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  1. What is worse?

    To be killed in an acid pit…?

    ...OR to become a boomer?

  2. ComicD


  3. ComicD


  4. ComicD


  5. It was fun while it lasted.

    Love you all.

    Have tons of fun for me, okay?


    I will miss you all.


    (And no, im not leaving the community, i was banned from the server, i will still be around if anyone wants to talk)

    1. Braxis


      Stay safe friend

    2. ThatGuy_777


      Fare thee well and stay healthy!

  6. Skidadle skidoodle. Yes, i like snakes, so there you go, a 1+
  7. I wish lore games end soon, i really want to try and become a nephilim
  8. Now that i think about it, has anyone seen an enchanted weapon or tool besides the ones you can buy at ct? Like, i dunno, a Luck of the Sea fishing rod? Or an iron pickaxe with Silk Touch?

    I think it would be nice to get a tool with enchantments, since farming gets kinda boring after a while and takes so much time that couldve been used doing some rp or something like that.

  9. MC: ComicD Discord: Comic D#5274 RP Name: Majou Went through some issues, went a bit nuts, hates most of the races and also has met frost witches before, so is interested in the power
  10. I have donated a book to gain both citizenship and entry to the library. I dunno what else to say so i will just leave the in-game info here. MC: ComicD RP: Silf’ainz Lacrimi Sanguine
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