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  1. I don't think they wanna remove the command I think it's just that Dingo thinks it shouldn't be used in roleplay
  2. I mean I feel like birds do cause metagaming and such so it's probably best to remove 'em, but at the same time I do think people talking about aviary plugins and nation post offices would be really cool to see. Like it'd be neat to be able to go to an aviary, right click on a bird head or something and get access to a little chest inventory, put a note or other stuff in there and send it off.
  3. Thain Monkey Peregrin leans up against a tree as he reads it, still mentally recovering from the attack conducted by Lord Knox. He then strikes his pipe aflame, smoking it under the sun, "T'ank t'e Izgul... oi just hope t'is nasty plague nay follows us furt'er."
  4. Thain Monkey Peregrin's nose found the foul stench, his incense doing its best to cleanse the smell from his Shamanic Lair beneath the great redwood tree, but alas he was not safe from it. He soon picked up his shovel and his cat, making haste out of the home to go investigate the cause of this.
  5. I see the other other short people are still vibin :)
  6. Iris of course being much better than the rest, not even a competition
  7. Because I wanted someone on the server to be named SimpinForTelanir. Very much for the meme. 1. When Sean and Taurin saw each other for the last time ******* broke me, saddest **** in Brandybrook. 2. When Sorrel and Monkey climbed their way out of the Kraken's maw. 3. When Monkey met Ugrad'Lur and first learned Shamanism. So yeah all on halflings >:) My favorite personas of other people are probably Lle played by Sunny, Greta Goodbarrel and Meadow Proudfoot because lil bard bean pumpkin lady is wholesome. Apple Juice.
  8. So our relationship started in an Exon in the year 2006. I was grabbing gas when I was heading across the country to seek the holy grail, and he happened to be buying a pack of cigarettes. We ended up meeting up and one thing led to another and we were drinking booze in some random bar in the country. I said I would drive him back to his car but when we were going down the road he slammed into me and threw the car off the road, crashing it. He got out and shot me twice in the arm and said he finished the job, leaving me there to die. Around a month or two ago I tracked him to an apartment complex in New Braunfels Texas where I sat in a Comfort Inn across the street with a 50 cal. sniper rifle. I took the shot, once to the head killed him. His security detail searched the area but they didn't find me. I took his body, stole his car, and mounted his head on my wall. Nuff said. Sheesh this is a big question. First of all, I've met a large majority of my greatest friends on this server through the halflings, and I guess @LuLuuLuu was also there. Honestly I don't talk with people irl too much anymore so the fact that y'all have vibed with me is probably the only thing keeping me from snapping on going on a bloody rampage through the streets. Another thing is definetely just being surrounded by people other than hyper-conservative family members who I can vent to and such which has also helped me just generally become a better person. So yeah, frenship.
  9. time to do some museum server rp
  10. Hey there friends, its me, MonkeNotic. This isn't really an anniversary for me being on the server because that's in October but I haven't made one of these personal posts yet and I'm bored. To know a little bit about me for those of you who haven't spoken to me, I am Notic, an ex-story team member where I did like 2 things over the span of half a year and also the current leader of the halflings (until the egirl dictatorship kills me in my sleep). I play a lot of Final Fantasy 14 and D&D 5e along with this server sometimes. I've been around since like Mid-Arcas and I've pretty much only played Halflings and Dark Elves in that period of time although you may have seen me popping in and out of other communities. My current personas are Monkey Peregrin, my main and a little wholesome halfling shaman man, Eliza Goodbarrel, Crazy Epiphyte Doctor Lady, and finally Iheiu Aylir, homeless ker fisherman. I also killed Ted Cruz. Notice: Frogger16 is strictly banned from commenting on this post.
  11. Temp Staff have it to where you just modreq for LC anyways, honestly its a feature where I don't know why its off limits to players. Same with stuff like /ride. +1
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