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Moderation Update - End of March

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Hello all! Hope you’re having a great month and been having some good luck following the NCAA if you’re into March Madness. We’ve had a lot more settling in since launch and things have been calming down a bit so I figured I’d push out a general announcement to give an update to wars as well as highlight a couple of rule changes that have taken place recently.


To start off war rules are now in their final stage of admin review. This process has been going on for over a week, going on two now, so please continue to show patience as we finalize the rule-set. I expect this to be wrapped up by the start of April so expect to see them come sometime in the first week or two of that month. Big shout-out to @ScreamingDingo for all the hard work he’s put into the rule-set the past couple of months. Now onto the rule changes!


1: To re-highlight this one relates to button usage. There was some confusion over the purpose of this rule and since we are on a new map with builds designed around the rule the old reasons for it are obsolete. We’ve added a clarification to the rule to give it back the sense and clarity it once had.


2: This rule change relates to livestock issues we’ve been having. Despite most animals being sold in the Cloud Temple there have still been some not so nice players taking all the livestock from other players. While it was not technically against the rule we’ve clarified it now so that people can’t kill all the livestock, but take them.


3: This final server rule change stems from a recent player report. After reviewing over the situation the outcome as enforced by the rules did not line up with our standards of roleplay so we’ve clarified the combat escape mention to include that the rp must be logical as well.


4: The final rule change related to raid rules. A long while ago we raised the cooldown cap due to the large number of settlements and how many raids were occurring. However, due to freebuild being pulled back drastically and there being far less settlements we’ve lowered it slightly. We’ve had some comments as to why we did not make the cooldown lower and the main reason why is this was a rather quick hot-fix to raids and we want to see how this impact settlements for a longer term. I highly doubt we will be lowering it any further without a larger restructuring of raids, but that is not in our near scope at the moment.


That is all for now, The general update log will be dropping next week and that will detail a lot more information and updates. Until then enjoy your week and happy roleplaying!

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