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  1. [!] A letter is left hanging on the door of 2 Silver Jubilee, bearing a distinct seal with two roses intertwined. Someone might catch a whiff of grass and plant-life from the page.
  2. I was asked to review this piece looking for flaws and the such, and honestly as someone who hasn’t met anyone of this CA before it seems really interesting. I do not think I would make one just because of the complexity, but at the same time I would love to RP with people who did. Now I’d like to point out the people who have hated on this project so far LOL They fall into one of two categories: 1 – People who don’t like the former playerbase of this CA 2 – People who are the former playerbase of this CA Funny how that works :3 Anyway, I wanna wish Commie luck with this. Like the person above said, I doubt it will be accepted anytime soon, but it’s a far better and more fleshed-out idea than half the stuff we see on LOTC.
  3. Aaliyah Abbas reads over the letter, sighing “The Paladins are murderers who claim to be guided by an Aengul so they can blame their horrible deeds on something other than themselves. The fact they are killing innocents is no shock. Especially when one looks over those in the party they set off with. Murderers, hunters of innocents, hunters of Kha pelts, thieves, all under the banner of a holy order of justice and peace. I wonder if the Paladins of old were this corrupt?” She takes her leave of the paper, leaving it for someone else to read
  4. Caedric Edvardsson II smiles as he looks over the document, shaking his head as he mutters aloud “Half of the world could burn to the Inferi and Oren would still pick a fight with the survivors. It this peace lasts my lifetime, I will be shocked.” uncertainty clouds his visage as he sighs “Still … There’s always the possibility for change. We will see, soon enough.”
  5. *Aaliyah Abbas glances over the report, her eyes narrowing as she absorbs all of the information she can, trying to formulate some ideas*
  7. Aaliyah Abbas glances over the papers, knitting her eyebrows together as she tries to understand what the deuce is going on and why her uncle is marrying this random-ass skank (OOCLY nothing but love :3 good luck you two!!!)
  8. hey dude, heard you had a rough time with a GM about your skin. If you want, I can take a crack at making you a new one with a similar appearance but a more roleplay-friendly style 😄

  9. Mahdel held his side, feeling the blood slip between his fingers as the man in front of him prepared to deal a killing blow. As the guard drew back his blade, Mahdel’s mind swam with thoughts of his childhood. An old Canonist Prayer leapt to his lips. A prayer of thanksgiving for the life he’d lived. For the journey he’d made. Here he was, about to die, and all he could do was thank the being who created him and gave him such an opportunity. He recalled his journeys across Arcas. Drinking in the Sutican Pub with his friends. Learning of the Void and all of its many secrets. His journeys to new lands and new settlements and the many beautiful things he had seen. And through it all, he remembered his childhood. He remembered his God. And he gave thanks for the beauty he got to behold during his short stay on this world. A smile on his lips, he never felt the blade slip through his neck. He never felt the pain. He simply felt peace. Finally, after so long, he is at peace. * Kay so this is my first PK post so it’s short and sweet, nothing over the top. No artwork or pictures or ****. Honestly Mahdel was not much of a character most of the time XD But I am happy with the fun I had on him. He was my ‘introduction’ to LOTC and honestly I am going to miss him so much. I really don’t expect anyone to post anything, but I just want you to know, some of you meant the world to me and I am so grateful I got to meet you on this character. I’m legit crying right now just because he’s really gone XD **** this feels so good but so bad at the same time...*
  10. Mahdel Keps glances over the letter, shaking his head “Arcas has only just finished one damnable war. Now the Orenians wish to push another? Why a child had to suffer and die for their vanity, greed, and pompous air is beyond me...”
  11. I voted no because frankly it seems like it could be a HUGE mistake. While I do believe gunpowder should be usable in explosions and the like (I MEAN SERIOUSLY MAGICIANS USE EXPLOSIONS GUNPOWDER IS MORE LOGICAL THAN THEIR MAGIC) I do not believe creating guns and the like would be beneficial to the server. It would be the equivalent of handing every single person on the server a magic wand to kill one another with. It would lead to chaos in rp, and honestly would not give us the ‘feel’ of LOTC. Eventually we’d be living in the wild wild west or some **** smh
  12. MC Name: MudkipzAreLife Discord: MudkipzAreLife#6601 Character Name: Aaliyah Abbas Age: 12 Race: Tali’Mali Reason For Joining: She wishes to become an herbalist. Affiliation (Include if you are banned from any cities): Curantes (Medical Guild) Rosenyr (Citizen) No Banned Towns Settlements or Cities
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