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  1. give me the Xinyang Persona Slot and ill give you 20 bucks

  2. Thain Monkey Peregrin glances over the notice with a warm smile, "Goo' tew 'ave yew back, Mom. Oi hope yew can help kiddos loike yew helpe' me."
  3. [!] Through the town of Bramblebury, 2 silhouettes are recognizable in the night, the ill-defined glint of a Golden Shovel is shone under the starlight. Blood follows the trail of these two men, one merely a cadaver slung over the back of the other. A blue staff digs into the soil, trying to support the two men as they trudge on. The inaudible mutters of one, only clear in his own mind, states "Just a little longer..." Alas, the gates of Kor have opened for one, and will soon greet the other. Swiftly, Monkey makes his way towards the Boo-Boo Burrow, Rolladango limp on his back as he calls out
  4. Welcome you are only cool if you come to MY SETTLEMENT and not the other DUMB STINKY SETTLEMENT but in actuality welcome to the server, enjoy your stay, and I hope you have fun <3
  5. I mean things can still hurt and some are more prone to "Laughing it off and not giving a damn" but some aren't. I get the argument, and while I don't think guns should be on the server I also don't think people should be toxic on either sides and being toxic to a toxic player is kinda just getting to their level. That said just saying no isn't really that hurtful imo, even if it isnt constructive
  6. it is kinda cool ngl but actually Slorbin you respond to every forum post WITH SEETHING RAGE and your formatting sometimes goes red and ****, black text is honestly nicer to read in the future i suggest just highlighting text like everybody else (USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)
  7. [!] Flying out of the Aviary, birds flutter with notes tied about their feet to whomever it may concern. A figure nails a notice to the Village Information Board. Fliers are cast in the wind, some landing in burrows and the tavern. The Second Annual Village Meeting "Dear Citizens of Bramblebury, for too long have we sat empty, only a handful of us not having packed up and moved to Knoxville. Our town is covered in dust and metaphorical cobwebs, and it pains me more than anything to see something we used to cherish so much go unused. Therefore, I am taking it upon m
  8. join Bramblebury plz oh and Knoxville too but they're stinkier and dont have green chicken
  9. never really knew you but you seemed cool, best of luck o7
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