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  1. I was going to write a lot, but i can summarize it all in 3 words and a filthy frank gif. Guns in fantasy.
  2. Somewhere near the sea, calmly listening to the sound of the waves, an elf gets the missive, slowly reading it over before letting out a small sigh. "It has been a good run, Gail. You did well." Just then the elf makes his way off towards his home, preparing for the mentioned funeral. "...I hope you find peace, old man." he'd say to himself.
  3. The missive arrives to the hands of an old elf, contemplating the sea alongside a constant ticking sound. His orbs slowly trail over the text of the paper, amused by the current state of things within the land of Almaris. Upon finishing, the missive is dropped carelessly on the ground, gaze returning to the blue horizon. "...Ironic. They claimed their land to be succesful... To be Eternal... Yet here we are again." After these words, a loud cackle leaves the elf, echoing upon the surrounding area before coming to a stand, slowly walking back into his city with the following loud clanks from hi
  4. The high elf looks at the missive and simply sighs, knowing well he would be bid without conscent... His pride hurt knowing he is being sold as a date slave.
  5. Somewhere, an elven woman would be collecting flowers, plans going through her head and many ideas flashing as small additions to what she was preparing... Yet she feels her heart sink for a moment, realizing the time that has passed since she had promised her beloved to spend time together. "...Maybe i should check back home..." She'd simply say before wandering back towards the small town...
  6. ~Plush-point Shop!~ Get your own plushie now, at Veritas' stand! ~~~~~~(O)~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~(O)~~~~~~~~ Within the small town of Veritas, a small stand-shop has opened, selling plushies of all kind, animals, descendants, all in request for you to choose and buy from! All, however, are limited stock and wont be seen again once they are sold out! To get to the shop one must travel to the east and, once on the way to Urguan, stop to the small town next to the ruins, Veritas! If you wish to have your own personal and unique plushie, contact the owner, Mystralath Maelst
  7. Serious question for both. Have you heard the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise...?
  8. He gave me two russian names and the hour in Vietnam, +1
  9. Git Stickbugged.

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