal opinion.




The famous Lur orcs and the Lur wolves. Clan Lur is, again, in my personal experience, one hell of a clan. They are hunters, and they embody such hunt.

Some notable figures:

Eath’Lur (Sandk1ng)

Wargoth Falum’Lur (Shamanistic)

The mighty orcs of Lur are hunters, and they only, primarily care about that: hunting. And, of course their clan.

Lurs are typically stealthy folk (even for Orcs) and they have an awesome story, that I recommend hunting down in the Forums and reading.

Clan Lur, for being hunters, have some of the best orcish bowmen. Not only that, but they have great shamans, such as Falum’Lur and Eath’Lur.

Clan Lur is the one clan I recommend for new people wanting a good clan with a mighty history.

Clan Lur has one of the mightiest mounts on all of the orcish society (Myrzym still stomp ‘em)...


The Lur Wolves, commonly mounted by these orcs, they are mighty, yet beautiful, striking creatures that make for great companions in hunt, and allies in war. Almost every single member of the Lur clan has a Lur wolf.




Clan Lak. The orcs of the swamps and the praisers of Laklul, Spirit of Swamps. Like the Raguks, they have a distinguishing skin tone: Laks are normally dark blue or even bright blue.


One mythical figure of the Lak clan:

Shreck’Lak (Travista, old user I think)

The Laks are savages. Pure savages. Their endless devotion to Laklul and their fiercery in combat has made them a respectable clan ever since Athera. Wargoths of Lak are referred to as Swampgoths, and they are the most respected and honourable withing the clan.

The Laks have a very unique and cool mount, gifted to them by Laklul…


The Toalaks. Toalaks are oversized toads gifted by the Spirit of Swamps in reward for Lak’s endless devotion to them. They are brutish combatants and can prove to be valuable allies to any Lak orc.


Well, that sums it up for the fifth make your orc week! If you want any additions to this post, send me a PM or comment and if you want to join any of these clans, approach one of these people:

Wargoth Falum’Lur

REX U’la’Yar

Wargoth Boneuk’Raguk

Speak to any of those to also know who leads clan Lak right now.


Special thanks to Brazilianski (ME) for writing this.





And have fun roleplaying!

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how did lak get a segment here and gorkil didn't??

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3 minutes ago, _Jandy_ said:

how did lak get a segment here and gorkil didn't??


I thougth of that too, I'll do another Make An Orc week with the other clans (Dom, Gorkil, Braduk and the Late Braguk, even tho it's dead) and I'll put them for sure. Don't worry, I didn't forget you boyos.

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What about Braduk and other important Lur figures. You’re leaving out so many people!

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Just now, Slothtastic said:

What about Braduk and other important Lur figures. You’re leaving out so many people!


RECENT important people. 


Edit: And some other historical figures.

Edited by Sovietskiii

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2 minutes ago, Sovietskiii said:

RECENT important people. 


Edit: And some other historical figures.


*grumble grumble*

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Nice job my dude! Really documented Clan Raguk well, though if any of you'd like a more in-depth discussion; PM me!

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