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Giselin Tonic

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Giselin Tonic

Drink Of The Almenodrim






Giselin is a rather rare marine algae found along island chains that once housed the Almenodrim Elves of old. It bares a similar appearance to seaweed, with a large ‘leaf’ at the upper end. The vegetation by itself is toxic, and the Almenodrim who encountered it originally found the plant to be useless, often an annoyance due to the rash it would leave on the skin when contacted, or at worst possibly lethal when consumed. However, the Elves recorded their process of detoxing the plant for use in flavor drinks.


The process begins with harvesting the ‘leaf’ or ‘flower’ on the end of the plant. You can tell due to it’s rounded shape and darker green color. Next, the Elves would smoke the leaves over fire for several hours to dry them out, often determining it best done when the leaf is ‘crispy’ or somewhat stiff. The leaves would then be placed in large, circular, wooden pods, the pods having small circular holes at the top and bottom. The Almenodrim would next add a variety of spices to the pod, generally Mace or Nutmeg, though some records show other, less popular options. The pod is then wrapped in a veil of thin netting, and hug over the ocean on tree branches. This is done during the rain-seasons, so that the pod is constantly washed out with the pure rainwater, and then left to swing in the sun otherwise. Continuous rain-washing, swinging, and sun-warming will essentially ‘cook’ the Giselin and spices inside.


After the process of hanging is done, usually a period of three months, the pods are removed from the trees and reopened. The leaves, or what is left of them, is ground into pieces, and added to sugar-water to create a greenish-hue liquid. The resulting drink is known as ‘Giselin Tonic’ and was an enjoyable drink to the Almenodrim.


Though non alcoholic, The drink’s main feature besides it’s rather potent, spicy-sweet taste, is the effects brought on due to the remaining toxins from the Giselin plant. The amount left over, while harmless to Men and Elves, acts as a very light psychoactive substance. Usually 6 to eight ounces is enough to ‘feel’ the effects in Men and Elves. It is known to calm and ease to the drinker, and gives a feeling of euphoria. Because of this, it was often used by the Almenodrim in festivals or during special events. However, it should be noted it is relatively mild and not nearly as power as alcohol, cactus-green, or other such substances.


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