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  1. ((MC Name: SantaNotic)) Name: Taurin Puddlefoot Vote Iris Peregrin for Mayor? Yea (x) Nay () Vote for Sheriff: Theodore Mowood () Alfie Greenholm () Meemaw Applebottom (x)
  2. The brisk, winter morning rising upon the peaceful village gave light upon the missive. As the chilling air filled his small nostrils, Monkey Peregrin signed the bottom of the missive before whispering to himself, "It is time Properness took a stan'. Yew 'ave moi support, as well as te Peregrins."
  3. Guess I'll have to... eliminate the competition. MUAHAHAHA MUAHAHAHAHA
  4. [!] As the halfling gazed over the form, his eye caught the mention of his name. He attempted to remember when he agreed to support the opposition, rather shrugging it off, "At least 'e isn' usin' a swor'!" He raised a stale beer, drinking it before spitting it all over James Peregrin.
  5. But what about skin commissions and such? If there is little mina, then that'll force monetization on something that doesn't need to be an expense. My other concerns have already been stated. Don't sack me.
  6. Sad times
  7. Applefeet don’t got nothin’ on me
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