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Fi'Andria City Assembly; Open for applicants!


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 [!] A missive can be found in the Celia’norian capital of Fi’Andria.


Summons to the Fi’Andria City Assembly

Applications Open!

6th of Malin’s Welcome, 89 SA





Denizens of Fi’andria gathered together to work on new plans for the city. circa 88 SA



With the City of Fi’Andria ever-growing, the need of a City Assembly was voiced by both the populace and the Arch-Princess’ council. To avoid the failures of previous high elven assemblies, it will not be formed by those who managed to sweet-talk the public by empty promises, but by those Celia’norian citizens who are willing to show diligence and devotion to the state. Furthermore, it will be no assembly of mere talkers, but workers. They will discuss the need of the citizens, yet also are meant to be those to take care of them. These mal and lari of the assembly will bring up own ideas to the assembly and then, if permitted by the Crown, work on them. 


The applications for the City Assembly of Fi’Andria are now open. Seek Laurir’Nye Raziel Amethil for an interview. 


Furthermore, the following esteemed are invited to join the Assembly: 

Aestenia Aevaris 

Aearion Tawarenion 


Lenniel Vandi’ir

Verayla Wynasul



Raziel Amethil

Laurir Lye, Head of the City Assembly



If you dont find me ingame, just shoot me a dm (Laeonathan#3614) and we’ll schedule a meeting

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