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Fi'halen - The Cradle of Restored Haelun'or [ I ]

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Revive! Rejuvenate! Restore! The Republic withered and became this… stagnant pond. Sloth and infertile. The old Republic had to be torn apart. We had to rid ourselves of those who wanted the old pond to remain status quo. Something new. And Fi’halen, that is.”

Dimaethor Visaj during the founding of Fi’halen.








The Cradle of Restored Haelun’or




Dedicated to former Sohaer Alyrion Laureh’onn, 

for his contribution and service to our people.








A pitiful skeleton of a state, plundered and exploited by lessers and impures, enabled by incapable liberal leadership for well over a century; The Silver State of Haelun’or, or The Silver Sohaerate of Haelun’or, as it called itself for a while. Absent and slothful Maheral Kulin’oem Vallei’tir watched his ship capsize and sink, leaving hundreds, perhaps thousands of Mali’thill homeless and adrift. The September Prince marched on Okarn’thilln, the almost abandoned capital of the Motherland, and all knew that would be the end of the city.


Opportunistic lessers all over Atlas, who had been nowhere to be seen prior to the fall, appeared from their hovels, promising peace and prosperity as refugees in their nations. The treacherous leadership fled far south-west to the Princedom of Fenn, imploring what Elves left to follow. A few Mali’thill took to the central-west, receiving food and housing from the Norlandic people by Nordengrad. Others looked to the Dominion of Malin, envisioning a Mali’thill sanctuary under shadowy and heavy branches.


The Mali’thill were divided, without a present Maheral to guide them forward. Not even the old avantguard which had long mapped the course for their people were available, or willing, to try and gather the scattered and small pieces.



Enter Dimaethor Visaj and Alyrion Laureh’onn


Dimaethor Visaj announced a summit for all Mali’thill 1684. Without previous merit or any larger notable achievements, the interest was mere mellow. A handful of Haelunorian loyalists convened that evening to resolve the most urgent matters. 


A location for a new Enclave was decided upon; a chain of islands off the most eastern coast of Atlas. In the absence of Maheral Kulin’oem Vallei’tir, which some speculated had died in the attack from the September Prince, the group agreed to declare Dimaethor Visaj their Maheral, and consequently sent word to Malauriran, former Maheralan, to legitimise and support the ascension. A new government formed, dismissing the elective rule they had long seen poison their Motherland, shifting power and responsibility to the Sohaer, and his small Silver Council, originally made up by Sohaer TarlachOkarir Alyrion Laureh’onn and Okarir Delos Telperion.


The new government waited no Elven day before getting to work. The islands were terraformed, towers and halls erected: their new Enclave stood in less than half a year. Fitting to its purpose and cause, it was decided to name it The Silver Enclave of Fi’halen, meaning new hope, or new promise.


Sohaer Tarlach, oh so determined, though somewhat distracted, disappeared only a mere year after the construction had finished. Frustrated and though initially unwilling to recognise the passing of their new Sohaer, Maheral Dimaethor Visaj announced the natural successor; Alyrion Laureh’onn.


Sohaer Alyrion Laureh’onn had already played an important part in the founding of their new Enclave, and would continue to be a valuable influence for many decades to come. He came to be renowned for his great skills in both architecture and administration, continuing the construction of the city at a very high pace. No quiet Sohaer, he voiced his opinions on all matters the state and beyond. The Mali’thill marched on those who decided to stand in our path, at one point declaring war upon a minor Dwarven settlement who had decided to taunt and encroach on rightful Mali’aheral soil. 


Conflict and competition first arose on a few matters of principle; that of sovereignty, and of the treatment of impures and impurity. Alyrion Laureh’onn sought the protection and aid of Gladewynn and their King Kairn Ithelanen, offering Fi’halen as a protectorate, a lesser subject of the Alderfolk. Met with some opposition on the island, increasingly so as the charismatic “king” departed, it became a common point of criticism. At the same time, we saw mixedbreds move unhindered through the city, sometimes under the explicit protection of Alyrion. Unquestionably stinging in the eyes of any and all good and honest Mali’thill.


These issues grew even more problematic towards the end of his tenure, and persisted well into his successor’s; Sohaer Kiljarys.





There has been few as influential and important decades as these two. A ruined nation, split people, united and put back on the course to reclaim the ancient legacy and restore the grand Motherland. We owe plenty to both Tarlach and Alyrion Laureh’onn. Some scholars have said that we would not stand close to as prosperous and well if it were not for the seeds they planted and the foundation they built. Blessed.



maehr’sae hiylun’ehya




Written by,

Sohaer Dimaethor Visaj

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Uppori Visaj would read over the contents of the book, seemingly interested by the contents. Within an office located in the Eternal Library, she carefully examined the written work of the Sohaer. After a long while, most likely a couple of Elven hours of reading through the information, she would close the book shut and briefly exhaled. “It is rather relieving to know more about the history of our people.” Uppori mumbled to herself, a smile sprawled across her face as she finished the book.

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Kairn scribes a note to the writer of this tale.


Although, yes, Fi’halen (and later Haelun’or its successor-state) was considered a loose “vassal” to the Crown of Gladewynn, it was never lesser and was afforded representation on the council and full control of its own dominion. The only thing they had to uphold was the maintenance of their own state and to recognize the alliances tediously regulated by myself, the King Kairn Ithelanen of Gladewynn and my Marshal Erathon Ithelanen. Let it be struck from the record that you were a vassal of the Alderfolk, and instead, let it be known that our two peoples are conjoined. Despite not being one-in-the-same, our peoples were unified and brought peace and prosperity to the realm. 


Vassalage, Feudalism, and other such systems are ways of the Valah. 


Signed, Kairn Ithelanen




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Sulraell stumbles upon the book whilst cleaning the shelves of The Eternal Library ”Ow..a n-new one..”  he stuttered, placing his cleaning cloth on a nearby table and flipping through the book  Hmmm..”  he let out, clearly interested ”S-so even the S-sohaer is writing b-books now..”

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