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The Stewardy office


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The Stewardy office of Amaethea

Established on the 18th of Malin’s Welcome, Year 112 of the Second Age






The Stewards of Amaethea

The Lord Steward of Amaethea

Jarad Munnel



Responsible for handling the affairs of housing, treasury, and taxes.


The Steward Deputy


Second in command to the Lord Steward, aiding them with their affairs.



Acanthus Daesmon



Responsible for selling, assigning, and upkeep of housing.



Ullruthir Krisswynn



Responsible for selling, assigning, and upkeep of housing.



Maruthir Kriswynn



Responsible for selling, assigning, and upkeep of housing.






Responsible for selling, assigning, and upkeep of housing.



Ember Munnel




Responsible for selling, assigning, and upkeep of housing.





After a thorough review of the current tax office, it has become clear that there are missing systems, and old systems and structures that require a new coat of paint. Due to these facts and after an in-depth discussion, the following has been decided: 


New Tax Tokens


With the crowning of a new high princess comes a new age, the last time new tax tokens were printed was well over sixty years ago. The new tokens will feature several mani on them as well as artistic drawings. In addition, a third coin will be printed along with the regular five and ten coins. The new tokens will be available by SA 115.


Tax-Free Savings Account


It has been decided to allow all citizens of Amaethea to open a bank account, free of charge, with the stewards' office. This account will not be taxed and citizens may withdraw and deposit too whenever with the oversight of the Lord and Deputy Stewards. 


The Riel


With a majority council vote, it has been decided that Amaethea will print its own money named ‘Riel’. Citizens may use it to exchange goods and services. The faces of these coins will have the most recent High Princess/Princesses imprinted on them and signed off on by the Lord Steward to ensure their Validity. This currency will be available by SA 116.


New Ways To Pay


In order to provide more possible ways for people to pay their taxes, the crown will now be offering tax exemption for those who host events within the nation. Additionally materials and costs for said event will be provided and paid for by the stewards’ office.





Uell ito Maruthiran,

HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Idril Sylvaeri, The V High Princess of Elvendom, High Princess of Amaethea, The Heart of The Sea


His Grace, Jarad Munnel, Taur and Duke of Helious, Duke of Alterk, Margrave of Vali’mae, Count of Voclia, Viscount of Oblen, Baron of Achyae & Sievis, Lord of Sen’nyor, Patriarch of Munnel, Lord Steward of Amaethea

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