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Invitations to the Wailer Society, 330 ES

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330ES | 1777AH


It is with immense pleasure and honor that the Alistair Wailer Fellowship of Artists and Authors hereby announces its invitations of membership for the year of 330 (1777 AH). These invitations are delivered only to those individuals that are deemed to follow the strannik lifestyle by unanimous vote, compiling under their name both a remarkable body of works and furthering philanthropy of the less fortunate. Receiving an invitation does not necessarily equate to automatic membership, as the invitee must still ‘accept’ their invitation.


The following individuals have been invited to join the Wailer Society in year 330,


Voron Baruch of Ayr, Haense



Sir Otto Kortrevich KML of Korstadt, Haense



Bianca La Fleur of Owynsburg, Kaedrin



The 2nd Marquess of Korstadt KML, IG of Korstadt, Haense



“Dear sir/madam,


Vyod prevja va team ag tear bodr, tiz gorech lifse i Maan. You have been cordially invited to join the Alistair Wailer Fellowship of Artists and Authors, or simply the Wailer Society, in its endeavor to promote Haeseni and Orenian arts and live the lifestyle of the strannik as taught by our titular patron. Our mission is not only to sponsor, but also to cultivate an environment of erudition and scholasticism- allowing creative thinkers a professional habitat to operate and work.


All Fellows of the Wailer Society receive the following benefits,

I - The honor of denoting oneself as a Fellow of the Wailer Society with the post-nominal FWS.

II - Exclusive access to all properties and establishments owned by the Wailer Society, including its private record collection.

III - A life insurance policy of £30,000.

IV - Room and board during conventions and events held by the Wailer Society.


Selection into the Wailer Society is not all-inclusive; an individual's portfolio and previous experience is taken heavily into account, and all prospects must be democratically voted by extant members unanimously. By receiving an invitation, you have been deemed both highly qualified and a pioneer in the artistic field of your expertise. 


To accept this invitation, the prospect must complete the following riddle and return their answer in written form. The objective of this riddle is not to choose the most obvious answer but the most creative.


There is a man, who all have seen yet many have lost,

Who is father to all yet alien to many,

Who cares for his children yet is scorned by them,

Who listens to their pleas yet asks nothing in return,

And yet not matter how much abuse one gives, one can always return to him.


Who is He?



Fr. Otto Barrow HKML, FWS, PL

Chairman of the Alistair Wailer Fellowship of Artists and Authors

5 Main Street

Elisaburg, Haense, Oren”


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To my friend Mr. Barrow –


In dreams, the Great Artist came upon me.
He who mixed sunsets upon his pallete,
Whose steady hands gave mountains their form,
Whose soft whispers became the trees' ballad.
He scribed a limitless book unbounded,
Its leaves towering in their abundance,
A sacred tome was written as it was read.
Upon each line, a new horizon dawned,
And upon each word, a spirit was born.
A father's devotion he placed in them,
Every piece crafted with the highest care.
His Love brought life to inanimate forms.
And beauty to hardened lumps of clay.


In dreams, I marveled at this Master's work
And asked Him for whom He made such wonders.
Tears flowed forth from His eyes as drops of rain,
And said He: "I do bear the Artist's curse,
That the works I make can never be mine,
That they are created for other hands,
To live without knowledge of who made them,
Doomed to destruction again and again.
For an Artist's work cannot be hidden --
Great works demand eyes to view their splendor,
Ears longing to hear, hands seeking to touch.
For works to be loved, they must be destroyed.
My art lives in its annihilation."


The answer is God.





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