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  1. An old elf reads the missive in silence, once he had finished doing so a smile comes to his features. "...Wish I could be there to celebrate your success, my friend... Congratulations."
  2. OOC Information: MC Username: MC_ComicD Discord Tag: Comic D#5274 Magics Currently Studying : Air, Fire, Water, Transfig Magics Currently Teaching (If so how many students, if any, for each?);: Air, Fire; none. IC Information: Your Name: Chomylla Atmorice Your Race: Mali'fenn Your Age: 130 or so. Nation of Residence: Fenn/YP Reason you wish to to join the circle: Curiosity.
  3. An old elf looks at the missive before looking to a side, as serious as he could muster, and says out loud. "Finally... a reason to use my many comically large lamps..."
  4. An old elf reads the missive in absolute confusion, snorting upon seeing the Chewbacca edit of the father. He shakes his head and throws the paper away, returning forced vacation.
  5. An elf somewhere in the casino already spent over two hundred mina- A well invested two hundred at that. He got cool stuff from it. He writes a review on it and gives it a 10/10 "Would waste money again".
  6. An old elf looks at the sheet and then makes the math out of fun, looking into his past and current transgressions... Eventually just blankly staring into a paper in which he made such math. "...Well ****... minus five hundred and fifty three... WELP! Not going there anytime soon!"
  7. An old elf, after hearing an hysterical boy scream about necromancy to the guards, completely forgets about the situation that had occurred while enjoying some nice storytelling at the Teahouse! At times, he remembers briefly the screams and claims of necromancy, laughing a bit and then shaking his head to then focus once more on the stories being told.
  8. An old elf reads the missive before simply saying to himself: "Well, good to see some things never change. Good luck, bud."
  9. [!] An elf had arrived to the city he now lived in being attacked. The sea held a massive vessel with the kind of cowards who'd leave their own in the fire of combat, those who held no honor, no spine. The men who followed just empy desire and fear. Such thoughts followed as the thundering storm of ferrum and ashes fell over the Jade State, the screams of innocent citizens filling the roads and the voice of an old friend yelling: "Those in the YPA join me at the barracks, man up the scorpio!" in his usual commanding and strong tone, decisive and determined. With haste, he and many others made their way to the keep, preparing to counter the attack to the city they loved. The air was heavy and the ringing within their ears did not fade, each passing moment a new barrage of fire striked their walls. Buildings and streets alike now destroyed and cracked into vestiges of what it was mere moments ago. A young Adunian took position with the old soldier to man up the siege weapon, those by their side did so as well. The elf, seeing the opportunity, prepared for the medical aid while bringing one of his monsters for aid, making the beast carry pots of combustive content over to drop from above on the enemy ship. Upon such, he turned by the blasting sound of a mistake- a child had been working at the second siege weapon, which misfired, causing them to fall in a lethal and wounded state. He and the feral elf rushed towards the injured small one. "It will be alright." the elf communicated to the now injured child before the elf decided to take her into safety. And so, upon finishing the treatment, he had returned to chaos... During his time away, pirates had made their way within the city walls. "So, who are we killin' today, eh?" he called to the old soldier while dropping down into the same floor as his fellow warriors, being answered with a chuckle and the sight of a group storming in their direction. The old soldier went ahead with the aid of others and prepared another siege weapon, taking down with ease members of the group as they closed in. The fire within the man had not died yet, the elf had noticed, a fire lighting up within upon seeing such unwavering courage and determination to protect something. The young Northener was reckless, but passionate, the losses he had suffered, the friends he had found, both emotions within his burning soul as he rushed in towards the charging group, hitting them with all he had and bringing part of them down. The elf knew, this was the kid he had accepted into his family, making him proud of taking such choice. Up he went then, preparing one of his oldest tricks under his sleeve and casting a boulder- "KIN, OUT OF THE WAY!" he called out to the feral elf before sending off his spell, crushing those coming through the corridor within the keep. Immediately after this, the feral elf charged and finished off some of the invading pirates, making his way forwards to aid his reckless friend, who was heavily wonded in his charge forwards. The elf then gazed onwards, seeing the amount of enemies before him. The crew of the enemy ship had progressed far into the city walls, deep within, managing to loot and kill people within the city... He doubted for a moment the capacity of him and his group to get through this alone. Then, he heard her by a side, the ringing in his ears avoiding understanding any words, yet he would never forget a voice... He turned over to the now growing noice as the ringing in his ears faded. Almost as if by art of magic, his spirits lifted, a fire he had long thought gone lit up once more upon seeing the gathering that had come for their aid. The Ruby, The Scholar, The Smith, The Old Soldier, his friends of long ago, reunited by the fires of his now home. Despite the dreadful situation, the loss for the city, the elf could not help it but to feel rejuvenated... The sight of those he had come to value and the knowledge that he would fight by their side once more made a fire burn wildly deep within his being. And so, forwards, with all those he knew he could trust, he marched on to the invaders of his home. "What's up mother*****rs!?" he yelled at the enemies who awaited on front, now standing side by side with those he knew from days in a past now gone. It was not a long fight what came after, the elf finishing off some of the pirates with his tricks as The Smith and The Scholar destroyed the enemies with no words spoken, swift and precise as they always were, a rather lethal and strong pair, fighting relentlessly with a wall of fire growing within the now battlefield. A wide grin coming to the features of The Old Soldier as he swiftly got rid of those who opposed his movement, advancing through the fire as the smokes and ashes enveloped his figure, a sight to both admire and fear. The Ruby advanced through the opposite side, her now recovered strength allowing her to move past enemies with ease, taking their lives for their crimes. Everyone within the now large group of bloodthirsty warriors made their way onwards and turned the invasion into a massacre, successfuly protecting what they were fighting for. The elf looked behind, as he took an injured Ruby to the clinic to treat her wounds. He had seen not only strength, not only courage. He had now become witness to the union of these allies, these warriors of the wastelands... And the strength they had reunited by fire.
  10. Nice lore and sounds like a good addition, a good concept like the last one i read. You have some good stuff coming up with your writing, so keep it up, cant wait to see what you gonna write next. +1
  11. New Asian culture? Pog. Glad to see some more variety and people placing some effort into giving new stuff to try in the server. And, come on guys, discussing race over culture? Really? Now you gonna come and say a Cannonist cant be an elve or that a Qualasheen cant be a dwed. We have seen examples of this existing, so just drop it and enjoy some fun rp. People didnt have to take their time to create this post and lore, yet they did, so no need to be a prick about it. TL;DR? Gonna enjoy playing one of these, no matter if ya like it or nah. Gonna have some good ol fun, y'all, you should try to as well! Peace!
  12. Syl reads over the missive before letting out a small chuckle. "Hey, I was there...! And healed that one- OH ****, THE LASS AT THE CLINIC-" he then ran to check on the one Edict soldier he was taking care of earlier.
  13. And so, upon reading this, an elf sighs and drops the missive by the fire, returning to his daily routine and cleaning over his mechanical limbs. "...I wonder... How will he react upon hearing of this result..."
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