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The Uncaring Fool



“Close your eyes and turn your face into the wind.

Feel it sweep along your skin in an invisible ocean of exultation.

Suddenly, you know you are alive.”



As the birds fill a nearby meadow and the animals around create noises at this lush scene, the wind sways about brushing the flowers below and the leaves above. The golden hue of wheat surrounding this meadow in the middle is a path of dirt and gravel littered with an unkept feeling as eyes stare to the clouds.


An individual stands in this wheat field, his gaze that of an old one and his eyes are slowly closing, his figure standing strong against these lushes breeze, as this small, tanned, redhead but holds no hair, peers around on this day inhaling as peace is all around.




“By Anbella, my feet are wet but my mind is dry, my gaze wearies and so do I …”


 this gravely voice calls breaking the silence around his words rhyming as they finish grumbling as he turns his head to absorb the view before him, his hand rising from behind back to wave at a smaller girl much smaller then any normal dwarf being that of a midget, of midgets. 


“Niece come here”


 his tone clears as he’d project it for the smaller lass, returning his hand behind back with a sigh 


“You’ve summoned at a strange time, however, my thanks none of the less, it has been pleasant speaking to those which can be spoken to”


This small lass smiles in a brighten fashion as her head dips about in an excitement to her movements


 “T’ank yeh uncle. I did say yeh beh fine, from wat meh seen da uns yeh nae like are nae around and time can make yeh part of da hearth once more. As Anbellas dream was once, ah unified home”





“Remembering is a pain in itself, forgetting is that pain freeing yourself”



The Elder smiles at the cheerful lass, a true smile hidden by his greying beard. Dipping his head to the smaller figure joy in eyes


“Come, walk with me, help me up these mountains which this valley is littered in so you can claim the title you were neglected once more. This time, in time, not in pushed motions'' 


with that the elder extends an arm to the smaller younger lass before walking off into the peaceful meadow which was Hefrumm, walking into the forest which surrounds the forest dwarves as the time slowly turns to night with smiles upon faces and joy in their steps, the old and bitter appearing to slowly forget.


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