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  1. Jollybee

    [✓] [In-game Ban] Hobbs_Burrows Appeal

    Hi Dalek! Sorry about the wait, but I’ve been quite busy this week. While you have served the duration of your ban, I would also like to address a part of the appeal. The combat was still on at the time you logged out. Your intentions were to contact a GM, which could have easily been done in-game with /modreq, the logging out was unnecessary and was rulebreaking. Please keep the rules in mind for the future. Otherwise, I appreciate you addressing the attitude from before and I hope we don't see it again. Appeal accepted.
  2. Jollybee

    [✓] [Server] KahoTheOkami Ban Appeal

    Appeal accepted.
  3. Jollybee

    Enough is enough.

    i would die for ollie
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    😢 guys i need help 😭

  6. Jollybee

    [✗] Moosebobby Ban Appeal

    Hi there! Your ban will automatically expire on the 20th of November. In the future, be sure to use the proper appeal format here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forms/13-ban-appeal/ If you have any questions, feel free to PM me at Jollybee#6250.
  7. Jollybee

    [Pending]Archipelego's Lore Moderator Application

    Very knowledgeable in druid lore. +1
  8. Jollybee

    [Pending]TheDragonsRoost's Lore Moderator Application

    As an LT you’re gonna need to know lore in and out, especially for whatever section you’re applying for. You might have to handle situations with powergaming involving a magic or an abuse of an item. If you wanna write stories just write stories, you don’t need to be an LT to get creative.
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  11. Happy birthday!!!1!

  12. Jollybee

    September Prince, Feedback!

    I've had a problem with Aesopian's September event since it started. All of the events have been scripted to lose for the defenders, which just makes the events unfun and extremely bland to go to in the first place. They feel like a chore. We're not going to win, so why bother? At the very start we had probably 35 druids go to September's chamber to do a ritual that only put him down by 30% 'wakefulness', and we can only do that once every 4 weeks?? But a spook sneezing anywhere near it brings it up by 5? It's stupid and it's extremely unfair for the rest of us. You weren't allowed to do druidic events because you continuously broke our lore and messed with it. You can't have a forest of Soul Trees, and I don't care what kind of ET bullshit you want to pull out of your ass. It's not even 'ET magic', it's completely lore breaking and even after outcry from the druids, you kept doing it. Even when you outed shapeshifting in a ******* server broadcast over a 'dream', you ignored us entirely. You don't get to pick the cool parts of lore and ignore the actual downsides of it because you want to play god. September as an event character is just a mistake. You stop emoting when he's going to die or stub his toe, you spawn in monsters directly on top of people instead of through a gate or something normal so people could actually have a chance. All of your sieges have been scripted to lose. People do not have a chance in these events. For the most part, these people just go because they've already invested way too much time into your garbage. Doing /sphere air 30 right below people was pretty cool I guess. The amount of coordination in the recent High Elf seige was incredibly good on the defender's part, but you stopped emoting when you'd lose, so, you know thats pretty A+ . this is just stupid stop the builds are ok i guess
  13. Jollybee

    [Community Review] Raids

    I'm talking about the halflings and the druids. We're decently active playerbases with land that don't actively fight and pvp. We are groups that are centered around roleplay, on a roleplay server. Druids specifically were nearly drove off the server in Vailor because we were raided relentlessly and robbed. Smaller settlements with no guardforce can't defend themselves against an uncapped raid with two day timers. We're easy targets. People could lose literal years of work because of clicking and next to no roleplay.