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[✓] [Daemon Rewrite] Vaasek, The Dark Star

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Note: I felt like the lore for Vaasek was lacking in depth, so I decided to try and buff it up a little so that people can get more of an idea for what he's about and how he can be implemented into the world-lore or events. I intend to edit this over the next week based on my own input and the critique that is received through this thread. Please let me know how you think this Daemon may be more easily used within RP and events, or if you have any suggestions/issues at all about how he is presented.


Vaasek, The Dark Star

Daemon of Fear, Desperation and Betrayal




What was life? For beset on all sides he saw only darkness...


An endless and haunting shroud, it permeated all of existence. It was vast and all-consuming, a hungering dark that consumed any wisp of light or gasp of sound foolish enough to emerge.


Soon it began to eat at his core, his mind tarnished, corrupted by some outside force that riddled him with an unsettled hum of defeat. In his shaken state he dared not act, and only watched in fearful observation as flickers of gold continued to bejewel the darkness.


It offered him a fleeting moments solace, a hope that something may be capable of fighting the frigid everything. His frantic concern continued to consume him as his eyes darted between the sparks that continued to fight, a desperation birthed within him.


Whatever it was that shook and raged against the dread settled suddenly as one of the lights persisted. It did not wane against the darkness. No, it persevered; A beacon of hope. It kindled within him the spark of life and the fire of desperation.


For many eons the war against the darkness would rage, and the lights would grow immeasurably across the vast realm. As drawn as he was to the stars, worlds began to circle them in a dance of celebration, and it was many more eons later that he would uncover life of another ilk- the children of the stars that danced upon the world.


But before the spark of hope could flare within him, it was doused by a terrible vision...




The usual darkness twisted and contorted into swirls of colour as a scene opened up before him. In his vision he saw the mortals below progress throughout the ages, developing machines and magics of considerable power; yet all would leave their mark in history with the stain of blood.


Suddenly, more blurs of light swathed across his sight before settling once again, his mood lowered by the creeping fright of betrayal. For before him he saw himself, destroyed from within by their sun, harnessed by its children in the world below.


Thus the fear that spawned from his birth had exacerbated with this revelation, and as the vision began to fade, he saw once again the world that danced around that terrible light. No longer would he see the creatures below as flickers of hope in the darkness. Instead, he saw in them only evil, the children of terror that were birthed from the flames in the sky. In the world he saw only his own demise.


In desperate fury he roared from the heavens, and his form began to writhe and contort, ashen tendrils creeping outward in all directions. As they spread, many would split and morph into creatures of grotesque design. His vision began to fade as the world before him withered into darkness, and his voice sundered into space; for he had sacrificed both to create his children, the Kabalees.


From the ground he appeared to the mortals a Dark Star within their sun, the Kabalees spurned from his black flame. In this moment, he had become the beast that he had feared for so long, drinking in the light with his own darkness.


In their fleeting moments the mortals would look to the Dark Star with fright in their eyes.


Vaasek, they called it.


Vaasek, they screamed.




His life fell to darkness as his sacrifice came to full fruition. Yet in his power he could still see through the eyes of the Kabalees, and watched through their lenses as they hunted for the last of the sun’s children.

When the dust of the world had settled, and the last bloodied arm had sunken beneath the waves of destruction, Vaasek allowed himself a moments respite. To almost hear silence was a blessing in comparison to the many screams and cries that had bellowed hours before. And yet as he returned to his darkness, he felt rays of warmth upon him- for the sun had persisted, beating down on the broken world.


It was in that moment he became the patron of the darkness that had welcomed him into life and shown him the truth of the world- in spite of his fearful ignorance. For the sun, as one of the many lights that had once given him hope, had been revealed his antagonist- the fires that would burn away the natural order of the Universe; chaos incarnate, that through its destructive flame would harbour false and dangerous life.


And so did the Dark Star consume the light, and leave in its place the blackest of black, that marked within the darkness a true void. It was from this energy that he would form his realm, a world in which he would be safe from the light that worked against him.




He tore from the cracked world below a fragment of it and copied it, and with this final act left the mortal realm to never return.


In the darkness he placed the rubble, shrouded in shadow and void of all sound and life. It was here that he erected the first of his shrines, an obsidian monolith that would offer the only source of light within his realm. For reflected from these monoliths would be the last events of the world it stood in, a sick trophy through which to see the destruction that the Kabalees had wrought.


The Kabalees



As time progressed, many more of these destroyed worlds would be brought to his realm, each with their own pillar. Vaasek often wanders these regions in his forced silence, watching the events unfold in fond remembrance.


Indeed, it is not the direct work of Vaasek that allows his realm to grow. It is instead the work of the Kabalees, his sight and his voice, which lingers in the shadows of the mortal realm and speaks out to those that listen. These creatures are hideous amalgamations of tentacle and smog, with enormous, piercing eyes. Through the powers of their creator they are able to remain invisible in the world, and may take any form when they so desire.


They are often the cause of the wariness that mortals share in their daily lives- That encroaching feeling that urges them to turn around with the notion that something is present. It comes often in times of darkness, when ashen clouds blanket the sky, and the hustle and bustle of daily life settles to a song of crickets.


They become so encapsulated by this apprehension that they turn, looking for a source. Their eyes scour the nooks and corners of their abodes, yet nothing presents itself. They turn to the windows, peering out to the drape of shadow that hangs over the glass pane. They dare not look for long. Instead, they return to their quarters, mocking themselves; reassured by their primitive senses. But the sensation will return, and they will follow the same procedure, for it is fear that preserves their life.


The natural form of the Kabalees is unkept, and those that could see this appearance would note an ashen smog of tendrils sweeping across the land. However, when the time comes to tear the world from the inside, it is the Kabalees that sew the seeds of destruction.


For Vaasek, tormenting the children of the light is the most rewarding of means. And through manipulation he will pit mortals against one another, taking advantage of their fears and desires, and banking on the desperate cries that reverberate from isolated walls.


(Two Kabalees, taking the forms of Elves)


When the Kabalees take interest in an individual, they will present themselves as a creature of familiarity or grandeur in order to gain the favour of their target. From here, the creeping influence of Vaasek sets in as the individual is manipulated into attaining power. Typically, the Kabalees like to form cults, as it has been shown to be among the most influential of their tactics.


They will develop a very intricate story and aesthetic for their charade and will naturally draw the intrigue of mortals. Examples of this have been seen many times across the different lands that the Descendants have explored, among the ruins and remnants of past civilisations.


As power and fear sets in, this deadly combination spirals out of control as corruption sweeps across the land. An example of this manipulation can be seen in the story of the Meldamiriel, in which the Pale Stranger, a Kabalees, attempts to skew the events of the Druids.



Throughout the ages and upon many worlds the same fate befalls those who come across the Kabalees. But for those less inclined to take direct action, they await a time known as The Call.


The Call



(A sacrifice, a call. The Kabalees surround the man, depicted as Crows- a common choice for them)

When a beast is pressed against a wall, it will do everything in its power to fight against the looming threat of death. Indeed, as Vaasek has come to know, it is an indomitable will.


Among mortals, it is of particular note that they will sacrifice all notions of honour and decency in order to achieve continued life, and will stake everything to secure it. It is this recognition that Vaasek takes full advantage of, hungering on the misfortunes of Mortals.


When a man is at his wits end, and calls out to the Gods, Vaasek will intervene in his broad influence; for in every world and every town, there is a Kabalees awaiting the call.


In exchange for their wishes, they will be granted a contorted form of the thing they desire, and will have to offer up their soul so that Vaasek may add to his collection of lenses through which to view the world. When those indebted to Vaasek die, they are to become the shadows of his realm, forced to watch the monoliths of their world. Forced to watch the destruction they participated in play over in an endless loop.


An example of such feats can be seen here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/166723-✓-seers-eyes-of-vaasek/?tab=comments#comment-1575106






Vaasek is the Daemon of Fear, Desperation and Betrayal. He harbours the fear and desperation that he represents, and resigns himself to solitude in order to secure his own safety. He is fearful of the world because of a vision he had, in which he saw himself defeated at the hands of mortals.


It is for this reason that he harbours an intense hatred for them, and takes pleasure in witnessing their misery. Despite being incapable of speech or sight, he is able to see and communicate through the Kabalees themselves.


He instructs his minions to walk among mortals and either watch them or manipulate them, offering powers that are presented as beneficial, but ultimately end with corruption.


Vaasek himself never leaves his realm, and uses it as a collection of destroyed worlds from which to relive the past. When he is not partaking in such a macabre hobby, he is watching through the eyes of his many minions and servants.


The many "mortals" of the world that you may have already spoken with...


Illuminati confirmed

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What was my favorite daemon prior becomes better. I haven't went over it too in depth, but your writing is keeping to it's old fashioned high bar of quality Smaw. I miss the old Elder God-esque aspect of "protecting the world from itself," but this rewrite might see him eventually(TM) become used and/or more recognized. Not to imply that support means anything, but I'm a fan and you get an arbitrary +1.

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Thank you for submitting your piece! Expect a verdict in about 2 weeks.

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8 hours ago, Ambduscias said:

you get an arbitrary +1



Thanks brother, I appreciate it.

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This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon.

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