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Ologs Unite!

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Topic: Paul´s Art Corner | Battle Brothers Developer Blog | Page 65

Basic Ungri Culture:

Clan Ungri is a clan of souly Olog’s and, inevitably, their slaves the Ologs themselves are not anything special beside their heightened pride they hold clan Ungri has a tendency of stealing the bones of their victims to forge weapons and armor out of it, or rather have someone who can do such do it for them in this culture whether a ologs battle skill isn't as strong as another. Clan Ungri olog doesn't matter the amount of bones on his body and weapons created show the worth he holds in the clan there also is not a leader set up within this clan the Ungri Ologs form as a unity and shall decide which olog is best for a certain task for example the Olog with more bone armor is more likely to be send in for a honor klomp while a Olog with a higher IQ is more likely to speak for he clan needs and wants


Spirit Worship:

While the Ungri clan members all are lacking in IQ and of course shall never get into shamanism or legitimate spirit worship. These Ologs have learned to worship three spirits, whom they consider fitting in their mindset. These spirits are, but are not limited to;


Enrohk - Spirit of bloodlust, savagery, and war

Enrohk is worshipped by the Ologs in their own ways as the spirit of bloodlust savagery and war perfectly represents what these Ologs like to do on a daily basis Enrohk is set on a high pedestal in clan Ungri


Paxahru - Spirit of arrogance and stupidity

Paxahru is worshipped by these Ologs for they also show great forms of Arrogance and pride in their way of life they consider themselves better then the common Uruk and Goblin though of course shall not consciously break codes to prove such things the stupidity part is of course also bound to the Ologs but isn't commonly the reason Paxahru is worshipped by clan Ungri


Glutros - The spirit of greed and gluttony

Glutros is worshipped by clan Ungri for he represents the greed and gluttony the ologs themselves show on a daily basis most clan Ungri ologs wouldn't back down for an opportunity to gain more and shall go through bodies in order to reach such goals


While the Ologs recognize all the other spirits as valid spirits they will not commonly worship them as these spirits simply do not represent what they are or want






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Stroking at his unkempt beard, that was more akin to a field of pale moss, than it were a beard, the Dominus, Grishnaakh’Raguk flashed a genuine grin at the coming of a new age for Ologs. Once, he looked to the left of himself, eyes darting in that direction, then the right of himself, gaze falling upon the walls he faced therein, the elf finally grunting as he rose unto his feet in a leisurely action.

”Agh let it be that Paxahru does nub take a liking to them, agh Glutros treats them agh their glutton aloft agh well.” He chanted, therein sat upon the peak of the foothills that lined the walls of San’Azgak, his voice continuing to slither in between every plate of a valley and its hills.

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