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  1. Being illiterate, Bryldryn stares at the missive for good solid three seconds then uses it to blow her nose.
  2. Character Name : Bryldryn Age: 200 Bloodline: Braveaxe Appearance : Redhead with piercing blue eyes, she’s stout and muscular and likes to have her hair braided tightly around her head (halo braid). Skin: Profession: Stone Mason/ sculptor Weapon: War hammer Background: A Daughter of a stone mason and a sculptor, she lived a humble life of continuing her family business until she became of age and decided that it was time to have some adventure. Discord (If you have it): angella302🦄#8603 Timezone: EST
  3. APPLICATION The Brotherhood accepts all who have a desire to serve both King and Country, the one requirement being that they have seen a minimum of 16 winters. NAME: Vesper NOBILITY (Y/N): N if not, GENTRY (Y/N): N RACE: Half-Elf PAST EXPERIENCE : No combat experience until recently; Vesper had volunteered as a Haensemen to take part in the battling of the Voidal Tear (the ET event that happened 10/9 Wed. on the sea, fighting the Hunger’s monsters?). She’d thought she was volunteering for just one of the simple patrol but she quickly learned that wasn’t the case when she sailed out to the sea. There, she assisted Philip with the ballista on the ship by oiling the bolt and setting it on fire. She’ still shocked that she got out of it with minor injuries and this was a wake up call that she wants to be properly trained to protect herself and others. Since she has a little experience of combats and have enlisted in the Royal Medical Corps, she wishes to become a medic and hopefully make her way up. OOC experience: I’m new to this server, rp, and haven’t played minecraft in YEARS but I’ll learn 🙂
  4. As a new player my biggest pet peeve was the post signs at the first crossroad you come to after leaving CT region, taking the south road. The sign is just confusing because of the layout: how arrows point both ways. I just think it’s best if you guys would have two diffrent post and have one facing only one way with one arrow so the dummy like me can’t misunderstand it. Or delete that middle sign and make two signs on top of each sign with city name and have the arrows point at the correct direction instead. If you see here, I thought left would take me to Sutica because the arrow starts at sutica sign and head points left. It was other way around and I didn’t find this until I found myself at Fenn for the second time. There are many roads that are labeled “differently” and this extends to the namings of regions and cities in the Wiki. They are confusing the map of Arca is out of date if I’m correct. So As a new player, I’m still confused about what city is where. P.S. I think having only custom trees in the world is great because it looks like more effort’s put in to it. I think the vanilla trees are ugly.
  5. angella302


    For those who have met Vesper often wonder whether she should be classified as hostile or not. Some say that her naturally intense stare makes them uneasy; as if she’s scrutinizing from head to toe. Her usual expressionless face make some hesitate and some even admitted that it’s menacing. Then again, many notice her put an effort to keep a small coy smile on whenever she’s engaged in a conversation. Vesper is often found brooding at the corner of a tavern drinking to herself but would surprisingly welcome a company with a small grin. If she was in a good mood, she would even entertain you with a story. Hey, don’t let her deep velvet voice fool you though. It doesn’t take much effort to provoke her and some say she could land solid blows. Many have been deceived and manipulated by this black-haired mistress but many also have been aided out of good-will. Vesper is a prideful woman who would be suspicious if one offers her help regardless of their intentions but to be fair, her life was full of lemons since birth. An old midwife found Vesper wrapped in dirty rags on the doorstep of the healing ward at the small village near Sutica and Aegrothond border. The midwife, Esmeralda was a loving mother and everything was perfect until Esmeralda’s son returned home as a Shadeleaf addict. It did not take long for Vesper to escape the frying pan, then unfortunately into the fire. The world was not kind to a single young woman, with an unusual violet eyes. Vesper struggled here and there until a small local guild of scholars took her in as the assistant. There, she managed to learn over the shoulders, which eventually lead her to deduce that she was an half-elf which sparked the yearning to find about her lineage. One might ask what she’s doing out here and not conducting a research in a library or some sort? First of all, please don’t really ask her that because she’d give you “that” stare if you are lucky and if you are not lucky, well… Anyways, another series of unfortunate events dismantled the scholar guild and now Vesper is homeless and jobless. But don’t pity her because she’s quite enjoying her freedom from bunch of grumpy old men and women (and of course you’ll also have to endure a vicious glare and some mockery for hurting her pride).
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