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  1. IGN: MonkeNotic Character Name: Monkey Peregrin, Seer of Alai'Akashuga Magical Ability(s): Farseer Shamanism Discord: MonkeNotic#0002
  2. ((MC Name: MonkeNotic )) Name: Monkey Peregrin Vote Anne Cottonwood for Sheriff? Yea (x) Nay ()
  3. "Join t'e crew!" Monkey called out in response with a grin.
  4. The Ballot: ((MC Name: MonkeNotic)) Name: Monkey Taurin Blavigan Pennywhistle-Puddlefoot Peregrin Vote for Elder: James Peregrin (x) Greta Goodbarrel (xx) Filibert Applefoot () Jordan Applebottom () Winter May Gardner () OOC "Ah yes, the sweet taste of betrayal." -Me, Just Now
  5. Why water into wine? Like why not Orange Juice or something.
  6. Finally, some real work getting done. But actually Just go through and do a big clean of archives and posts that aren't relevant instead of deleting all of our forum stuff. This is literally how we keep track of things. also genius
  7. [!] A missive was posted around the village, seeming to have been written in Monkey Peregrins handwriting. "Dear Halflings of Bramblebury, Last night, in the afterparty of Jeannette and Sorrel's 33rd Birthday, I was headed home after drinking a few ales from the tavern. On my route back to my home, I saw our beloved Ambassador standing at the point of 5 Blades. 5 masked men, all armed, one with a bow and the rest with swords, seemed to be mugging the poor woman. [!] Here is a neatly drawn depiction of the 5 bandits. I issue
  8. Trolling with the boys. Lil' Runk.
  9. Frankly, I look at specifically character traits I want to play in someone and then look to hobbies. It can be easy to flesh out a character's personality first based on either yourself or just 'what sounds cool' before molding the backstory around it. Alternatively you could start as a bland no interests baby and morph it to their life experiences. Haven't ever tried this so I suppose it's a personal thing. Usually I just remember them and occasionally bring it up in conversation with the player. Personally I go in with absolutely no expectations. Even still, I feel this happe
  10. **** *** ** ***** ****** pie ****** *** ****** ***** **** **** ****

  11. OOC Username: MonkeNotic Discord: MonkeNotic#0002 In-character Name: Elizabeth Goodbarrel Age: 24 Are you a halfling? [ x] Yes [ ] No [A small box was also added in a fine ink, akin to that of Greta's, "Plant Organism"] Why would you like this job? Elsie signed up. Why would you be a good fit for this job? I am a natural born leader, knowledgeable in many topics and recipes, and a hard worker. Bullet point your prior experience with baking: -I have eaten many pies, cakes, and cookies. No furt
  12. Favorite community on the server thus far?
  13. As someone from all of these I can say that Goodbarrel and Peregrin pog.
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