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  1. In a move that very few expected, the tyrant Lily Peregrin voted! The Ballot: ((MC Name: BozoNotic)) Name: Lily Peregrin Vote for Proposals: Proposal I (Hal’s Proposal) () Proposal II (Cyris’ Proposal) (x) Neither () [OOC: I'm in complete agreement with Fae. Having a good amount of people to share the workload of events and other leadership duties would allow our community to properly function. Not having every Thain eventually resign due to inactivity or burnout would allow us to have some leadership longevity.]
  2. very cool, would definitely do a halfling colonization of the autumn forest
  3. the seven boglings dont deserve this
  4. [!] Soon following the Thain's proclamation of war, a notice was issued. The Appointment of Sheriff Hob the Slayer As a longtime supporter of true justice and the Peregrin Rule, Hob shall officially be appointed as Sheriff of Honeyhill. Along with this, he shall become the commander of all military actions taken by Thain Lily against the confederates and their rebel forces. With this, we hope to swiftly bring a protective force to Honeyhill's people so that Mimosa Applefoot does not have an opportunity to wound our prosperity. Once the war is resolved, a proper election is permitted to take place, assuming no candidates are Mimosa Sympathizers. Knox Bless Honeyhill Aspects Bless Honeyhill Spirits Bless Honeyhill -Thain Lily Peregrin
  5. [!] Papers fly all across Honeyhill as THAIN LILY PEREGRIN responded to the threats of the insolent rebel, Mimosa Applefoot. SHE WHO HOLDS THE SHOVEL Dearest Halflings of Honeyhill, We find ourselves faced with a challenge. The Elder Mimosa Applefoot, whom I once trusted as a voice of reason, takes issue with my position of command. She ignores the fact that I was given my position through the fair passage of Thainship by my sister, Sorrel Peregrin, who was given such power by our mother, Iris the Great. Furthermore, she ignores the fact that I have sworn by my life to uphold the values of Thain Iris and have given birth to a new village in the ruins of our old, fallen Honeyhill. Mimosa is merely driven by envy and nostalgia. She longs for the days when the Applefoots ruled under Thain Rollo and were seen as the prominent power in the halfling lands. I shall not falter in the presence of Mimosa the Betrayer or her clan of sour apples. I shall grow fields and raise a great mercantile district along the coast. I shall propel the weefolk into a golden age of trade and prosperity. Every tavern from here to the rings of biggun nobles in the Kharasi will be drinking halfling ale and eating halfling pastries. We shall sit upon a harvest bounty richer than we have ever reaped from the earth. Most importantly, we shall not watch as the once great Applefoots taint the power of the Peregrins with their lies and deceit. The Peregrins walked this dirt before the Applefoots were a concept within the gardens of Billy Bob, and we shall continue to rule until Arugula rises from the sea and swallows the world whole. We proved our worth when Thain Iris the Great spun the evil workings of Isalie the Terrible into a paradise never before seen by the halflings. We are the lineage chosen by Knox to lead. The Applefoots, on the other hand, are a cursed bloodline that has plagued our race with murder and travesty. From the massacre of Rollina to the cultist workings documented by my brother, Monkey, they have caused nothing but trouble. Do not let some bad apples spoil the bunch! Side with Thain Lily Peregrin and we shall rise up against the confederates! -Thain Lily Peregrin, Protector of Honeyhill
  6. Lily Peregrin reads over the will, exhaling as she gazed over the village, "A woise man, 'e was. Woisest oi 'ad ever met. Rest well, Filibert." Sean Puddlefoot looks up from his intense game of cards with Alfie Greenholm to welcome Filibert to the Wheat Fields, waving him over to where the old Brandybrook Halflings sat.
  7. surprised jumper hasnt commented yet anyways im for freebuild as a separate area like it was in Arcas. Maybe an island that isnt part of the mainland but is fairly large and easy to access with boats and such Freebuild should not be a thing on things like roads and near settlements. I don't wanna see 1x1 cobblestone towers obscuring the view of some amazing build. Think most people would agree with me on that part
  8. haven't read it yet but the concept looks awesome, I love seeing cultural CA races like this and Demi-Djinn. Hope it gets accepted! Will probably add something to this comment once I've finished it.
  9. Rise, Weary Friends [!] As rain fell down upon the Land of Honeyhill, Lily Peregrin found herself standing beneath its wrath under the trees of the Botanical Garden. She found her mind wandering as her tears began to mix with the weather cast upon her face. The weight of loss was crushing upon her heart, the wee one thinking about Meemaw. Although, this was not a new feeling to the girl. The scar on her heart left by Iris had never healed, and she doubted it ever would. Suddenly, a loud cry began to echo from the caves of the Garden. Lily rushed down there, only to find something both digusting and mystifying. One of Iris' gibbons had gone into labor. "Beautiful," She commented to herself, raising the newborn monkey high above her head, and soon more tears followed, no longer masked by the weather. Once the monkey was back on its feet, she walked through the village, the rain still relentless. It seemed that the tears of the three gods would not rest for quite some time. As the mud splashed upon her bare feet, she wound the corner into the Peregrin Burrow, closing the door. There, she saw her own daughter, Dolly, playing by the lit hearth. Dolly, only being about six, was far too young to have ever known her grandmother- or really High Pumplar Jeannette, for that matter. She would never see them again. But to Lily, this did not matter. What mattered now, as she saw, was that Dolly was alive. Her, along with the newborn gibbon, and all other animals and descendants of new generations. Quickly, Lily took off down the stairs to her room. She sat down at her desk, as she had done many times before, and began to write a letter. A letter to all halflings, across all nations. A message to the entire race. "Dear Weefolk, I write to you today to bring us together. To give a voice to our feelings. To finally push all of you to pick up a shovel and dig us out of this ditch that we have dwelled in for over a decade. I must insist, even if you are one of the improper outsiders who have existed outside of our gaze, you should read this. It is the only thing I will ever ask of you- put aside our differences and listen to my words. In these last few years, we have lost more than we have since the Rollina Massacre in Arcas, which happened over a century ago. Our beloved Thain- My mother, Iris Peregrin- and now our High Pumplar, who served as a beacon of hope and optimism to all of us. We have lost ourselves to despair. Our two lights that shined so brightly have been smothered by a thick hail of biggun tyranny, and that we will never recover. But I proclaim to you now that this is not the case. I have studied the history of Bloomerville from both the books written and the words of Iris herself. A fortress built in the mountains of Sutica- a few dingy old stone buildings that an entire village took shelter in. We were beaten down and defeated, but our very own Iris appeared one day. When nobody had heard of the Peregrin Family in six pumpkin years, she rescued us. With all the halflings working together, we raised an entire village off of a pile of mud and stone. We built a monument of our strength upon that hill, with nothing but some spare tools and hope. Many of you may be saying that we were stronger back then, and that we cannot do it now. This is simply not true. We are the future of our village- we are the ones who will bring about this change. We have history and knowledge on our side. If a hand full of homeless halflings can construct one of the greatest villages of the modern age, we can do anything. We are the Halflings. We are the hardest working people in history, and with our small numbers and stature we have survived the test of time. All it takes is one good leader, and we shall prosper once more. Join me, and we shall dig ourselves out of this trench of despair and feast upon our hill's bounty once more. Stand with me, weefolk- whether you are from our home shire, the towers and slums of a biggun city, or far off lands untold of. We must all unite together as one and set aside our differences. We must unite our kin once more. In the name of Billy Bob, Knox and Arugula. In the name of Petyr and Thain Rollo. In the name of Iris and Jeannette. And in the name of Almaris- we shall prevail! Long Live Honeyhill!"
  10. Lily Peregrin sighs, "Every day t'e bigguns steal somet'in more from us. First it was our resources, t'e loife o' moi Mom Iris, an' now it's our own sport. Soon we'll see people livin' in burrows n' makin' Sackville Ale." She took a sip of honey tea, "Oi mean, t'ey could 'ave at least invoited us."
  11. Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and savior jesus christ?
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