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Quillian Serene

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Quillian Serene



~The Azalea Druid~



Lillian, Quill, little knight.









Wood Elf



Alive and well


Weight & Height:

140 lbs, 5’8 ft.


Body Type:

Fairly well toned for an average mali'ame female due to the intense and difficult training she had conducted with the orcs, agile which was adapted over her archery skills and climbing to high heights.




One sky blue and her other blinded.



Dark brunette curls, mid-waist length.






Physical Description:


A mali’ame of moderate height, usually donned in her steel plated armour forged with basilisk hide, upon her hip can be found her trusted blade ‘Prince’s blessing’, a broad sword forged for her by Prince Demetrios of Santegia. She keeps her long brunette locks tamed in a small ribbon beneath her armour.



Has a deep whip marks embedded into her back, with horrible burn scars upon her upper shoulders. A deep jagged scar running through her right eye, she also has a branded mark on her lower abdomen of a rounded circle with an X in the centre marking her as once a slave by the orcish people. No Known Tattoos yet.



Quil is a firm but fair individual, she has a flame of determination and does not take dishonour lightly. She is an extremely loyal individual with exceptionally high family values, for both her direct family and her people in which follow her. However sometimes her emotions can mar her practicality when it comes to making difficult decisions, Quil is very reserved and prefers to help rather than be helped.




Quil goes nowhere without her Thornback staved longbow, carved into it’s hand is a phrase “Let your arrow find its target Oem’ii”. Steel tipped arrows for her archery, and on very rare occasions explosive arrows. A finely smithed bluesteel warhammer, aurum blade. When in close combat she uses a lightweight rapier and for long distance throwing knifes. But prefers to wield her broadsword ‘Prince’s blessing’.


Life Style



A neutral good individual who strives to only gain good out of things, she will make decisions based on her own personal beliefs rather than what the law states, such choices has seen to get her into trouble once before but it is simply a part of Quillian she has no interest on changing. Though Quillian finds an equilibrium both between the freedom of an individual and the abidance of the laws.  


Family Members:


Eryn Serene (Brother)

Gael Serene (Brother)

Fynn Serene (Twin brother/ marked as deceased, yet unknown)

Kattja Serene (Sister)

Heather Serene (Sister/ Deceased)

Nathalie Serene (Mother/ deceased)

Nathiel Serene (Father/ deceased)


Rion & Elias Serene (Eldest twin sons)

Aiden Serene (Son, deceased)

Cecilia Sugarbean (Daughter/ deceased)

Bastion Serene (Son)

Aiduin Serene (Son)

Thalia Serene (Daughter)

Ethel Serene (Daughter)


Mora Serene (Grand-daughter)

Lily Serene (Niece)







The Aspects




Nature's Communion & Control



Kingdom of Caminus & Santegia



Queen of Caminus, Dame ‘The Devoted’ of Santegia and Grand knight

Of the order of the Orchid and The Azalea Druid.





-Rather strong trust issues

-Over protective

-Can be rather cold

-Not quick to make lasting friendships

-Blames herself


Roleplay Posts:





Quillian is rather gifted in the arts of combat, she was trained rather thoroughly by the orcish people in her times as a slave, consisting of beatings and trained blindfolded. She has an eye for detail and is quite good at studying her opponents before a fight breaks out, though due to the blindness in her right eye she finds it slightly difficult to fire her arrows, though they will find their target.


Trained Weapons:

Archery, throwing knifes, broadsword and claymore.


Preferred Weapons:

Broadsword and bow



Quil’s mother (Nathalie loriane Serene) was a druid of her small tribe within the Dominion, they kept their distance from most populated areas and thrived within their own people’s company. The woman was wedded to Quil’s father Nathiel Serene, a small tavern man who made ends meet, they later (when Quillian reached the age of seven) birthed two twin sons, the father quickly lost interest in his daughter and prioritized his sons - when they grew nothing had changed. Aside from Nathiel. He grew wicked, hateful and cold, constantly allowing his sons to use his daughter as a punching bag until one day Quillian finally beat her brothers. Full of fury, her father brought a blade to her orbs in attempts to blind the mali’ame, though he only managed to blind one before her mother came to the rescue - in retaliation, the young elfess snuck into her parents chambers during the night and quietly slit her father’s throat. After such an act occurred the girl ran from the lands of Ceru, training and bettering herself in hopes to gain employment that provided good coin, though she found little opportunities for a skinny elfess such as herself. Years passed whilst the woman resided in Linandria that she finally began to find opportunity within the lands of Santegia, where she was gifted her first title as Lord Commander, Countess of Castell and Dame ‘The Devoted’ to the king’s guards.

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"Ugly ***** that I've killed fifteen times and still counting." says Bartholomew de Denesle.

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