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  1. I understand youve been runnin from the man who goes by the name of the Sandman, I hear he flies the sky like an eagle in the eye of a hurricane that’s abandoned!
  2. NAME: Thomas Venice ((MC NAME: awesomeface6967)) RACE: Human IMPERIAL SUBJECT (Y/N): No IF NO, FROM WHICH FOREIGN COUNTRY?: Meranesian Islands PEER OF THE REALM (Y/N): No IF YES, OF WHICH PEERAGE?: N/A PREFERRED WINE: Cabernet sauvignon
  3. awesomeface6967


    Thomas Venice was born in the Meranesian Islands. He was the product of two human parents of whom were of the Tuvati people. His mother was a craftsman, while his father a seafarer and fisherman. Thomas grew up learning the ways of fishing, hunting, and sailing small boats from his father. Sailing was one of his favorite activities to do, and fishing/hunting was almost second nature to him. His mother taught him valuable lessons in making several things, from preparing rye for cooking to sewing and making clothing. One time, at the age of 12, Thomas was working on papyrus hats with his mother. His mother made him one, which he seemed to cherish, and has worn it ever since. Thomas seemed to like making things in his spare time, as he made clothing, bows, spears, and even a boat one time (with help of course). Thomas enjoyed talking with people and because of this, he was able to make lots of friends. In school, he was adequate in all fields of education, but mostly stuck to his street smarts when it came down to it. Thomas and his family weren’t all that wealthy compared to the high class dark elves that lived on the paradise islands. As he grew older (around 15 or so), he figured that learning the ways of thievery would be practical for future use, whether it be for a good cause or a bad cause. As a result. he became a pretty good pickpocket, could lock pick doors, and can stage a con pretty well. These skills were not taught by his parents, but rather the friends that he made from when he was a child, of whom face similar economic situations to Thomas. One time, a pack of seafaring orc pirates came by the islands and tried to pillage from the seemingly weak Tuvati. But the Tuvati held their ground, and fought alongside both civilians and soldiers alike. Thomas was only 17 when this happened, and had fought bravely alongside his friends and family. Today, at 20 years old, Thomas now explores the many lands to which he can get to by sea, and lives mostly off fishing/hunting and being a part time craftsman.
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