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  1. ComicD


  2. It was fun while it lasted.

    Love you all.

    Have tons of fun for me, okay?


    I will miss you all.


    (And no, im not leaving the community, i was banned from the server, i will still be around if anyone wants to talk)

    1. Braxis


      Stay safe friend

    2. ThatGuy_777


      Fare thee well and stay healthy!

  3. Now that i think about it, has anyone seen an enchanted weapon or tool besides the ones you can buy at ct? Like, i dunno, a Luck of the Sea fishing rod? Or an iron pickaxe with Silk Touch?

    I think it would be nice to get a tool with enchantments, since farming gets kinda boring after a while and takes so much time that couldve been used doing some rp or something like that.

  4. MC: ComicD Discord: Comic D#5274 RP Name: Majou Went through some issues, went a bit nuts, hates most of the races and also has met frost witches before, so is interested in the power
  5. I have donated a book to gain both citizenship and entry to the library. I dunno what else to say so i will just leave the in-game info here. MC: ComicD RP: Silf’ainz Lacrimi Sanguine
  6. Username: ComicD Activity Rating (How many days/hours do you play per week?): 7 days of the week Discord: Comic D#5274 Timezone: UTC (O4:00) [RP] Name: Chomylla Atmorice Gender: Female Place of residence: Fenn Race/Sub-race/Culture: Mali’fenn Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: yeah, sure, why not?
  7. ComicD


    Born in Tahu’lareh, she grew up with just her father, who taught her everything she knows. After she grew up enough, she was asked by her father to help on his library, where she learned more about the world and other cultures, wich inspired her to dream about traveling around the world, and since is commonly known, snow elves dont get along with their elven kin, she felt more atracted to that dream. When she celebrated her 18th birthday, the library where she worked along her father was burned by bandits that were against the snow elves law, so she had to run away with what she could get before getting burned by the fire, some months later those bandits were punished by the law. 10 years later, she finally started her dream about traveling, working in a caravan with her father, trading wheat and bread in the road and the towns they visited. That life went on until she turned up 70, when she left her father to travel alone and find every mistery that the world can offer, may it be wonders or curses. Now she is traveling without knowing where to go, but hasnt lost any determination.
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