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Core Race Lore - Elves: Wood Elves


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LotC Core Race Lore - Elves




Core Race Lore - Elves: Wood Elves


The Wood Elves, known as the Mali’ame within the Elven language, are a subrace of elves. They are, traditionally, forest dwellers and inhabitants of vast wooded areas. Speaking literally, Mali’ame means “Elves of the Forest”. Many hold close ties to nature and follow their cultural tradition of worshiping the Aspects, nature gods whom they revere. They are considered to be more expressive than the more traditionally reserved High Elves, with a rich history of family lines and tattoos and expressive culture. The Mali’ame are known for being excellent woodworkers, archers, and bowmakers. Additionally, a traditional lifestyle of hunting and foraging is paired with a lesser amount of farming compared to the other Descendant races.


Skin Coloration
The ‘ame are identifiable by their dark pigments. This is most definitive in their skin color, which is virtually always dark in coloration. Their skin coloration is anywhere from olive, to cinnamon, to a dark brown color. Having lighter and pink skin is possible. However, these are not native Wood Elf traits. As such, this denotes almost assured mixed heritage with High Elves.

Hair Coloration

The same principle of dark pigments applies to hair color, with a range of brown and olive to black being possible. Having lighter hair is possible, the same as having lighter and pink skin. As before, however, this denotes mixed heritage.

Eye Coloration

The most common eye colors for the Mali’ame are green, gold, and shades of brown. Other colors, such as blue, are less common and also denote mixed heritage.



The Wood Elf height range is 5’0”-6’2” ft. This range is encompassing all Wood Elves, with a few exceptions. To be above this range is unusual and freakishly tall, the same as being below this range is unusual for the Wood Elves. A Wood Elf above this range would struggle to present a muscular body build, as the physiology of an ‘ame is unusual and stretched when above the 5’10” height cap.



The Wood Elves vary in weight, like anyone else. However, given that the ‘ame are shorter than the other subraces, a general healthy weight range can be gauged. The average healthy and fit Mali’ame at the higher end of the height range would be upwards of 200lbs, with 240lbs being the limit of ‘health’.

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