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Ando Alur Blighted Lands | Record Three


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Scribed by Sister Iris, Aedrie Sirame


Members: Sister Wicker, Sister Iris, Sister Snow, Sister Seahorse, Evar’lae Amayril, Roylan Grant, Ahng Gulr


Date: 13th of the Amber Cold 51 SA


Location: North of Nevaehlen, Southern portions of the blighted land




= Observed some winged squid-bat looking creature that breathed blue, arcane mist and dripped like an acid from its mouth


= Same creature could be seen carrying other creatures with it


= There was also a tall, fish-like creature the group fought against which shot violet beams of concussive energy; typically targets the middle of the group but beams cause a splash of damage around where it lands



[!] Charcoal depiction of the massive voidal fish creature




= Something to note was how all those attacking creatures did not know how to work together very well; uncoordinated 


= Sister Iris and Sister Snow were oddly transported to a very old tree of sorts


= The tree itself was very corrupted, some limbs were floating and the wood itself warped and gnarled




[!] Below is a rough drawing of the description of the specific tree




= Druids were able to commune with this tree, which requested for the group to rescue it


= Druids also had visions of a beating, aqua-blue heart; the heart of the tree, most likely


= The tree gave Sister Iris an obscure serpentine skull.



[!] Another drawing on this page takes the shape of a snake-like skull



= When trying to run and find this aqua-blue heart, Sister Iris had a horrible vision of these tall, blue and black serpentine men. It’s believed that the gifted skull was from one of them. 


= The figures were utterly massacred by something, but by what force is unknown




The following knowledge can only be used if found IRP. Also, thank you to those ST who've hosted this scouting mission!
Sketches RPly drawn by Gilliaen, OOCly by me!


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The man rested back within the bed of the clinic, nursing broken ribs, sharp shrapnel piercing his flesh and burns scattered along his body as mechanical spiders crawled over his body, clicking, cutting, and threading wounds closed as he twitched in place before they injected something into him. Turning the firm expression on his face into a more lightened, and smiling gleam as he chuckled with a rushing flow of soothing energy. "Hahaha....who would of ever expected the darn fish to explode?" 

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