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  1. Recently rediscovered some portraits from the festival of Veris. They gave me a great chuckle after all this time, so thanks!

    1. Jollybee


      glad you still like them!! 🙂

  2. @PraiseTheLordYou have until the 19th of April to find a new area for your charter. The coordinates you provided is not within land that can be granted to a charter. Please refer to the charter information post to find a suitable location. When a new location has been found, please PM me over the forums or ingame for your application to be re-reviewed.
  3. Hello! This charter won’t be reviewed until it’s probation period is over.
  4. whats your favourite animal
  5. Hi Dalek! Sorry about the wait, but I’ve been quite busy this week. While you have served the duration of your ban, I would also like to address a part of the appeal. The combat was still on at the time you logged out. Your intentions were to contact a GM, which could have easily been done in-game with /modreq, the logging out was unnecessary and was rulebreaking. Please keep the rules in mind for the future. Otherwise, I appreciate you addressing the attitude from before and I hope we don't see it again. Appeal accepted.
  6. Hi there! Your ban will automatically expire on the 20th of November. In the future, be sure to use the proper appeal format here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forms/13-ban-appeal/ If you have any questions, feel free to PM me at Jollybee#6250.
  7. happy bday 🎂🎊


  8. 🎈 Happy Birthday! 🎂

  9. Happy birthday!!!1!

  10. Appeal accepted. Please keep in mind this is your third villainy related ban, and if you continue to do this it will result in a lengthy blacklist and/or ban. Have a nice day, welcome back.
  11. Why take away the colour types? I feel like that was what made them a bit more unique and fun.
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