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Karina began her life in a way that she never wished to. For when she was born she was cursed with bad lungs which prevented her from breathing well. She could not run, she could not dance, she was merely confined to her bed. Her mother never wished to see the young child and her father overly worried and protective of the frail, naive girl.


“Karina…” Vladrick frowned heavily. “I command that you do not die. It'll break my heart.” He muttered gently to her.


“I promise. With all my heart!”


 “Good crow.” He nodded to her, smiling.


When she grew up she never thought that she would be better. Her cousins, Godfric, Georg, and Andrik were so strong and her sister Maya was the ideal of a perfect queen. She longed only to be in their footsteps. Her father had hit her multiple times, causing Karina to never quite learn what it was to completely love. She had never seen it, she had never felt it unless it was with her older sister. Even then as they grew, so did the distance between Maya and herself.


“No wait, am serious, need to show you something.” 


The girl only turned back to narrow her eyes. “Are you playing a trick, Godfric?” She said backing up. 


“Am not a trickster.”


“We both know that is niet true.” She said placing her hands on her hips. “Am going to trust you. Do niet pull trick on me.”


“Good!” He'd pace forward, tapping his hand onto her shoulder, “Caught you, you are slow.”


She was sent away to Aeldin, now completely torn from the only person who had shown her kindness. She had lied to Maya about her time in Aeldin. She had not gone to parties, nor had she feasted at grand balls. Her person remained in the cottage she had retired to when Karina was first released for her wavering health. She spent most time sitting and watching the flames burn wood into ash.



 “I have weak lungs. I cough and wheeze a lot.” She'd mumble as her hands dropped to her flank. “Am not allowed to go far papej says, might collapse or have a coughing fit.”


“But you see, Karina” She stepped forth, going to take the child's hands once more “Your lungs fight off the sickness, don't they? Every day” She smiled softly, running her thumbs atop the back of Karina's hand “You win a battle every day. You're a warrior.”


Karina Sofiya looked at her hands as she thought briefly about what Mariya said. “I am a warrior.” She repeated as her eyes filled with tears. Her hands yanked from her grasp as she threw herself around the woman's waist.


She returned to Haense hoping to rekindle the fire that had never truly died between the sisters though she knew things were not the same.Within her absence, Maya bore five children. Their eyes reminded  her slightly of her own mother How she dreaded that they looked at her with such a disdainful gloss over their sight. Only a stranger to her own blood which tormented Karina throughout the years she spent upon her return.


“Godfric, are the stars not the prettiest things you have ever seen?” Spoke Karina, her eyes fixated on the gleaming dots which filled her vision.


“They are.” 


“Promise me you will get me one?”





Then she met Charles. Someone who had touched her kindly. She knew she loved him but her heart felt foreign to the concept of this. So she did what she did best, sabotaged her own happiness in fears of feeling vulnerable. 



“The pleasure is ours” He said with a smile  “I'll write to you of the next one, Lady Karina, if you'd allow me.”


Karina blinked before nodding. “I will wait most ardently for it!”



While she prepared for her wedding, Maya had handed her the dress her Aunt Mariya wore during her own wedding day. A gift that had laid dusting for the Alimar princess for years, inside was a note addressed to her. Written in the handwriting that was all too familiar to Karina, she had opened it to read over its contents. She had idolized, admired, and longed to be her aunt, for Mariya was the ideal of elegance and grace. 



I hope someday you love someone, Karina. It’s thrilling- love is a paradox of pain and hope intertwined. It consumes you, from every waking moment to every night you close your eyes. And yet, love brings about more struggle, more heartbreak and tears than ever seen before. Vladrick would tell you that you could stop loving someone. That, my dear girl, could not be further from the truth. You cannot stop loving someone.  


You are a warrior. Do not let yourself slip, do not falter. Warriors walk the fine line between death and victory each day, and must not fall. Do not fall, Karina. 


Iv Joveo Maan

Mariya Angelika Barbanov



She did fall. She never did have those children, nor that love that she wished so desperately to find. Karina was doomed from the start of the field of rationality, proving this within the last moments of her death. Karina’s body was found by the river. The doctor had found she was pregnant, with twins, upon her death. Unwed. The children’s features, almost fully developed, resembled her fiancee’s but had the regal features that a Barbanov adorned. They now were lifeless, similar to their mother. Two baby girls. Perhaps it was better, for she never wished to bring children into the same cold world she grew to hate.




“Da, and you are, but you must not forget what you fight with, but move on having best it, trying to ignore your ailment will niet make you anymore able to go about, rather than bettering yourself to overcome it.” Her father paused, a proud smile lifting on his face. “Aside, if my little one can storm all the way to Reza from Rubern in an angry fit, she can probably survive a trip to the capital da?”



As they inspected her drenched, mutilated body they saw the passion of the crime. The body of Karina had received a beating. Her face had received a few blows, and her valuables were taken. Both her legs had been ravaged by blades, causing gaping wounds. A single wound through the chest seems to have been the final wound.



 “Niet, we are both elegant princesses. The most elegant in all the land!” She stated tossing her onyx locks to and fro as she held up her chin.


“But Karina, someone has to play your prince!” She'd reason decisively, aghast!


“Hm, I suppose you are right.” She said tapping her chin as she thought. “Da, you can be my noble prince. Prince….” She paused thinking hard, her brows furrowing for a moment. “Prince Anabert!” She cackled loudly at her joke, thinking it was rather funny.


“Anabert!” She'd giggle boisterously, leveling her chin within the comforts of either hand.



Karina looked down from the seven skies upon the people she did learn to love. 


Maya. Mary Philippa. Natayla. Winifred. Cecillia. Mariana. Godfric. Mariya. Vladrick. Katerina.


The people who never gave up on her, even through her hardest fights, and deepest struggles She though back into her childhood. The sleepovers with Maya, Andrik and Katerina. The group gatherings between Natalya, Winifred, Cecillia and Mariana and herself where they discussed the deepest part of themselves. Things that Karina didn’t even tell her sister. The times fishing behind New Reza with Godfric and the fishing stand he helped her build. The moment in cloud temple where she read to him. Vladrick and Mariya who taughter Karina it was okay to angry with world. Who taught her that strength is the most important thing a person can have in this uncaring world. The peanut butter cookies that Katerina helped Karina make with Maya. 


Maya. In her last moments she only of her sister. Had she let her down? She promised to never leave her and here she was being torn from her once again. They had just been reunited, and now they would have wait longer until they both were at peace. Though Karina had many doubts, one thing she never thought twice about was her love for her sister. Her best friend. Her protector. As she breathed her final breath, she offered a final prayer in her head for her. That she would not suffer the same fate.



“Promise me something, Maya.”


“What's that?” The young girl rose from her slouching, and rested her hand palm-down on the top of the stone railing.


“Promise we will stick together. Promise you will not leave me.”


“I promise, 'Rina. We'll always stick together. I do not care who tries to separate us, it won't work.”


The next thing she knew, she was trekking through the grass behind Rubern to a small bridge created by the broken trees and stumps that cracked over the creek. So many times she had found herself at this rotting bridge, for it was her favorite place in all of Arcas. Listening to the river rush was one of her favorite past times. Longingly, she would stare, wishing to dive into the refreshing liquid. 


This time, she did.





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much sad....

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Cecillia walks into the palace behind Catherine d’Arkent, the child of her beloved friend Charlotte, she had been tutoring the child for some time now.


As she entered she noticed familiar faces, all oblivious to the news that was about to come. “Where is the Princess Karina?” She had asked, the lady in waiting wishing to discuss wedding plans with her friend. “She’s um.. dead..” responded one of the three woman that had entered, all similar in looks.


Cecillia’s eye’s widened at this, a hand rushing to her chest as thoughts flooded her mind. She glanced to the little Catherine, realizing she has to stay calm infront of her. Cecillia’s mind was racing. How could someone do this? Why would someone ever hurt such a kind soul? Cecillia simply stood there before coming to her sense. “Im so sorry for your loss” was all she was able to say, not being able to fully wrap her head around it. 


Karina was dead.


The same Karina who bought her dresses, made her smile, who loved to read all those books. The same Karina she had promised to watch over, to serve as not only a friend but a lady in waiting and a guard. 


Cecillia simply made her way out of the palace and towards the tavern, staring at the fire as this was a second friend that had passed away.

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Posted (edited)


You are like my angel, with a love that always glows. You are one of the greatest gifts my heart will ever know.

The palace was silent for the first time in a long time. She couldn’t hear her children’s laughter or the bustling of courtiers and servants in the halls. It wasn’t a peaceful silence, but eerie – painful. Maya was seated on her sister’s bed, with a worn journal settled down on the violet bedsheets. She didn’t hold the journal that her sister once wrote in. In her hands, she held the speech she had planned to give her sister at her wedding. It was a moment she always dreamed of, wished for. For her little sister, she wanted to give the world. 


Anger flushed through her as she crumbled the paper and threw it across the room. So many years had been taken from her and her sister when Karina’s chronic illness worsened again. Karina was never there for so many moments, but at least there was still time to make up for it. And now that time had been stolen from them both. 


Together, they had endured lifetimes of pain. There was no one who truly understood the terrors she endured as a child quite like her sister. They stood together, as one, through it all. Maya grimaced, letting out a sudden sob, as she knew that in her final moments her sister endured pain all by herself – alone, and Maya couldn’t have been there to shield her from it. A sickness settled in her stomach that she could not shake for days, weeks after the occurrence. No one could replace what she had lost.

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Mariya Angelika Barbanov’s homestead within the Seven Skies had grown ever smaller. As time passed, and trust was broken, she’d retreated into the confines of herself, as she always had. 


She looked down upon those she held dear. She looked down upon them as they grew, as they lived and learned all of life’s lessons. At last, Mariya found peace, both in the skies and on the earth.


When Karina ascended, she welcomed her lovingly into her arms. At last, she saw the daughter she never had, once more. 


”Come, little crow” Though the woman was older and wiser, she would forever be her ‘little crow’. ”Vladrick and I have missed you dearly.”


And with that, she led her on. A mother, father, and the daughter they never had. 

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Rhys var Ruthern hears of this as he was hastily writing an essay for the class of this said woman. His quill stood idle on the parchment as ink gently pooled off from it. He was speechless. Upon hearing that she was beaten, let alone while pregnant, his hand balled into a fist around his quill. He crumbled it in his hand and resorted to leaving the tavern in which he was writing and heading outside to stare up at the cloudless winter sky.


“May GOD bring justice on the wretched fools who did this before I do so myself.” The words rolled from his mouth in a gentle whisper to himself. He gently watched a pair of pigeons gently flew away from the city.

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Lauritz sighed at the news. Yet he did not completely register it until he was at home. He was no mathematician, but he could still put two and two together. The sense of guilt swallowed him... Had he done the right thing? Whatever the conclusion would be, it would not stop him from loathing himself. Though he had not known her long, he hoped that Karina would find peace in the skies. 

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Posted (edited)

"Aye- heard she was found down by the river. Dead" Winifred couldn't help but overhear the nearby chatter between two strangers, whereas she stood nearby, humming over the delectables on the stall before her. She would try her best to ignore it, like any polite woman would, but she just couldn't help but cock her head slightly to her left. Her eyes glued to the stall despite her disapproving nosy-ness "Oh my! Poor Karina. May her highness rest easy.”


The unacquainted individual would let out in a pitying tone. Now Winifred would turn her gaze towards the men, but only at the mention of her dearest friend, anxiety beginning to eat her from the inside out. Was Karina alright? Surely she wasn't the dead woman, she couldn't be.. "Aye, poor lass. Passion killin' so I heard, supposedly pregnant aswell, twins...may their souls rest peacefully” was all she heard before clamping a shaky hand over her mouth with wide eyes, dashing out of the square like the devil was on her tail. Once home, she would drop her basket aside the door- it toppling over and spilling it's contents across the floor, though unnoticed by the brunette as she retreated upstairs to her room. Once finally hidden away behind the closed door of her chambers, locked for extra measure, the tears which had been begging to to be released rushed down her cheeks at a high speed. She inhaled and exhaled deeply, thought it was becoming harder and harder to get in any normal breaths as she begun to hyperventilate.


Winnie continued to pace about the room as her face turned a violent shade of crimson from working herself up. Until- she’d just, stop. She moved to stand in front of the window. She did nothing except stare, staring out into the cold and bitter snowy island of Artois. Winifred felt distant from herself, lost in a dark torment of confusion and sorrow, before suddenly she would snap out of it. Or much so, snap at her window, an angry fist flying to the cold glass before her- resulting in a star like crack and ruby red blood. She would let out a gasp, relief at being able to think once more, much due to the splitting pain in her knuckles. Sinking to her knees, she would continue to cry for the love she had lost. She looked as if she were a small child, sobbing pitifully for her lollipop which had been taken away.


Though the reality was much more sorrowful. One of the few people she had grown to love, someone who she had considered a sister as her family was never quite whole- stolen away like a mere candle flame being blown out. The scene stayed as such for what felt like an eternity.


The small- brown headed woman, slumped over carelessly onto her bed. Glass shards and blood strewn about the mattress. Her cries echoing throughout the empty house as she saw the light dim from the world, leaving nothing but darkness in its place.

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