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Almannir Cuisine Vol I. - How to get thunderous Thighs

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On Almannir Cuisine Vol. I 


By Thondorus “Thighs” Stafyr

anno 1978 IC






There are two reasons for my strong legs. Firstly, rigorous training- which my modir made sure I committed to from a very young age and secondly the Almannir Cuisine in variety. It consists primarily of grain, different types of meat, seafood, pickled foods, as well as an assortment of foraged fruits and vegetables.


Of course now we have a much higher accessibility to different types of food groups which makes for much more complex dishes and with them the perfect conditions to keep your strength high, without losing a certain bulk that is most becoming to the eye of any person. And as I always say: Only a person who enjoys their meal can be a strong person!


Now, my dear Niece Katrin has asked me to note down the recipes that I can remember from the top of my head, so that she may write them down for future generations of Almannir people. And what sort of Uncle would I be, if I refused. Therefore this book shall entail just that: My favourite Almannir Dishes shared with my readers: A taste of my youth and of home.


P.S: More shall surely follow




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Hirschgulasch mit Nockerl


This traditional dish is a hearty and filling dish for all saints year round. It is made from tougher parts of venison, which are slowly simmered in a sauce made from red wine, game stock, foraged vegetables - such as potatoes, celery root, carrots, onions etc. The mixture is cooked for hours on end, until the venison’s flavour has impressed on the sauce and reached a soft texture, figuratively melting on your tongue and going right into building your strength!


The Hirschgulasch can be eaten as a stew by itself, but I prefer it with Nockerl- or dumplings made from potatoes, flour, eggs, milk and herbs. The ingredients are mashed into a dough and then formed into balls. Afterwards they are cooked in salted water until they float to the top. The Nockerl has a soft consistency and practically soaks up the Hirschgulasch. 


Rösti mit Räucherlachs


“Rösti with Smoked Salmon” is another great blend of flavours, perfect for any occasion and relatively easy to cook. The Rösti are usually made from shredded potatoes which are then fried in a generous amount of butter or other animal fat until golden brown. Together with the tender smoked salmon, Rösi mit Räucherlachs is a heavenly combination of textures.


Saurbraten mit Rotkohl


Personally, my favourite spring dish, this pot roast with red cabbage is truly a culinary miracle and perfect for both nobles and commoners alike. The cut of meat is marinated - either overnight or a couple of days, in a brine of vinegar, sugar, cloves, bayleaves, peppercorn and juniper berries. The meat turns as tender as Godan’s embrace. The roast ist then seared and will simmer in a medley of seasonal vegetables. Once it has finished cooking, it is sliced and topped with some of the sauce.


The red cabbage can be cooked down with apples, onions and spices on the stove or, should the day be especially hot, can be pickled and served as salad. Together it creates a dish that never fails to satisfy. The tender meat has a herby rich flavour, with a subtle sweetness from the added ingredients, which are cut by the sweet-sour Rotkraut.







I am convinced that this recipe was developed or even adopted during House Stafyrs residency in Hanseti-Ruska. The amount of beet that we were offered was astounding- but I have grown to like it in the end, as it is colourful and nutritious. 


Boiled beetroots are peeled and diced into cubes. These sweet, earthy beets are tossed in vinegar, oil from Hyspia and a touch of mustard. Together they increase their natural sweetness and adds some welcome spice. The beets have a slightly firm texture and together with the dressing they create a simple, yet fresh and flavourful salad.




Another refreshing salad that can be enjoyed with a multitude of different game is Gurkensalat- or cucumber salad. A perfect complement to any meal throughout the saints year. It’s made from thinly sliced cucumbers, which are lightly salted and tossed in a dressing made from vinegar, sourcream and freshly cut dill.




Almannir Quarkbällchn


Almannir Quarkbällchen are a pastry in the form of little dough balls that are made from curd, flour, sugar, eggs and a hint of vanilla. The dough is formed into sticky balls and deep-fried  to golden perfection and rolled in sugar and cinnamon. 


As you bite into these “Curdballs” the crispy exterior gives way to a light, airy and slightly moist interior. The curds tanginess balances out the sweetness, creating a delightful flavour profile. They are best enjoyed lukewarm. 


Suntrzug Treats


I am aware that these treats are usually reserved for the Suntrzug- or Tuvmas times, but there is nothing better to strife for after a long day of hard labour than these treats. Now- I know that my niece has already published an essay on these so I wont repeat them here, but I am going to name some honourable mentions (after I urge you to read the recipes yourself.)


“Feldkircher Printen”, “Plätzchen” (sugar cookies) and ofcourse Red Wine.





Almannir Gold


The most underrated drink in Aevos and beyond! Almannir Gold is a flavourful brew and the preferred  variety of mead under the Stafyrs. The recipe is a family secret, but I recommend each of you to seek out the Almannir Trade House near you to purchase a bottle of your own- OR visit myself, as I always enjoy a drink with some company.


Goats Milk


A fairly new addition into our House, brought by my dearest Modir, Elia Eryka Colborn-Stafyr. Not only did it grant her quadruplets, of which I am the strongest, but additionally four more children. Coincidence, you might think, but there has not been a single death resulting from birth in any of the Stafyr lineage. 


Goats milk does not only taste great, but it has miraculous health benefits, if drunk in high enough quantities.

Mori Mushroom Tea


Alas there has to be a balance between all the alcohol and goats milk. My favourite recipe is the brew my wife Yankova Kortrevich created during the journey that led us through the Mori’quessir caves, made from the herbs and mushrooms that were growing underground.
If it is relaxation what you seek, this tea is perfect- and pairs very well with my old friends Murtaghs cinnamon buns.





His Lordship, Thondorus Thighes Stafyr, 

Artiste Extrodinare


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if Liridona were alive, she would have a stroke upon reading the title.

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In his retirement home, which was located in an undisclosed part of the North, Murtagh Amador sat in his rocking chair reading the missive. His mind would not be on the recipes, but instead stuck on the concept of thunderous thighs! 


"Good Goddan, mea years are past eam" he'd chuckle before puffing on his pipe, which was lovingly stuffed with cactus green- the centerpiece of the man's retirement life, naturally.

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