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Sister Thistle

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(Do not meta this information)
(Artist- Lanny Lu)
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Rin, Hadley












Alive and Breathing.


Weight & Height:

115 lbs, 5’5ft.


Body Type:

Lithe, Athletic.



Pale Green (Flecks of gold within)



Ginger, Beach Waves





Physical Description:

A smaller elven woman, with wavy ginger locks, and pale green colored eyes. Her form is thin and agile, making her quick on her feet and a great climber, however due to this she isn't quite as great at combat, at least in the normal sense. Sloane is adorned in long black robes of sorts, a bag sits upon her hip, filled to the brim with various herbs and miscellaneous items.  Her shoe-ware is a pair of large, black boots. Attached to her belt at all times would be an animal skin bound book, with the head of a wolf drawn on the front in charcoal.



Sloane has a variety of markings over her body, the first most noticeable would be the large claw mark that makes its way down her right forearm. The scar is is wide, the skin looking as if it was reopened multiple times. She has a red runic styled tattoo upon the palm of her right hand, though the ink is faded and has a strange coloration. Upon the top of her right hand is a symbol of a snake curling around itself, it appears to have been branded into the skin quiet recently. Her left hand has a long scar running across her palm, and appears to have been reopened frequently. Along with these more recent scars/tattoos she has a few from her childhood, she has a scar upon the side of her rib-cage. She gained this scar from accidentally falling down the stairs of the home she lived within as a child, a old nail sticking out of the wood steps caused the cut. She has one other scar, which is located upon her shin, a small scar that starts at her ankle, and moves up about three inches, this was caused due to a wild dog biting her when she was playing within a farmers field.



A once quiet and reserved woman who'd one would expect to find buried within a book, or lost in thought. 



Sloane always carries around her animal skin book, which sits attached to her belt. The books cover is made from a mixture of various animals hides, stitched together to make a sturdy cover upon which is a head of a wolf drawn in charcoal. The side of the book has a large iron clasp that locks the book away from the prying eyes. The book brims with a strange other worldly energy..
Around her neck would hang a small moon pendant, crafted from steel. The necklace doesn't have much of a purpose, other then perhaps a past memory connected to it. 



Sloane's only animal companion is that of an ivory white colored snake with beady red eyes, one could assume its an albino of its kind. It goes by the name Tezellion. It's normally found resting upon Sloane's shoulders, or slithering off to cause some form of trouble.



(Working on an updated one)

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Life Style


A chaotic neutral character follows her whims. She is an individualist first and last. She values her own liberty but doesn't strive to protect others' freedom. She avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions. A chaotic neutral character does not intentionally disrupt organizations as part of a campaign of anarchy. To do so, she would have to be motivated either by good (and a desire to liberate others) or evil (and a desire to make those different from herself suffer). A chaotic neutral character may be unpredictable, but her behavior is not totally random. She is not as likely to jump off a bridge as to cross it.


Spouse/Love Interest:

Garith (Fiance) 


Family Members:

Biological Father- Mercial Zarzel (Mali'aheral)(Assumed Dead)

Biological Mother- Abigail Serzent (Mali'ame)(Dead)

Adoptive Mother- Elswyen Deathsbane(Alive)

Adoptive Father- Toren Camoryn(Alive)



Neo-Druidism / Xionism






Sister Thistle, Prince Of The Hunt



-Quick to blame herself

-Emotionally cold at times
-Hot Headed


Roleplay Posts:
A Baptism
Past Memories

Theme Songs:
You Should See Me In A Crown

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Trained Weapons:



Preferred Weapons:



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(Young Sloane)

(Young & Feral Sloane) (Art By: @Jollybee)

(Young & Feral Sloane)


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A sinister sister...

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*proceeds to metagame information*

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