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THE SWAMP STIRS: Preparations for The Long Journey

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THE SWAMP STIRS: Preparations for The Long Journey



“Our lands reach far, they reach wide, and the King’s rule does hold over them all … but those swamps, those lands, our lands, to the far West are as sodden as they are without order. This realm of mortals and men, our realm, doth protest the growing exanimate and haunted powers which lurk upon our borders, eager to enslave us. When I assumed this power, I did so not to sacrifice my mortality for power, but sacrificed my power for my mortality. These soulless folk, wanderers that spit upon the face of mortality in their pursuit of unfettered power, must be brought to heel if the age of man is to come to fruition.

You and your folk must begin the long journey to the Loc Werin and bring about the hand of justice, truth, and hallowed death to those who defy their mortality. If you are successful, you will bring great prestige upon us all, and if … if you should falter … well… well may God help us, Gregor.”


-Frederick I to his trusted courtier Gregor Waeric.


In Preparation


As Gregor, his Waeric kin, personal guard, and trusted officers of the ancient de Sola prepare for their journey West, they find themselves preparing for an arduous and unknown journey. 


Whether one is needing a second chance, protesting the growing evils upon the realm, or a devout loyalists aiming to enforce the King’s law, the Long Journey offers untold challenges but untold glory too. The journeymen can be found preparing in Vienne and milling about the city, getting the last luxuries associated with the capital before their departure. 


Those wanting to partake in The Long Journey are encouraged to find the journeymen before they set off on their quest. They are identifiable in their tabards which feature a dragon consuming the sun; a parable for their pursuit of mortality. 


May mortality reign; for in death there is truth.





This is the first of many events and posts to come for our lil adventurers group. If you are interested in getting involved in Loc Werin and the storyline, please seek out me, doreebear, hotbox_monk, or _sug and we can get you involved!



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Narses de Sola, the descendent of Solaris Chivay, set an azure-like gaze upon the Loc Werin expanse.  Ruminations of a future home manifested thoughts which pressed to his mind.  There was much to be done and it would be in the name of Godan and The Good King Frederick the First that it would be accomplished.

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Perhaps, out of the corner of their eye, the men of the Long Journey would note an enrobed dark elf, gazing at them pityingly. 

They shall all die, and that will be that.


Meanwhile, a halfling looked rather oddly at the group, looking to join them!

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