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The Bicentennial Haeseni Fair

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The Bicentennial Haeseni Fair


On Vzmey and Hynk, 331 ES [The First Seed, 1778] the Queen’s Council welcomes all of Hanseti-Ruska, and the greater Holy Orenian Empire, to a fair celebrating the 200th anniversary of the declaration of the Kingdom of Haense. An evening of revelry  is planned for all who attend, including  fine Haeseni cuisine, numerous games, and marveling spectacles.






Military Parade

[3 EST]

 The day shall begin in celebration of the stalwart defenders of our nation, the Haense Royal Army, with a parade. The parade will feature all current and retired army members, and the royal standard. This shall begin outside the palace of New Reza led by both the King as well as the marshal, before finishing at the Basilica of Fifty Virgins.



 A service shall then be held in honour of both the kingdom and those who fell in defending it, in the Basilica of Fifty Virgins after the Military Parade.


Commencement Speeches

[5 EST]

 Preceding the festivities of the evening, speeches of grandeur shall be given in honor of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska’s progress and resilience since its inception. The key-speakers of this commencement ceremony will be The Lord Regent, Konstantin Wick, alongside both the Queen-Mother, Viktoria Barbanov and her eldest children: His Majesty, King Josef Barbanov and the Princess Royal, Nataliya Barbanov.



 Once the mass has concluded and the opening speeches have been given, all attendants will be free to enjoy the festival grounds about old Reza which will be decorated for the occasion. A number of games and festivities will be set out for people to enjoy, among them being a dunk tank, Haeseni chess, and an Aeldinic ferris wheel. Stalls will be scattered across the fairgrounds for local business owners to advertise their wares. 


 For those looking to quench their thirst or sate their appetite, there will also be a number of traditional Haeseni dishes from the palace kitchens and the local businesses of New Reza, as well as plenty of varying beverages.





 Soldiers of Haense should wear their uniform as they will be taking part in the parade. It is encouraged for others to wear black and gold, the colors of the kingdom. 


Special Invitations Would Be Sent Out To The Following

His Highness, Josef II of House Alimar, and his pedigree

His Grace, Petyr II of House Baruch, and his pedigree

His Grace, Erwin of House Barclay, and his pedigree

The Most Honorable, Viktor of House Kortrevich, and his pedigree

The Most Honorable, Fiske III of House Vanir, and his pedigree

The Right and Honorable, Aleksandr of House Ruthern, and his pedigree

The Right and Honorable, Hektor or House Stafyr, and his pedigree

His Lordship, Ruslan of House Amador, and his pedigree 

As well as all other peers of the Kingdom and the Holy Orenian Empire.




HER MAJESTY, Viktoria Sofiya Barbanov, Queen-Mother and Deputy Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska


HER SERENE HIGHNESS, Eleanor of Sunholdt, Grand Princess-consort of Muldav and Event Collaborator of Hanseti-Ruska


HIS LORDSHIP, Boris var Ruthern, High Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska


HER LADYSHIP, Henriette Marna de Rafal, Chamberlain of Hanseti-Ruska


Miss Ivanna del Rosario, Assistant to the Grand Lord of Hanseti-Ruska

Miss Violeta del Rosario, Event Collaborator of Hanseti-Ruska

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Brant Barclay smiles as he gets ready for some parading

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Yung Merc smiles brightly as she prepares to attend the fair. 

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Althea works around the small kitchen/dinning room before going out to her mailbox to check for letters. “A fair, sounds like fun. Maybe Darien would like to join me.” She would smile to herself, moving back inside to finish a cake and start writting a letter.

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