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AT Monthly Update Log - November 2018

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Monthly Update Log – November 2018







Hey all, how is everyone doing? Much like last month I hope that y’all had a great month and going forward continue to do so. November was a slow going month for the Application Team, with a few folks leaving unfortunately. We’ve got a fair bit being prepared for the launch of 7.0 concerning new players and old players alike. If you’re interested in joining the Application Team, we are still recruiting! If you find it fun to help new players find their way on the server, don’t be afraid to stop by! We’re looking for anyone who has the patience and drive to help out, while also keeping a clean slate with both the team and the server as a whole. Lets go ahead and get rolling with the rest of the updates!


Application Team Roster




New Player Data


This month, as per usual, Humans are the most applied to race at 56.9%! In second we have the Elves at 28.7%. Following that, we have the Dwarves 7.7%, Halflings at 3.3%, and the Orcs/Other at 1.7%. 













Our application rate has dropped a bit more unfortunately, but much like last month that can and should be expected. With finals for various schools continuing it only makes sense the rate has dropped a bit more. With the new year coming up, we are expecting to see the application rate rise once more. Our acceptance rate remains close to last months, only falling to 77.2% from 79.6%. Our denial rate sits at 22.8%, remaining low for the most part. The most accepted timezone sits with Americas at 71.6%, second would be Europe at 21.9%, and Oceania in last at 6.6%.







Member Alterations


This month we’ve only lost a few folks, thankfully. We’re still looking to add more, don’t be afraid to apply!


- Demigryph -

Rimwyrhta -

- sophiaa -


Team Data


We’ve seen many of our new team members pick up and kick butt this month while handling applications, which is obviously fantastic! We’re hoping to see the same effort and hard work put in by veteran and new members alike this month. Either way, let’s take a moment to appreciate and celebrate the hard work put in by this month’s application queen!


Image result for crown gif



Going into December, we’re going to continue to work on the projects we’ve gotten going. Our hope is to implement these and future projects with 7.0, that way new players introduced to the new map will have an easy enough time getting used to the resources and the world we’ve designed for them. These projects include the large scale New Player Guide, the Tailor’s Guild, and a revamp of the Pots and Pandits. As per last month, other ideas are being considered and we’re looking to begin work on a few other ideas. Many of these will also be released with 7.0 if we wind up beginning work on them as well. 


A Personal Thank You


During the month of November, my father unfortunately passed away and it’s been difficult dealing with that since. However, @Fireheartstepped up and helped out while I’ve been dealing with this issue. Much like last month, he’s really been handling his work and making his presence known. I really appreciate you bud and I’m very thankful you’ve been here when I’ve needed it.

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Yeah boys!

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nice work people. was fun this month, continue it up.

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