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  1. IGN: teawithTori CHARACTER NAME: Yasmine Carnelia DISCORD: Toriva#0002 my favorite song is probably either Feel Good Inc or Humility by the Gorillaz, im spacin on any r&b music I like atm but Ill come back later and edit this if I think of somethin
  2. honestly I'm a fan of it. I get why people are hesitant about a magic CA seeing as some of the stuff that's happened in the past but idk I have hope for this. +1
  3. Only other medium than LotC I can think of is Crossroads, which isn't designed to be a replacement. Just need to hold out til a replacement comes along. I'd say 10 years is a good enough lifespan.
  4. First visit since 2018 :O

    Randomly stumbled across this account and it feels like opening a time capsule

  5. historically ballin with the cabbage toss homies
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